This is flanked by 600ft of galleries designed to house van Hoogstraten's £30million art and furniture collection. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Admiring my palace on a sunny Monday morning. And the formerly picturesque surroundings near the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty has been reduced to a litter-strewn dumping ground. He has claimed to have "no assets at all now in the UK" to pay the damages — claiming that his empire has been broken up and is in the hands of five children he has fathered with African girlfriends. "The chance of my offering an opportunity for them to occupy Hamilton Palace is just ludicrous. Stock Footage of Hamilton Palace (AKA The Ghost House of Sussex) Now abandoned. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Such is the state of the building site that disgruntled locals have been campaigning for years to have the towering edifice torn down. Mr van Hoogstraten has used that name extensively in the past. But Hoogstraten has always defended the decades-long building project — which even features a dome-topped lakeside mausoleum. Van Hoogstraten’s vehicles are managed by Harare businessman Frank Tawanda Buyanga. This is a majestic property, it is the entrepreneur’s Nicholas Van Hoogstratenthat up to the present time, has not given signs of wanting to continue with the project. In the years that followed he disposed of 90 per cent of his UK properties, making massive profits and investing in other areas including mines and farms in African countries such as Nigeria and Zimbabwe where he had bought his first property at the age of 19 when the country was Rhodesia. In 1967 he was convicted for paying a gang to throw a grenade into the home of a debtor at the age of 22. In the circumstance he appears unlikely to resume work on Hamilton Palace any time soon. 6 talking about this. Nicholas van Hoogstraten ’s Hamilton Palace in Sussex is a folly – a colossal country house begun in 1985. newspaper archive. Explore similar videos at Adobe Stock "The scaffolding only remains as a part of ongoing routine maintenance such a property would require until completion.". Also known as “The palace of Hamilton, and was released in 1985, the billionaire has spent a lot of their assets to their children. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Van Hoogstraten's nominees to the board Alexander Hamilton, Maximillan Hamilton and Ian Haruperi were rejected, leaving Tracy Mpofu as Chairperson of the … Efforts by van Hoogstraten to get his proxies on the board also failed with the last attempt being in June last year. Van Hoogstraten, a convicted criminal who is now 75 and goes by the name of Nicholas von Hessen, is a Sussex native born in Shoreham who owns dozens of properties in the area. But shocking new aerial photographs show how two years on from his vile comments Hamilton Palace remains a rundown wreck. They share the surname Hamilton and were handed control of their father’s investments and companies in 2002 after he began a prison sentence for manslaughter. The answer is a billionaire property to mining magnate, whom a judge once described as "a self-imagined devil who thinks he is an emissary of Beelzebub.". “From Alexander Hamilton to Wilhem and Jan Willink, Nicholaas and Jacob Van Staphorst, and Nicholas Hubbard, 28 August 1790,” Founders Online, National Archives, The property is now thought to be owned by Messina Investments, which is run by Mr van Hoogstraten’s four eldest children – Maximilian, 30, Alexander, 28, Britannia, 25, and Louis, 25. On the level above these is the formal living area. Van Hoogstraten once said: "The only purpose in creating great wealth like mine is to separate oneself from the riff-raff." If she is successful van Hoogstraten expects to be rewarded with the right to plunder the country's natural resources. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Years 11 & 13 to return to school on Jan 4 but others may stay home until FEB, Covid cases see biggest ever rise with 41,385 infections & 357 deaths, EastEnders' Cheryl Fergison tells fans she is still alive after death rumour, Covid hotspots most at risk of Tier 4 lockdown as millions set for restrictions. The route includes a stretch which crosses the estate of Hamilton Palace, Nicholas Hoogstraten’s stately home-cum-folly-cum-mausoleum. Without a builder in sight, the house is surrounded by trashed construction materials and ugly shipping containers. We pay for your stories! Uckfield Town Council said of the Sussex mansion: "Hamilton Palace is a private property, we are therefore unable to comment.". During the trial he was fined £1,500 for contempt of court after telling the opposing counsel: "You dirty b******d ... in due course, you are going to get it.". By the age of 14 he had taken to wearing a suit to school and would sit in empty classrooms reading the Financial Times and conducting business deals. Another High Court judge ordered the ageing tycoon to hand over £1.5million in legal costs to the family in 2016 but they have still not been paid. Hamilton Palace is now thought to be owned by Messina Investments — run by Mr van Hoogstraten's four eldest children - Maximilian, 30, Alexander, 28, Britannia, 25, and Louis, 25. Hamilton Palace is now thought to be owned by Messina Investments — run by Mr van Hoogstraten's four eldest children - Maximilian, 30, Alexander, 28, … Mr van Hoogstraten was until recently a director, although he listed himself as ‘Nicholas Hamilton’. Nicholas von Hessen (born Nicholas Marcel Hoogstraten, better known as Nicholas van Hoogstraten; born 25 February 1945) is a British businessman and convicted criminal involved in property. Click here to upload yours. Yet to judge from recent photographs it sits still unfinished and unlived-in, a … [Original source: The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, vol. When their complaints made it to Hoogstraten, 71, the snooty ex-convict replied by branding his critics "peasants". Since then, a judge awarded Raja's family £6million in damages — of which callous Hoogstraten has insisted they will "not see a penny". Raja was stabbed five times before being shot in the head at his home in South London in 1999. Not that he had any respect for his tenants whom he described as "filth" and when a fire broke out at one of his properties in the early 1990s in Brighton he described the five people who died in the blaze as "scum". He is also a friend of Hoogstraten. At the weekend locals condemned the way the building was being allowed to rot. ASKED by the maker of a BBC documentary if they had taken advantage of his time behind bars van Hoogstraten explained that he was, if anything, more dangerous inside: "In Belmarsh I've got nothing to lose and I've got an alibi. Many Zimbabweans can’t wait for Mugabe to die, hoping it will bring an end to the country’s misery. New York: Columbia … At 11, he began building his fortune selling rare stamps to major collectors — but it later emerged his alleged £30,000 collection had been assembled after he paid classmates to rob them from shops. What would a 'Tier 5' lockdown look like? He tells how he is grooming 20-year-old Rhett during his first major TV interview since being released from prison, with his son by his side. By the time he was 22 he was reputed to have 350 properties in Sussex alone and to be Britain's youngest millionaire. This turned out to be a temporary setback, however, and in the 1970s and 1980s van Hoogstraten acquired more than 2,000 properties. Perhaps they should be careful what they wish for. Twice-jailed billionaire Nicholas van Hoogstraten and his ostentatious Hamilton Palace, By the time van Hoogstraten was 22, he was reputed to have 350 properties in Sussex alone, Van Hoogstraten was imprisoned inside HMP Belmarsh prison. With all the housing problems we have in this country surely the building can be put to good use, Which brings us to the Loyd Grossman Through The Keyhole Question: "What kind of person would live in a house like this?" Harold C. Syrett. At one point he spotted a business opportunity in the Bahamas and capitalised on it by selling his entire stamp collection for a reputed £30,000 and ploughing the proceeds into property there. This latter quality is evident everywhere from the walls, which are 3ft thick so they can last "for ever", to the elaborate decorations on the copper cupola that only sparrows will ever see. The son of a shipping agent and a housewife his entrepreneurial instincts emerged at a young age. There he graduated to loan sharking, taking property deeds as collateral for loans which he would then retain if a customer defaulted. Nicholas van Hoogstraten, aged 71, is a boy from Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, who made very bad indeed.