They set the second week of February as Negro History Week. The famous one that can be associated with the ancient Africa is the pharaoh and their pyramids. suggests a skilled long-practiced surgical team at work conducting a well-tried and familiar operation with smooth efficiency.”. In West Africa the Empire of Mali becomes the richest in the world.”. 98. In the centre of the complex is the Step Pyramid, the first of 90 Egyptian pyramids. It retained the title for an astonishing 600 years before surpassed by the Assyrian city of Nimrud. Black history facts reveal that the history of the African-American community is riddled with repression, exploitation and violence, but the youth of America seems to appreciate and understand their struggle nowadays, although the inequality still hasn’t been eliminated completely. The large compound at Kanta is still visible in the centre, with ruins of many buildings, one of which is said to have been two-storied. Toilets and sewerage systems existed in ancient Egypt. 3. 28. with a flat roof and a parapet, and suites of apartments on the first floor. As a result, Black History Month is celebrated in countries other than the United States. From the site of Qasr Ibrim legal texts, documents and correspondence were discovered. Books in many languages, Bohemian glass, clocks, silver plate, old furniture, Persian rugs, Kidderminster carpets, pictures and engravings, numberless chests and coffers. Officially known as the 369th Infantry Regiment, the Harlem Hellboys were the first regiment that allowed the enlistment of black soldiers. Segregation is one of the most troubling Black History facts, and includes the less-than-equal treatment of black soldiers. Yet, in recent times, this view is shifting as historians uncover more of the continent’s past. There are 11,000 books in private collections in Niger. A Persian cleric of the third century AD identified it as the third most important state in the world after Persia and Rome. All of the temples were carved to a depth of 11 metres or so below ground level. Civilisations which avoid the plague thrive. By celebrating Black History Month in the month of February and teaching interesting Black History facts to kids, we can help preserve black culture. White landowners in the United States used these people as labor in the agricultural economy of the early United States. Also inside the complex is the Ceremonial Court, made of limestone blocks that have been quarried and then shaped. Black History facts are interesting to everyone because they tell the story of blacks in the United States. A collection of one thousand six hundred books was considered a small library for a West African scholar of the 16th century. Owens ran in the Olympics in Nazi Germany and showed Hitler that blacks could equal or better their white counterparts in sports. Commenting on a Ugandan caesarean operation that appeared in the Edinburgh Medical Journal in 1884, one author wrote: “The whole conduct of the operation . thousands of large walled cities resembling those of Europe in the Middle Ages, or of ancient Greece.”. On Kongolese metallurgy of the Middle Ages, one modern scholar wrote that: “There is no doubting . Men, women and children were taken from their homes in Africa to be sold. It had a population of 700,000 and may even have approached a million. An eighteenth century geography book provided the following data: “The inside consists of a great variety of sumptuous apartments, spacious and lofty halls, all adorned with a magnificent cotton tapestry, the manufacture of the country. One of the great achievements of the Yoruba was their urban culture. Autopsies and caesarean operations were routinely and effectively carried out by surgeons in pre-colonial Uganda. There was the University Mosque in which 25,000 students studied and the Oratory of Sidi Yayia. Do You Know Why There are Two Congos in Africa? A visitor in 1331 AD considered the Tanzanian city of Kilwa to be of world class. What Did the Pharoah's Double Crown Symbolize? 49. In the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, John Baxter Taylor Jr. was the only black member of the USA medley relay team. It was built by Fanti masons many years ago. The best preserved portion is that known as sirati (the bridge) a little north of the eastern gate . By 250 BC, the foundations of West Africa’s oldest cities were established such as Old Djenné in Mali. What Was the Extension of University Education Act in South Africa? A sword bearing the inscription From Queen Victoria to the King of Ashantee. The largest is the House of the Redeemer, a staggering 33.7 metres long, 23.7 metres wide and 11.5 metres deep. An Egyptian scholar, Ibn Fadl Al-Umari, published on this sometime around 1342. Facts about Black History Summary. They were probably built between 1000 and 1300 AD. The first Great Pyramid of Giza, the most extraordinary building in history, was a staggering 481 feet tall – the equivalent of a 40-storey building. People of African descent who live in the United States are considered African-Americans or blacks. 60 Big Ben Facts That They Didnt Teach You In History Class, 100 Interesting Facts That Will Boggle Your Mind, 300 Random Facts No One Knows What To Do With, 100 Nutrition Facts To An Easier And Healthier Lifestyle, 100 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind, 300 WTF Facts That Will Make You Question Everything, 300 Weird Facts That Will Confuse And Amaze You At The Same Time, 100 Did You Know Facts Most People Have Never Heard About, When: Black History Month is February in North America, October in the UK, Definition: The part of history that deals with black ethnic groups, Activists: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Athletes: Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Althea Gibson, Authors: Maya Angelou, Lorraine Hansberry, Toni Morrison, Entertainers: Oprah Winfrey, Sammy Davis Jr., Dorothy Dandridge, Musicians: Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Hendrix, Ray Charles, Politicians: Barrack Obama, Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Jackson Young, Inventors: Charles R. Drew, Bessie Coleman, Madam C.J. Black History facts are interesting to everyone because they tell the story of blacks in the United States. In the Malian city of Gao stands the Mausoleum of Askia the Great, a weird sixteenth century edifice that resembles a step pyramid. African History and Culture. Understanding the Conflict Between Rwanda's Tutsis and Hutus, Understanding Rwanda's Historical Hutu and Tutsi Conflict, Mansa Musa Ushered in a Golden Age for West African Iron Age Kingdoms, South Africa's Apartheid Segregation: Group Areas Act No. Professor Fred Wendorf discovered that people in Egypt’s Western Desert cultivated crops of barley, capers, chick-peas, dates, legumes, lentils and wheat. Do You Know What Events Led up to the Suez Crisis? Rectangular and walled, the city was divided into two parts. . One of the government positions in mediaeval Kanem-Borno was Astronomer Royal. Africans were mapping the movements of stars such as Triangulum, Aldebaran, Bellatrix, Central Orion, etcetera, as well as the moon, in order to create a lunar calendar of 354 days. This mariner king is not named by Al-Umari, but modern writers identify him as Mansa Abubakari II. Biography of Martin Thembisile (Chris) Hani, South African Activist, A Brief History of the African Country of Kenya, Benin Empire: The Splendor of Pre-Colonial Nigeria, Understanding the Pass Laws of Apartheid-Era in South Africa, Review of "Country of My Skull" by Antjie Krog, Biography: Joe Slovo, anti-Apartheid Activist, The Atrocities of the Congo Free State Rubber Regime, The Life and Times of Scottish Explorer Mungo Park, The Life and Death of Africa's First Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia's 'Iron Lady'.