Ace cried a single tear and managed to give Lady Illusion a kiss on the forehead before she vanished and presumably died. They will pelt fish at anybody who comes near. Heroic Sacrifice: Lady Illusion takes a blow for Ace in the show's finale and dies in his arms. You've got your spunky red headed sidekick, your bewitching black widow, and your villain who just happens to look like a living skeleton. However, she is first seen disguised as a dog being chased by two dogcatchers. However, she does show signs of rage and evil delight in the early episodes, laughing several times at or with other characters for evil reasons. Her first major role in the war against the Lightning Knights was to disguise herself as a male carnie and gave Samantha Thompson and Brett Ramirez two toy rabbits, one really Dirty Rat in disguise armed with a bomb to kill the two. The owner of the Kent Bros. Carnival, turned into the Carnival of Doom by the villains, Duff is a middle-aged man who ends up becoming Lord Fear's slave. she can jump from the ground to the top of the carnival's ferris wheel in one leap). Lady Illusion's voice actress, Tamara Bernier, has moved on to voice Mystique, a shapeshifter from the X-Men franchise in. He has the ability to digest anything, and despite his weight he is quite strong and agile. Ace Lightning Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The series' protagonists were its principle teenage cast, and a group of superheroes known as the Lightning Knights, who come from the game world the Sixth Dimension. The top part of the suit is dark pink in colour, with brown curved "tails" at the bottom of the shirt around the waistline. The real Ace appears and Lord Fear shows shock for what he had done. Staff Head grew suspicious at this, but Lord Fear brushed it off, declaring that it was a mistake. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ace Lightning was one of the first weekly television shows to involve CGI animated effects as a substantial part of every episode, making the show both Western Animation and Live-Action TV. Lady Illusion's main form of attack involves her forming crystal-ball like orbs which explode when thrown. Enraged by this betrayal, Lady Illusion secretly bombs Googler whilst pretending to aim for Ace. Ace and the villains are convinced that the real world is just another level from the game (albeit, from their perspective, a rather strange one), and treat it as such. But since often, the girls were in danger, Lady Illusion and Sparx just need to stop shooting at one another and. Really the Master Programmer, creator of Kilobyte, and programmer of the Ace Lightning game. Nt very smart and easily angered, Pigface gets into the most battles in the series out of the villains but is always the first to be defeated. While only five members are introduced in the series, the show's creator revealed that there were more Lightning Knights, some of which are stronger than Ace and Random Virus combined. After Lord Fear kidnapped Mr. Cheseborough, Lady Illusion transformed into him and spent the next couple of days in Conestoga Hills Middle School. However, she does show signs of rage and evil delight in the early episodes, laughing several times at or with other characters for evil reasons. What it actually is, however, is a 39 episode series, which run from 2002 to 2004. She originally started off as the partner in love and crime for Lord Fear. She is then imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension with Lord Fear, but she escapes first and then frees the rest of the villains and then escapes to Conestoga Hills. Lady Illusion is a shapeshifter and has earned the title of The Mistress of Illusions. When in the presence of Lord Fear, Lady Illusion has a friendly attitude towards him but appears to dislike Staff Head, as she often snaps at him and on one occasion she strangles him. Mark's new life just became a lot more complicated. Lord Fear reveals he has sided with Ace to defeat him. This new version is a large orange fireball of sorts which appears to be stronger than the first version. However, her belief of abandonment dwindled away when Ace showed fear and sadness. Chuck also mentors Mark in some of the more complex areas of video gaming. The beginning of Lady Illusion and Ace Lightning's romantic relationship. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Ace then took Lady Illusion in his arms and asked her why she committed this act. With intentions on using Amulet pieces to escape to another dimension, Lady Illusion was confronted by Ace who dragged her back to the Thunder Tower. It is likely that her shapeshifting powers make up for the fact she has no Morping Item. She has hazel-coloured eyes. While Mark is initially reluctant, and Ace is naive about the way things work in "Reality", the two of them develop an understanding which grows into friendship. Lady Illusion wears a catsuit of sorts, with a large collar rounding the back of her neck. However, when Mark shatters the Amulet and the other villains die, Lady Illusion reveals her treachery towards Lord Fear when he begs for her help to save him. She teleports by spinning around and vanishing in a flash of light.