Then I have two Actiontec WCB3000N's I use as access points via MoCA, one in my basement and one on the second floor. A. Any combination of any product I would put in my network that supported MoCA 2.0 would cause the entire system to fail. I recently purchased a WCB6200Q Actiontec MoCa Extender. Have you tried the steps in this FAQ? The lights for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights to come on. Thank you, I checked the information in my router and unless I connect my MoCa Extender directly to my router with an Ethernet Cable, it won't appear in the list of connected devices. I have tried pressing the button on both the router and the WCB (first one, then the other; then reversing the order) but that didn't work either. Edit:I did the feedback loop test and the COAX light still did not light up. • Curbside Pickup available at select stores. David just to clarify in one post you say you have a WBC6200Q another post you say you have a WCB3000N. No response to Info on sticker. • Please bring photo ID and credit/debit card only if used as payment. When the adapter is plugged in, a light will come on. This installation started in the home office. Green lights solid - all good. Supposedly they are supposed to work and downscale to MoCA 1.0 or the lowest common denominator on the network. I just wish we could have avoided all that by simply noting what MoCA is supported by what devices. You should log in to the xFI and check the IP addresses being assigned to the extenders, once you have those you can login via the IP address. What kind of splitters are you using if any? The Modem I am using is the Motorola Arris SBG6782-AC. • Same-day delivery is available in select areas. A. Would a single press of this button at any time cause an issue? I experienced the same problem. I asked how likely that was or how good this item is if I have ordered two brand new ones and they both show up broken out of the box? I know the ECB2500C (which is what is at each working node) is working and getting a good signal through the MoCA because the COAX light is on and the signal is coming through to the TV. Log in using the admin user name and password on the sticker. All other devices are working including TV STB on same cable circuit. Please call 1-888-436-0657, when you get a tech online tell them you talked to us about your problem on the website and we told you to call the number above to have your splitters RMA'd so we can send you a new one. So no new firmware will be released for it and will have limited support. Basically I bought the network extender to boost signal in my room, I wanted to use the Ethernet port on the WCB3000N to give direct connection to my Xbox. I asked this very question to both of the Actiontec reps with whom I spoke on the phone, and they both asserted these devices were compatible with each other, so it seems like perhaps this incompatibility is not widely known within Actiontec. If you connect to the SSID with 5G you will get higher speeds. The WiFi Network Extender WCB3000N, MoCA or Ethernet-based Wireless Network Extender extends a homeowner’s Wi-Fi network to an area of the home where wireless coverage was previously weak, such as a dead zone in the 2nd floor bedroom or 1st floor family room. Restarting does nothing, I have to unplug all the coax cables for the splitterand the extenders, wait 15 minutes, do the hokie pokey, plug everything back in restart all the units and hope comes back on. I followed the guide that came with it to set up the wireless connections. So the Power light, 2.4/5.0 GHz lights, and the Ethernet lights are all lit up and showing a good connection on the Extender but not the COAX. This indicates there is a MOCA connection between the adapters. It is a home networking technology that will give you an ultra-high-speed connection over the existing coaxial wiring already in your home. First of, my verizon router is MI424WR (Black, I've read some are red) and the network extender I recently got is a WCB3000N. Is there something I am missing or is the WCB defective? Which unit do you have? I have web access after connecting main Comcast line into the 2-way splitter. C. Power on the ECB2500C  You should now have the Power and Coax light green on the ECB2500C and the WCB6200Q Coax light should have come on as well.3. Then if the issue is still there replace the units. Internet speeds are controlled by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), not the modem. I came to this conclusion on my own when trying to dig up more information about the Arris modem and what frequency its MoCA was operating at. I have a similar issue. I purchased it from Amazon, I don't know what firmware was on it, but I am returning it. I don't know what's the problem! I can access the extender's GUI with no problem (once I'm in there, I really have no idea what any of the settings actually mean lol). Try searching, Verizon Fios Community Terms of Service and User Guidelines. There are no settings inside any of the Actiontec modems or gateways that can affect the speeds coming from your ISP or going out to your devices. Extender was able to access internet, but I cannot login to extender to change SSID and password. Only when I went back to my original setup with ECB2500's did everything work normally again. I am having the same problem of the Actiontec (gt784wn) dropping connection intermittently. The placement for splitters are dependent on your building cable setup. Hi, I followed the instructions step by step, Coax light turned on and I connected the 2nd Moca 2.0 in the other room, also got Coax light on. The PC shows that I have connections to both but I … The Coax light never turns on for my WCB6200Q. Extender was able to access internet, but I cannot login to extender to change SSID and password. I can't even access the GUI of the Extender because apparently you need to have a good COAX connection for you to access the GUI through. I also have an Ethernet cable connection going from my Modem/Router to the Extender. I received a response from William (at Actiontec Tech Support Email) telling me that currently the ECB6250 cannot be in a mixed network with the WCB6200Q. Both times I've called Actiontec support and ultimately the technician concluded my unit is defective. Which they should still sync for the MoCA signal however, they will not pass data over a mixed network. Is there a way to make Android phones to automatically switch stronger network when I move around my house? I had to do a reset just to get WIFI  password to work. Ugh! Trademark Policy |