Thanks you!! I made these and they are the BEST key lime ANYTHING I’ve ever tasted. And sub rice or hemp milk for the coconut. The perfect no-fuss, one-pan paleo and Whole30 dinner. Hi Laura! I’d like to try making them soon. I’m going to try and freeze it in the hope it firms 🙁. Thank you so so much for this phenomenal vegan recipe! Can soy cream cheese or tofu replace the cashews? Hi Dana, this looks very interesting. Growing up, I loved those tart lemon curd bars with the powdered sugar on top, and lemon poppy…, I am a big fan of tahini. Thank you :)! There has been so much crazy stuff going on, and so many changes, including my kitchen remodel that just…, It was 102 degrees yesterday. But if you try anything else let us know how it goes. Xo. It worked ok. Thank you for sharing! Also, have you tried this as a regular size pie? I also made the whole pie and it’s just wonderful! I have made this recipe over 10x and it’s always so delicious, tastes rich without milk! Thank YOU for following and supporting what we do! what size baking dish for the lemon lime cake? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Lisa! This was delicious!!! I’m thinking it may take more like 15-20 mins? So tasty :D (Was a little weireded out by needing to add vinegar...until i put it all together and it started to foam then i panicked! Thanks for posting such yummy recipes! As the sleeve sizes might be different. My roommate wanted them a bit sweeter but I preferred them as they came out. They are so easy to make and awesome to eat!!! My oven runs pretty hot, but i put them in for about 12 mins and that seemed to do them just prefect :) I checked them after about 10 and they needed a scooch longer. I brought it over to a friend’s house where I was the only vegan and everyone loved it. They seemed to work just fine, but I’m open to comments or suggestions if boiling the cashews is not recommended. It was all soooooo good! best key lime pie I’ve ever made! Did anyone try this in a spring foam pan to make an actual full size pie? That’s it! It’s almost like its being fried in its own fat rather than baked. I used coconut cream and 1/3 cup agave. That’s so exciting! Remove and set aside to cool. Where I live they don’t sell graham crackers, so do you know about how much/many cookies I should use? 4. Hi! We’ve never used sweetened condensed coconut milk. Every week I cook off a huge batch of them, about 10 cups and I use them throughout the week for recipes. I’m also planning to make a full-size cheesecake pan version instead of the minis. It’s become my go-to and is much creamier! 4. This recipe is also amazing because even my kids liked it. 2. This is 7-ingredient vegan dessert perfection. Hi, these look lovely and delicious. I also didn’t have raw cashews nor time to soak, so I used roasted/unsalted and brought the cashews to a boil and then turned off the stove and let the cashews soak in the hot water for 15 minutes or so. Soaked it in hot water for almost an hour or so. Whoop! I NEVER comment on things like this, but I really had to stop washing the dishes and express my appreciation of this recipe. I finally got around to making last night… Sooo good! Hoiidays are a fun time to try some new things so I searched for a vegan key lime pie recipe. Instead of the graham cracker crust, I made a walnut and date crust (borrowed from the match cheesecake recipe.) Your recipes are consistently well conceived and tasty. Made these for the 4th of July celebrations yesterday. The filling in this recipe thaws when left out at room temperature so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for that.. This was my first recipe off your site and I can’t wait to try more!! You can sub a more neutral oil next time, such as olive :D. Would grapeseed or almond oil work? I used full fat coconut milk, light agave (1/3 cup was more than enough sweetness), and refined coconut oil. I am a huge fan of citrus flavors in general, and key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts, so I may be a little biased. I didn’t find any previous comments about using this ingredient so hopefully you have some insight! Thank you!! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Or is there any other milk I can sub the coconut for? I’ve used lemons instead of key limes to save money, and sprinkled toasted coconut on top. Be safe and keep the recipes coming! Im just wondering if I can quick soak yhe cashews instead, like the one in raw cheesecake recipe? I had a dinner party and when I pulled these out of the freezer they got devoured very quickly. You can find key limes right now at the Cosentino’s Market in Brookside.  And maybe I should’ve used a brown background (okay I’m done now, promise). Thanks for sharing, Chrissy! It was just the right depth, about 1/2″ of crust, and 2″+ of filling on top. Rather than putting this in a pie pan, I pressed the (delicious) crust into small mason jars to make individual servings. Thanks for sharing, Kacey. Good luck! Pour batter into a greased 9.5 inch cake pan. Can I use raw cashew butter? i’m still making it either way :), OMG, I have to try this. Do you think it’s because I didn’t soak them overnight? In a large mixing bowl, add flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. I’m sure will be making these again, like in a few days! I used unsalted I believe. I served it to him and he said it was delicious and he loved it. I am exited to try this recipe asap because we love key lime pie. I’m not a strict vegan (I just try to eat mostly WFPB), but just FYI this recipe would technically not be vegan unless you specify / seek out graham crackers without honey. About: Just a lucky girl enjoying her two passions: teaching and food. Wait until the cake is cool. Careful that you choose Graham Crackers WITHOUT HONEY. 8 years ago I think Australian coconut cream is different to American. Hi Kathy, You could try subbing vegan butter for the coconut oil. We haven’t tried it, but it might work. I improvised with a pecan/walnut crust made with coconut oil and organic sugar. Are the nutrition facts for the entire pie or one slice? I ended up making this as a whole pie instead of the minis. I doubled the recipe and and made one large tart and a half tray of mini muffin size. DELICIOUS ?! I’m so excited to make this! But the consistency of the filling is a bit odd. Hi Journey, yes, that should work! Hi Dana, I made these for a gluten-free dairy-free friend’s birthday tonight, and they are in my freezer now. Hi Zainab, coconut milk brands tend to vary in their fat content, so it sounds like maybe the brand you used was on the lower fat end. We want to make sure there are no errors in the recipe. We eat #wholefoodsplantbaseddiet sugar & oil free. 2 containers vegan cream cheese (Tofutti brand is best). That’s true I used the Nabisco Original graham crackers they’re vegan. I can’t eat coconut. I’m planning to make these tomorrow. Another idea would be that it did not get blended long enough or the blender was not powerful enough. I had the same issue using a food processor instead of a blender, despite processing for almost 10 mins total, they had a slightly grainy texture. I just let it sit in pre-boiled water for 20 minutes. See my vegan cheesecakes for the recipe -> I made these tonight for my son. These look like the perfect spring-time dessert :) They do sell a key lime concentrated juice. Does the pie taste at all of coconut? I hope you’re the executive chef in heaven! Natasha, did you make regular size or mini cupcakes? This recipe is fantastic! So I subbed regular limes and you can, too. In that case yes you can. Lumps and all. Same thing happened to me…runny with lumps *face in hands*. For the full fat coconut milk, are you referring to canned coconut milk or from the carton. I hope they are a big hit for my in laws :). We’re gluten-free here, and though someday I’ll try your walnut-date crust, I opted to experiment with the King Arthur gluten-free cookie mix as a crust because those cookies taste remarkably like graham crackers.