Each of our steel building styles have standard sizes to choose from. Our metal RV carports can shield your vehicles and equipment from the elements, but they’re also useful as covered picnic areas or protected outdoor studios. For example, our best fit one-car 18’x21’ regular roof garage will cost you $3800 with enclosed walls & a 9’x8’ garage door.

What about customization options? Lap Sidings on Buildings now available. Your cost will be influenced by factors such as the size, style, materials, and optional features that you choose, but we aim to keep the 3-bay garage price as low as we possibly can. You can get a free quote for your metal structure directly from our site or by contacting us today. You have options to customize the building according to your requirements to fully utilize your three car garage shed. Yes, I would like to receive a call from you. The cost of a 3-car detached garage can vary widely, starting at $12,050 for a basic 40x20 prefab 3-car garage and ranging as high as $42,570 for a 60x52 structure that’s 20 feet tall. Oh, and did we mention delivery and installation included with any standard order? Pricing may vary slightly depending on region. Now anyone can take advantage of all a steel garage has to offer with our Rent-To-Own (RTO) program at Carport Central.

Scroll through our photo gallery to check out some of our available A-frame metal garage options! These A-Frame Steel Carports will be shipped and installed without any delivery charges; just for you. Looking for some incredible deals on metal garages? Customize your prefabricated building adding a side entry door or a lean-to for support, symmetry, style! Click here for more details!

Our prices reflect the best prices for metal buildings. And of course, Carport Central offers you the option to customize your engineered metal structure to fit all your needs. This garage type is flexible as well as durable, perfect for many uses! There are many 3-car garage kits with windows, and walk-in doors are also available you choose from. With one of our 3 car garages at Metal Barn Central, not only will you finally have the space you need, but you’ll have room to spare.
And while it may seem overwhelming at first, we don’t want you to worry about how you will afford the unit. You can store all your larger equipment in the enclosed center section while keeping your smaller pieces of equipment under the lean-tos. Click here for all the details! Click through our handy garage buying guide!

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives are standing by to help. Take a look at some of the ways you can utilize this garage style below: If you’ve looked through our large selection of steel garages and other building styles and you’ve yet to find your dream garage, we recommend using our signature 3D Building Estimator to design your very own custom garage.

Delivery and installation included on our A-frame barns.

The material gauges. Will it stand up to the weather? Just because the design is based on the need to store three cars doesn’t mean every 3-car garage is used for such a purpose. Call us to know more.

Ordering through Carport Central is a breeze! Carport Central’s vertical roof-style barns are designed to withstand any element it may face! It provides an open and wide space to store anything.

We offer a one-year workmanship warranty for manufacturing or installation issues, a 10-year panel warranty against chips or cracks, and a 20-year rust-through warranty for the framing. Get a free quote now or ask us a question. The concrete slab should also be reinforced to better support the weight of an RV and drainage can be placed around the building to further minimize the possibility of flooding. Our one car metal garages are the perfect solution for your vehicle.

You can also choose from a selection of colors for the roof, trim, sides, and doors. Carport Central is proud to share the best and most current metal garage prices. For more information regarding these stress-free programs, you can give one of our building specialists a call at (980) 321-9898 or visit our website.

Not sure how the ordering or installation process works? The steel is rugged and durable while remaining cost-effective. 12 x 15. How much space will you need?

Metal barns are more rugged, versatile, and adaptable than barns made from wood or other materials. Uncertified Garage Doors (6’x6’ to 14’x14’), 5 door color options, Certified Garage Doors (6’x6’ to 14’x14’), white color only, 3’ wide panel with 21’, 26’, 31’, and 36’ long panels, Side openings up to 12’ with & without garage doors.

Do you have a reliable source of protection for your vehicle? Let’s see some customization features that you can employ to fulfill your transformation needs. They have different slopes from the eaves. Lap Sidings on Buildings now available. Metal storage sheds and buildings are a popular choice among many! In most cases, any building ordered through Carport Central can be fully installed in a day! Pricing may vary slightly depending on region.

These unique structures can keep your agricultural equipment safe and secure year-round and give your horses and livestock a reliable home for years to come.

Vertical roof-style steel carports are a great option if in need of protection from any harsh weather elements. Now you can have room to store your antique cars and work on them in the same building. This is a great solution if you can’t pay the full purchase price up front. How much is a 3-car garage? Custom prefabricated metal garages from Carport Central provide you with the reliable protection you need. Use our handy metal building buying guide to help walk you through the process. And while it may seem overwhelming at first, we don’t want you to worry about how you will afford the unit. With a steel garden shed from Carport Central, you no longer have to worry about running out of storage space or all the creepy critters crawling around! The price of three car garage can vary with the manufacturer, different manufacturers have their specific process and pricing style, and you might face numerous 3 car metal garage prices for the same style. We also have many stylish design options to choose from!
while pricing it with our Building Specialist.

What dimensions will you need? Quotes are free and don’t require any commitment to purchase, so check with us before making a decision to build your new garage.

The cost of a 3-car detached garage can vary widely, starting at $12,050 for a basic 40x20 prefab 3-car garage and ranging as high as $42,570 for a 60x52 structure that’s 20 feet tall. Metal Garages are the perfect outdoor storage solution to protect your vehicles or valuables from the elements.

Call us to know more. *Cyclonic prices on request. WE DELIVER

A typical ballpark price point expectation might be around $8,000-$10,000 depending on current sales promotions and desired optional features.