We can only hope so. In addition, it's a great education tool as it provides an overview of Africa, with the desert areas of the north, the central fertile areas and the varied topography of the southern regions of the continent are clearly visible.

In central Africa, the tropical forests were occupied largely by the Pygmies who were known for their short height.

TYPES OF VEGETATION IN AFRICA AND THEIR FEATURES (FOUR ZONES), BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR AFRICAN GRADUATES AND ENTREPRENEURS. Self-government brought more than its share of civil wars, coup d'états and ethnic conflicts to the newly emerged countries. They even sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. The White Nile is longer and rises in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, flowing north from Tanzania to South Sudan. The Kingdom of Ghana was the dominant kingdom of West Africa for a very long period spanning from the 8th century to the 13th. Twenty-five percent of all bird species on the planet live in Africa. Useful information on populations and more that are updated weekly. It involved British and other European countries' manufactured goods which were shipped to Africa, then slaves from there to the West Indies and then sugar and other products back to Europe. And like most kingdoms before them on any continent, they were invaded and in the end destroyed. Africa is also the hottest of all the continents on earth. Other deadly animals such as the hippopotamus, the deadliest mammal on earth, and the Puff Adder, the most dangerous snake on the planet.

In some parts of Africa, slave-like practices continue to this day and have proven difficult to eliminate. Read about a few of Africa's wildest animal species! Africa is known to be the second largest continent on earth behind Asia.

By mid-century most of the continent was independent, with Angola finally free in 1975. The population is put at about one billion people.

These kingdoms were known for their great wealth accumulated from trade rather than conquest.

From about a million years ago, human species began to explore northwards out of Africa beginning the process of colonization of the entire planet. The map was designed by Abraham Ortelius who published the Theatrum, the worlds first atlas.

Both became rich by trading in gold, horse salt, and of course, slaves.

Remains from their settlements showed that these people were skillful potters.

The oldest human fossils ever were found in Ethiopia.

Rock and Cave paintings are also reported from all over the continent. Africa location map. View all games about North and Central America >>, UK: Northern Ireland: District Council Areas, Oceania: Flags of Countries and Territories, The Eight Game Modes on the Seterra Website.

They also pioneered the building of massive pyramids and temples. You might be surprised how many you don’t get right on the first try, but use this online Africa map quiz to study and you will improve. The first humans are believed to have evolved on this continent. The "Dark Continent" is divided roughly into two parts by the equator and surrounded by sea except where the Isthmus of Suez joins it to Asia. In the North, two of the most powerful Mediterranean nations fought to gain control.

The first creatures to be classified as part of the human species evolved about 2 million years ago and developed a technology based on sharp tools of flint.

Africa has been credited by several scientific researchers as the cradle of the evolution of mankind.

The largest segments of modern Africa's economies are agriculture and mining, with tourism growing in some areas. The then-growing Roman Empire continued to expand its influence, and in 30 BC Egypt became a province of Rome; Morocco the same in 42 AD. We take a look at all the 54 countries as well as their capitals currently making up the continent. It ranges in elevation from 100 ft. below sea level, to peaks in the Ahaggar and Tibesti Mountains, that exceed 11,000 ft. (3,350m). The Arabs were Muslims, and most of North Africa converted to Islam; Ethiopia was the exception.

This transformation turned the Sahara into an almost impenetrable barrier that separates the Mediterranean coast and North Africa from the rest of the continent. The fastest animal living on land is the cheetah. Towards the end of the Stone Age, humans living in Africa as of then began to produce some of the earliest and most significant pieces of prehistoric art. A slave purchased on the African coast for the equivalent of 14 English pounds in bartered goods could sell for 45 pounds in the American market. It is believed that around this same 1st millennium BX, tribes speaking the Bantu languages began moving Southwards.

Using this free map quiz game, you can learn about Nigeria and 54 other African countries. 3297x3118 / 3,8 Mb Go to Map. The largest frog in the world called the goliath frog (also known as the goliath bullfrog) lives in Africa. It's just 1 USD per month. Keywords: Geography games, quiz game, blank maps, geogames, educational games, outline map, exercise, classroom activity, teaching ideas, classroom games, middle school, interactive world map for kids, geography quizzes for adults, human geography, social studies, There are over one billion people living in the African continent.

Physical map of Africa. On the map of Africa countries and capitals, the continent covers 6 percent of the total surface of the planet and about 20.4 percent of the total land area. A brief history, as well as important events that have shaped the continent, are also discussed. Topography includes areas of rock-strewn plains, rolling sand dunes and numerous sand seas. This allows the more powerful king to control more trade routes and accumulate more wealth. The country’s natural links are in a northeasterly direction, following the Fertile Crescent up into western Asia.

In short, the Egyptians left a lasting legacy upon the world. They gradually pushed the Khoisan further ahead in a process which eventually made the Bantu owners of nearly all the southern area of the continent.