Show that FCC Crystals are closely packed than BCC and SC crystals by working out the packing factors. Modern physics problems and Solution Notes PDF The book covers a wide spectrum of disciplines in classical physics and is mainly based on the actual examination papers of UK and the Indian universities like IIT Post graduate, GATE, College MSc. ? Revision Notes on Atomic Physics e/m of an... About Us | Average life (Tav):- Arithmetic mean of the lives of all the atoms is known as mean life or average life of the radioactive substance. e/m of an electron (Thomson Method):- (a) e/m of a particle is called the specific charge of the particle. 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A precise value would be g= 9.81 m s2 but for most purposes we will make the math a bit easier and use g= 10 m What are the factors affecting Architectural Acoustics and explain the remedies? Explain the principle of Optical Fibre Communication and write a note on Attenuation. Average life of a radioactive substance is equal to the reciprocal of its radioactive decay constant. Download this and share with your friends. Radioisotope:- An isotope, obtained in process of artificial transmutation, which exhibits radioactivity is called a radio-isotope. grade, Please choose the valid Fundamentals of Physics, 6th Edition, D. Halliday, R. Resnick, and J. Walker, John Wiley, and Sons, New York (2001). CBSE Class 12 Physics is one of the most crucial subjects for a student who wishes to pursue a career in engineering and other related fields. Tutor log in | EAMCET- National Eligibility cum Entrance Test: Study material, Mock Tests, Online Tests, Practice Bits, Model tests, Experts Advise etc., Visit the links given below to get the question papers and sample papers. It is a highly exothermic reaction and produces energy, on a scale, much higher than that produced in fission. Emission of γ- rays results neither in a change of atomic number nor in a change of atomic weight. Modern Physics Science Handwritten Notes Hindi PDF Download – Hello readers, Today we are sharing most important Modern Physics Science Handwritten Notes Hindi PDF Download. preface This book is intended as a general introduction to modern physics for science and engineering students. Apart from the notes, students are also suggested to solve previous year questions papers and sample papers of physics to know the exam pattern and type of questions properly. If the electron and hole densities are each equal to 3 x 1013 per cm2, calculate the conductivity. Binding Energy = (ΔM) c2 = [Zmp + (A-Z)mn – M] c2. For, C.G.S system (k = 1), r = n2h2/4π2mZe2. using askIItians. What are the properties of Nano Materials? Isobars:- Nuclei having same mass number A but different atomic number Z are called isobars. news feed!”. Derive the relation between Einstein’s Coefficients. (a) Orbital velocity of electron:- vn= 2πkZe2/nh. A device in which the fission proceeds in a controlled manner is called a nuclear reaction. (b) Nuclear forces are charge independent. Greater the frequency of light greater is the stopping potential. It is the process in which a parent nucleus decays into the daughter nucleus by ejecting an alpha particle. Gama decay:- Sometimes the daughter nucleus is left in the excited state. Here Mat is the mass of the atom  and mH is the mass of the hydrogen atom. Here h is the Planck’s constant, m0 is the rest mass of electron and c is the speed of light. Briefly, explain about Edge and Screw Dislocations. Where can I get a PDF of an engineering 1st-year physics book? Register yourself for the free demo class from Privacy Policy | ?Nuclear fission is the process by  which a nucleus breaks up in such a way that the two products obtained are of comparable sizes. How to download Btech First-Year Engineering Physics Textbooks Pdf? (a) Nuclear forces are attractive in nature. Discuss different types of Ultrasonic Production Systems. View modern physics notes.pdf from PHY 104 at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore. Here W2 is the energy of electron in lower orbit and W1 is the energy of electron in higher orbit. Apart from these, the students are also provided with 12th physics notes in PDF format which can be downloaded for free. Nuclear fission is the process by  which a nucleus breaks up in such a way that the two products obtained are of comparable sizes. is trying to help the students who cannot afford buying books is Heavy water and carbon rods can be used as moderators. Practical Physics, C.L Arora, S. Chand &Co. (2012).