You can unsubscribe at any time. Guar gum, locally called guaran, is a galactomannan. Take a trip to a nearby supermarket and you will see bottled groundnuts branded and packaged in a fanciful way. Good quality processed spice has very good demand. They prefer plants with high moisture content and soluble carbohydrate. All these can be sourced from the market, any animal consult outlet, or any agricultural product shop around. Over the years, quite a few people have made fortunes from fish farming, as the population is swelling and protein needs are far outstripping the available supply. The untapped potential of these fungi is so much that if you invest on the venture, your room can no longer be your bank. The major facility is pig farming requires a small investment in buildings and equipment. Practical tips for starting a rabbit farm. If you have vacant land suitable for farming, starting an agriculture farm can be a profitable... 2. Pick an idea now, execute your plan, and earn some money with any of these urban agro business opportunities; and i will see you at the top. Fish farming is a sure bet business if you put the right structures in place. Some critics said we were crazy for using mobile phones to try to transact business with people who could barely read or write. The most important thing is the production process is not that complex and can be initiated on a small-scale basis. Please read my, Get my FREE 21-page ebook filled with the best brand-building tips and pro tool links to. © copyright 2003-2020 You can easily get wheat, corns, millet or cassava from local farmers, then learn how to process it and make it into flour. Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing and … This is ideal for tabletop gardens, and many plants can coexist happily in the same container. It is better to buy the big ones so that you can expect them to hatch after about 35 days on location. A lot of people are going into livestock farming like fish farming, pig farming, poultry farming and a whole lot of others. Making money from an agricultural business requires knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business. Building on the lessons I learned in Nigeria, I hope to use our balance sheet to share some of the credit risk of agriculture sector lending across the continent. Baskets are used for packaging agricultural product such as Okra, bitter kola, tomatoes, pepper, onions, oranges etc. Help the Nigeria rural farmers who deal in foodstuffs to export it to the foreign Countries. Honey is manufactured in one of the world’s most efficient factories, the Beehive. Yes, eWallet was about delivering fertiliser and seed vouchers, but it was also about building a platform for interacting with millions of once-inaccessible smallholders in the future. Commercial quail farming is all about raising quails commercially for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production. One way to treat agriculture like a business is to get the private sector more involved in it. Take the first step towards making money and living the life you want. Flour milling is something you can do from the convenience of your home if you have a small space that you can mark out for it. In fact, the system existed to serve the rent-seekers attached to it, not the smallholders who were supposed to benefit from it. All you need to do is to get a space, buy or construct tanks, buy finger links for between N10 to N20 and feed them for 4 to 6 months, then sell from between N500 to N1,500 depending on weight and size. After removing skin, unripe fruit can be sliced (1 or 2 mm thick) and fried in boiling oil, to produce chips. Read More... To start a profitable basket-weaving business, one requires thoughtful planning and a high level of creative mind having a flair for design. The best period to commence snail farming is the rainy season, you can start about 50 to 60 snails to have a good knowledge of how snail breeding works. Agriculture remains the primary livelihood of most families in rural and suburban areas worldwide. If properly packaged roasted and sliced to pieces with sugar, you can sell for between N20 to N100 depending on the quantity and the level of packaging. Our work to build roads, to provide energy, and to create telecommunications networks will help farmers as much as anyone else as long as we do it properly. A lot of exporters find it very difficult to get their desired agro product at the right quality and quantity, you can do this for them and name your price. They are starting to believe the body is a temple. With the increasing awareness about health, the demand for honey is growing globally. 39. It requires a very nominal investment and much less land to start. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Alternatively you can sell to exporters as a large market exists in EU, USA and ASIA with prices ranging from $170 to $300 per ton (FOB Nigerian Port), depending on mode of packaging. Organic farm greenhouse business was normally done on small, family-run farms. There is a good demand for tilapia fish in the United States of America. Others are, Hot Chilli Pepper, Ground nut , Kolanut, Potato, Ginger, Kilishi, Soybean Groundnut, Okra, Cassava, Yam, Bitter Kola, Ofada rice, Catfish, Shrimps, Pounded Yam Flour. 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It requires less space to start. All Rights Reserved. Beyond pilots, we have the accumulated experiences of more than 50 African countries to draw from. From fresh chunks of meat to milk, creams, and powders, the flavor of coconut is a distinctive addition to hundreds of sweet and savory recipes. With a little professionalism and good public appearance or hygiene, you can make money in this business because a lot of people who live in most of our highbrow area, like to eat fresh fruits especially if it is neat. Within the agriculture industry, "agribusiness" refers to the range of activities and disciplines encompassed by modern food production. The health and vitamin industry is growing at a very quick pace. Dairy products: You can start making your own dairy products like milk, cheese and butter for sale. The interest in cut dry flowers has increased consistently over the last ten years. Undergraduate coursework in agricultural business includes meteorology, calculus and agrarian economics. You can also supply the product through distribution channels in far areas. Plants are the basis for all landscapes, homes, gardens and even for brightening offices. As with other consulting services, agriculture consulting sector is surely expected to grow with the coming days. The processing method is also not very complex. Agriculture touches the lives of every person through the foods they eat and the natural fibers in the clothes they wear, as well as through efforts to replace petroleum products with biofuels and biopolymers. You can sell your Honey to high net-worth individual, busy executives who prefer to take pure honey than sugar, I know some honey dealers who are ready to give out their honey at a ridiculously low prices, all you need to do is to package it for the local or international market. They will come to the market to pick the product from the market and pay you the commission because you are adding value to the export value chain and a lot of exporters will be ready to work with you. Agribusiness boundary expansion is driven by a variety of transaction costs. We promise not to spam you. In these days of increased coronary implications and other health implications, snail producers are certain to hit it big because many people are shunning away from beef or red meat. Beekeeping for selling honey and other products like wax is a profitable venture to start with less startup investment. [citation needed], As concern over global warming intensifies, biofuels derived from crops are gaining increased public and scientific attention. Customers want to have natural and plant alternatives to medication. Thanks for subscribing! 17. 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