Amaryllis flowers range from 4 to 10 inches in size, and can be either single or double in form. But, they can bloom anywhere from winter through early summer. Also, keep in mind that they may not bloom until spring or early summer when planted in the garden. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see just how easy it is. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through links to Oh no, sorry to hear your amaryllis flower bud dried up before opening! Sounds like your amaryllis has gone dormant, and that’s totally normal. They can tolerate frost and short periods of freezing without dying. Just be sure to always use a pot with holes in the bottom to prevent overwatering. Continue to fertilize monthly with an all-purpose houseplant or indoor plant fertilizer. Organic neem oil works great to naturally get rid of houseplant bugs on the leaves and stems, and has a residual effect to keep them away. Clean the bulb and place it in a cool (40-50 deg. Healthy amaryllis plants rarely have problems with houseplant pests, but mealybugs and fungus gnats can sometimes become a problem. Red spots or blotches that develop into elongated cankers with red borders may develop on the base of the flower stalks and emerging leaves. Prior to moving these plants outside, however, you’ll want to gradually acclimate them to their new environment. Continued Care for Amaryllis. Amaryllis Garden Care. Regents of the University of Minnesota. Set the pot in a sink where it can drain freely and water until the potting soil is thoroughly moist. The good news is that forcing amaryllis bulbs is very easy, but it does require a little help from you. They like regular fertilizing (every six weeks) during the summer. If you can’t give your amaryllis enough natural sunlight, then get a grow light and set it on an outlet timer for 6-10 hours a day. But timely pruning is an important step in getting amaryllis to bloom again. Outdoors, continue to water the plant during dry weather. Keep it growing in the full sun, and fertilize it every few weeks through the summer. apart. When the dormancy period is over, move your amaryllis to a warm, sunny window and water it thoroughly. The foliage of infested plants may become wilted, yellow and distorted and the plant will eventually die. Amaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors between September and January in Florida. In heavy shade, they will be less vigorous and will flower poorly. I would leave it alone for now. If you want to try planting amaryllis outdoors in the garden, then choose a spot that gets full sun and has well-draining soil. The bulb is large and very firm. Amaryllis seeds don’t store very well, so be sure to plant them as soon as you can. The leaves are what gives the bulb energy to rebloom. Dig a hole and set the pot into the ground. Dig a hole and set the pot into the ground. Long story short I ended up cutting the leaves off thinking that it was okay. The website has them listed as being toxic to both cats and dogs. You should start to see new growth in another 6-8 weeks. Then, once the flower fades and dies back, cut off the stem at the base. Unlike some other bulbs, amaryllis do not require a rest or dormant period. It’s very common for the flower stems to grow before any leaves. What do you recommend I should next? Why are my amaryllis leaves turning yellow? Dividing amaryllis bulbs is the easiest and most common method of propagation. Fertilize every 2 to 4 weeks with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. … Just think, now that you know what to do with an amaryllis after flowering, and how to care for an amaryllis plant, you’ll be able to enjoy these gorgeous flowers year after year! A great sample of our bulbs. After it had bloomed the leaves started falling over. My green thumb comes from my parents, and I've been gardening most of my life. Space plants 12-15 inches (30-38 cm.) They require repotting only every 3 or 4 years. Some individuals discard the amaryllis after flowering. how to rebloom your amaryllis plants here, how to get rid of houseplant bugs naturally here, How To Care For Christmas Amaryllis Flower Bulbs, How To Care For Holiday Cactus (Thanksgiving and Christmas Cactus), How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects On Houseplants, How To Care For A Pothos Plant (Devil’s Ivy), 17 Of The Best Office Plants For Your Workspace, 15 Easy Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow, How To Fertilize Houseplants: The Ultimate Guide, Terms Of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. Here’s what you’ll find in this detailed amaryllis care guide…. The leaves will eventually start growing too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Once the attractive blooms fade, though, we’re left wondering what to do next. This will eventually grow into a new bulb and can be removed and planted separately. Amaryllis is as popular a holiday gift plant as poinsettia and Christmas cactus. The amaryllis can be moved outdoors in late May or early June. Continue to water and fertilize the plant regularly with an all-purpose houseplant plant fertilizer. Learn all about how to get rid of houseplant bugs naturally here. Then bring it back indoors and put it in a cool, dark location (I keep mine in the garage, but a basement or closet would be great amaryllis bulb storage spots too). “Fertilize with a low nitrogen fertilizer 5-10-10 or 6-12-12, 1 1/2 lbs. Thanks! After research I found that I shouldn’t of done that. © Yes, unfortunately all parts of the amaryllis plant are toxic to pets. Enjoy! If you are a gambler, you could leave yours in place this winter rather than taking them up for storage. Once hardened, select a site in partial to full sun. If after 8 to 12 weeks, no new growth has appeared, remove the potted bulb from the dark and place in a sunny location. Leave the potted bulb in the dark for 8 to 12 weeks. Always store un-planted bulbs in a cool place between 40-50 deg. After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife. He would replant 3/4 or so of the bulbs and give away the other plants as gifts, potted in the “good home” soil he had prepared. Please help us on how to care for them. My question is, should I take it out of the soil and put it in dry soil and see if it does ok? Amaryllis Flower. And there are some hardy amaryllis bulbs that can survive down to z7. Step 9: “Break their dormancy” will be a good place for you to start. Yes, you should have left the leaves on so it can build up energy for blooming next year. The narcissus bulb fly (Merodon spp.) Red blotch (Stagonospora curtissi) is a fungus disease that may affect both the appearance and the health of amaryllis plants. Then place the dormant bulb in a 50 to 55 degree F location for at least 8 to 10 weeks. Most will survive in zones 9 and above, but there are a few hardy garden amaryllis varieties that can be grown down to zone 7. If they are slow to grow, then place the pot on a heat mat to help break dormancy. Optimally, planting in late summer or early October is recommended. Amaryllis plants bloom best when they grow in a container with little extra space (potbound). The other option is to place the plant in a well-lighted, 50 to 55 degree F location in fall. Otherwise, try growing some of these pet friendly houseplant instead. Too much nitrogen and too much shade will result in poor flowering. Then follow the instructions above to care for your amaryllis as a normal houseplant, and I expect it will start growing new leaves soon after the flower dies. Do not let the plant to sit in water as wet soil can promote bulb and root rot and attract pests. The leaves may become distorted and the flower stalks may break easily making the plants unsightly. But even if you live in a cold climate like I … Though red and white are the most common colors, the flowers can be any shade of red, pink or white. All our bulbs are prime bulbs. If you have a flower bed that is cared for well, you can expect your amaryllis bulbs to remain in the ground and provide you with beautiful flowers for several years. Plant bulbs in a clean container with sterile, new potting soil. But, if you want your amaryllis bulb to rebloom every year, then there are a few extra steps you need to take (I’ll show you exactly what to do with an amaryllis after it blooms below). It’s not overpowering, and you usually need to get close to the flower to notice the sweet amaryllis scent. It is not necessary to remove the amaryllis from the pot. Bulbs will flower in 7-10 weeks as a general rule. Peeling them back as far as you did shouldn’t hurt them. Caution: Do not store amaryllis bulbs in a refrigerator that contains apples, this will sterilize the bulbs. They grow very tall and reach for the window if they don’t get enough light. Often forced indoors near the winter holidays, amaryllis can also be grown outdoors. Given adequate amaryllis garden care, you can expect to see beautiful blooms each year. When the leaves begin to yellow, which normally occurs in the early fall, cut the leaves back to about 2 inches from the top of the bulb and remove the bulb from the soil.Bulb Storage.