Air Tight Palette Box Instructions *PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING by FedEx Ground within the contiguous U.S. For longer open time of your acrylics add a small, damp natural sponge to the interior. Thanks Stape! I just got an air pump to suck out moist and turned on the heat, and after 4 days the humidity is down to 35%, and my paintings and paint are drying normally again. I built something with the same intent. boxes). Cassandra is in all my paintings, as she wants to live in a better world. Use heavy books for a couple of hours for it to set. Airtight and great for Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Acrylic or Alcohol InksThe palette is constructed of ABS plastic, which is solvent resistant for use with oil colors. So far, the freezer has worked best for me. - Blog and Info, [IMG][/IMG]. Be yourself. How did you make your brush holders on the left hand side. ", "Jerry's makes my love for painting possible. Airtight When Closed Extending The Life Of Paint Inside! Studio Equipment : Paint Trays and Paint Palettes : This 2-Piece Airtight Paint Palette by Martin Universal Design has a removable airtight lid that keeps acrylic and oil paint fresh for days or weeks! Like your setup Kyle! Show more. I imagine a lot of artists would like to store paint from their palettes, at least overnight sometimes. We also stock special palettes for oil and acrylic artists, designed to keep their paint wet and usable for several days at a time. Then fitted the ‘frame’ to the lid and glued it, make sure it is perfectly centered. Proudly Serving Artists for Over 50 Years! Great service. My lid is thick, and the frame is thick, when I put the cover on, it is snug, I would not have done all this work if I did not think it would work. 0. Martin F. Weber Co. 2727 Southampton Rd., Philadephia, PA 19154. Those throw-away palettes were too expensive, and scratching Liquin-hardened paint from glass was always too difficult. Even if you own other palettes, we are sure you will get great use from this one in the studio or on your next painting adventure! "I have been a loyal has been a 15 year relationship now. This 2-Piece Airtight Paint Palette by Martin Universal Design has a removable airtight lid that keeps acrylic and oil paint fresh for days or weeks! It can be made any size and the lid doesn’t have to be 1/4″ thick, I imagine it would get heavy in a larger version. I'm hooked on Jerry's! Unless you pump the oxygen out and create a vacuum, the paint will dry. I saw no need for hinges. Designed to provide years of dependable service. Such a gas is heavier than air and inert, so it could lie on the oil colors and protect them from curing. Thanks for sharing, you did a nice job. The sides were craft pieces that were cut and glued around the bottom. It almost looks like a cigar box, or humidor. It functions much better as a dust cover than anything else. And add a super light stain on the sides on the inside of the box, too much paint will make the lid stick. Jerry's Artarama has been proudly serving artists since 1968 with only the finest art materials & supplies. I save a lot of money", "A large selection of unusual items seldom available from other companies. This allows oil painters to use turpentines and mixing mediums containing solvents without harming the palette and allows for cleaning with solvents. Cleans Easily; May Use Solvents For Oil Colors and Turner Palette Cleaner For Watercolors-Acrylics Just Peel Off! When closed the palette features a special SDF pliable spleen that acts like a gasket to keep the interior airtight. I use my box for only two reasons: (1) for travel and (2) to prevent my cats from tramping thru my palette (an all-around disaster that needed to happen only once…). Here is my attempt. I know that I can save money on the best materials at Jerry's", "Jerry's carries all the paper I need for my watercolor. Then I moved back to my cool, darker basement, which has continuously moist walls, humidity registers 55%. She and millions of her feline family are suffering silently needlessly. Default. Well, hope so! Contents . We are dedicated to you, the artist! I can feel how air tight it is when I put the cover on. Home › Forums › Explore Media › Oil Painting › Oil Painting Air Tight Palette with Instructions. I may linseed oil the entire thing later. Disposable palettes are pads of parchment paper which allow you to use the pad as a palette and dispose of the sheet when you are finished. August 26, 2014 at 11:42 am #1210410. kylesurges. Please Note: EXPEDITED SHIPPING is NOT AVAILABLE for this item. You could inject carbon dioxide (or other inert gas) into one valve, to displace the oxygen out another valve at the top. My cat is the inspiration for my paintings. Everyone else is already taken. Affordable outstanding discounts & better paints! But the truth is, even with a sealed cover, the paint will still dry because there is enough oxygen inside to oxidize the paint. If the paint was sitting on oiled wood all the time, like it was in my old cigar box. And it is difficult to find a cigar box with lower sides and dimensions that I like. I use my box for only two reasons: (1) for travel and (2) to prevent my cats from tramping thru my palette (an all-around disaster that needed to happen only once…). For acrylic colors you can easily clean by just peeling off dried acrylic. Lid can even be used as a separate palette. Subscribe and receive coupon specials, great promos & VIP offers! In this article, we shall review 11 different palettes for oil painting; and what each one has to offer. Whether they’re watercolors or oils, if you work with tube paints, nothing beats a butcher tray for taking them out of doors. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING by FedEx STANDARD Ground within the contiguous U.S. to street addresses (no P.O. The inside wood will be coated with linseed oil, and the paint will be on glass. In addition to this, the palette is freezer safe so you can put it in the freezer to prolong the life of your oil colors between painting sessions. Guerrilla Painter Covered Palette Tray. I put the glass back in and keep a small spray bottle of walnut oil and water 50/50 mix, and spritz the paint, put the cover on, and wow, even the smear of paint does not dry out for days. I used an 8″x10″ picture frame glass for the insert, the bottom piece of the box was cut just a hair larger than the glass, just in case I may want to take the glass out later. These are my two favourite palettes for acrylics: the airtight plastic palette by Mijello and the heavyweight ceramic palette with a cover by Jackson’s, which is available in two sizes. 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