Award-Winning Ciders. Within about 24 hours the fermenter was almost full of foam so I switched the airlock out for a blow off tube. Please try all seven of our Aces: Apple, honey, berry, perry, pumpkin, joker & pineapple. The flavor of alcohol was definitely present although it was not unpleasant and the fruity flavor still shined. Ever dreamt of living in a pineapple under the sea? Take a hydrometer reading to measure the gravity. The finish is ideal To backsweeten this recipe I would either add apple juice concentrate or pineapple juice in the secondary after the cider has been fermented and stabilized. Certified gluten-free. Original Gravity: 1.050 SGTarget Final Gravity: 1.005 SGExpected ABV: 5.9%. HI Elizabeth, Pour the Apple and Pineapple juices into the fermenting vessel. Product details/images for convenience only. The Home Cider Making website began when I returned to the USA from a two year trip around the world. The pineapple juice mixed with the apple and made a bright orange opaque solution with a sweet tropical scent. All natural, gluten free ciders from Sonoma County. When making a cider, yeast nutrient or DAP, is typically added in the beginning to increase the amount of dissolved nitrogen in the juice. This lead me to craft my own hard cider which stemmed into a serious hobby of weekly fermenting and liberally tasting. You can opt out of receiving promotional emails by clicking My Account and changing your email preferences when you are logged in, This original cider is perfect for a backyard BBQ, or Bacon dishes. Also, I don’t think there is a risk of making it undrinkable, just make sure you hit the OG you are looking for so you end up with the right ABV. 5% Alcohol by volume. Facebook. Required fields are marked *. Here is your free Cider Log PDF, Cheers! The resulting taste is off-dry and perfectly balanced to capture the best of pineapple while ensuring max drinkability. Tropical notes abound in Pineapple Cider, a vibrant blend of Blue Ridge apples and pineapple juice. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Golden, ripe, and delicious pineapples have been married into our dry cider to give you a refreshing pineapple experience! Nottingham yeast tolerates temperatures between 50F-72F but I like to ferment at about 68F. Juice Selection:I chose a commercially produced apple juice and pineapple juice. This offer is invalid or not available any more. For an exotic twist, we have blended heirloom bittersweet and culinary apples with a taste of the tropics. 2. How long all start to finish did this recipe take excluding aging? Enjoy. A cocktail that actually tastes like vacation. Once the fermenter is full and the yeast is pitched, place the cider in a cool and dark area to ferment for about two weeks. At this time you can make your final adjustments such as flavoring or priming sugar. Call us when you get to the store, we'll load the groceries for you. A blow-off tube may be needed as initial fermentation can produce a lot of krausen. Shortly after, the ferment began to blow off so I degassed the cider by gently swirling the fermenter multiple times to help relieve some of the CO2. Could we move to an apple producing region, grow our own apples and make cider? Gluten free. I took a, Copywrite 2019 | Designed & Maintained By, Nottingham yeast tolerates temperatures between 50F-72F but I like to ferment at about 68F. By Caleb Clayton Sales Manager and Mixologist for Austin Eastciders San Antonio, TX. Home Cider Making is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Refrigeration or could it be kept like in a cool dark basement ? I decided to stick with commercially produced juices because they tend to be blended and balanced so I know what I am starting with and can reproduce it. All natural. Thats about 5,8 gallons. Our signature drink the Hawaii 5-0 is a mix of Ace Pineapple cider, coconut rum, ice and a garnish of fresh pineapple.