Even so, it is probably worth improving this when you have a chance just so you have a better safety net in combat. Voted the greatest rappers of all time by two…. You can also find almost all of these (outside of the carbon crystal) by looting lootable objects like vases and sacks that can be found all throughout Egypt. So for all your pieces of gear, there would be a total of 50 upgrades possible. Both crocodiles and hippos drop hard leather once they are killed, so be sure to always raid crocodile and hippo lairs when you come across them to help build up your stash. Getting 100 trinkets will take a long time (most likely 20-30 hours), so spend that time wisely. This Assassins Creed Origins Crafting Upgrade Guide will tell you the required materials to upgrade each of your tools and armor sets with details on the locations of ingredients and more. Some of them actually yield decent amounts of money. This might mean you have to go to a different zone to rob soldiers. Of course when I say “hunt,” I don’t just mean hunting animals. Soft Leather: This is one you will need to hunt for, and the most common place to get some is from animals that drop them when you loot their corpse. We also have a standalone version, Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt, accessible through the Ubisoft Store. These vary between the equipment and higher levels will require more resources. The larger targets are actually easier, as there’s room for stealth play, surprise kills and rolling around. The Nomad’s Bazaar store carries 30 carbon crystals. Much later in the game, you can have all talent trees pretty much maxed out anyway. 20x Bronze, Stabilizer Glove Rank 3 Sign in to manage your account and support cases. 3x Carbon Crystal, Breastplate Max Rank 33x Cedarwood The upgrading in Assassin’s Creed Origins is different to past games in the franchise and is much more limited. If you collect a legendary weapon halfway through the game, hang onto it. This is done by crafting. You get it all the same ways - soldiers carry it, ships carry it, and you'll get some from dismantling higher level weapons. 18x Soft Leather This Assassins Creed Origins Crafting Upgrade Guide will tell you the required materials to upgrade each of your tools and armor sets with details on the locations of ingredients and more. Hidden Blade Rank 6 27x Hard Leather Hard Leather: Hard leather is a bit more difficult to come across, mainly because all animals that drop hard leather fight back. There are always transports happening throughout the town which you can mark using Senu. 39x Bronze 24x Soft Leather 29x Bronze It’s possible to play without grinding. To experience a tour, simply follow the glowing golden line on the ground. 24x Iron, Stabilizer Glove Rank 9 Stabilizer Glove: The stabilizer glove will cause your bow and arrow attacks to do more damage. Once you’ve got the appropriate skill, you can also buy them from vendors. Btw if it’s not obvious, hunting on a horse will rack up animal furs, horns, etc, REALLY quickly. Gathering and managing your resources, as well as crafting upgrades is a major component of the game now. 9x Soft Leather Still, it is a very easy upgrade path and might be worth it if you have extra material laying around. 13x Hard Leather, Breastplate Rank 5 13x Hard Leather, Breastplate Rank 6 So, before you sell trinkets for the first time, make sure that you have more than 100 of them. When it comes to upgrading weapons and shields, you can visit the blacksmith to just pay some straight up drachmas. At first, only four of these pieces of equipment are available, and you will not get the Hidden Blade until you unlock it during the Aya quest or the Tool Pouch until you unlock your first tool based ability in the Abilities tab. 29x Iron If you wish, you can get more information matching the audio commentary by pressing the key displayed on the screen. There are all types of animals close together in the swamps. Starting a tour will transport you to the location on the map. This Where To Find Crafting Materials In Assassins Creed Origins guide will tell you where to find all the different materials you will need to upgrade your gear and reach the higher tiers of gear quality.. But the introduction of an RPG level system means there’s a wider context to how much damage you do. 5x Carbon Crystal, Hidden Blade Max Rank 1)I’ve been looking for weeks. Please refine your search criteria. Want to farm crafting ingredients in Assassin’s Creed Origins? There is no need to go anywhere special for crafting, and whenever you want to craft something (or see how many more resources you need to improve your equipment) you can just go to the Gear tab and check it out there. All Rights Reserved. 5x Carbon Crystal, Bracer Rank 1 18x Hard Leather Thanks so much! Purely educational, the mode is a virtual museum with guided tours and historical sites to discover. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Speak to Randvi Bugged? We hope you'll enjoy the Discovery Tour! 22x Hard Leather 15x Soft Leather 20x Soft Leather Occasionally quests will take you inside one of these, but you may also have to seek some out purely for crystal hunting. If you are looking into using the Discovery Tours as learning material in schools, universities or other educational setups, do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. If you find yourself using your tools a lot, this is a great thing to focus on as it is relatively easy to complete and it isn't as easy to pick up tools as it is arrows. But if you’re aiming to take on quests or enemies multiple levels above you, crafting is what will help you the most. But beware, there is a trophy called  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 22x Pelt, Tool Pouch Max Rank There are no results for your request. Found on military transports, for example in Alexandria (use your eagle Senu to mark them). Ubisoft, Ubi.com and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch! 24x Hard Leather 24x Hard Leather It’s worth noting that in my game, some of the convoys appeared to be “mined out” after a while. 18x Cedarwood Weapons and shields can be leveled up individually by going to a blacksmith. 30x Soft Leather If you do this all game, you’ll never be behind. There are four rewards in total. 39x Soft Leather Blaine "Captain Camper" Smith is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. each upgrade adds to the Hidden Blades’ damage, 6: 32x Bronze & 22x Iron & 18x Hard Leather, 7: 35x Bronze & 26x Iron & 21x Hard Leather, 8: 39x Bronze & 28x Iron & 22x Hard Leather, 9: 45x Bronze & 33x Iron & 24x Hard Leather & 3x Carbon Crystal, 10: 62x Bronze & 39x Iron & 27x Hard Leather & 5x Carbon Crystal, each upgrade increases the total number of arrows you can carry, 5: 20x Bronze & 24x Iron & 3x Carbon Crystal, 6: 27x Soft Leather & 29x Bronze & 20x Iron, 7: 30x Soft Leather & 32x Bronze & 22x Iron, 8: 33x Soft Leather & 35x Bronze & 24x Iron, 9: 39x Soft Leather & 39x Bronze & 26x Iron & 3x Carbon Crystal, 10: 52x Soft Leather & 45x Bronze & 29x Iron & 5x Carbon Crystal, 6: 18x Hard Leather & 27x Cedarwood & 17x Pelt, 7: 21x Hard Leather & 30x Cedarwood & 19x Pelt, 8: 24x Hard Leather & 33x Cedarwood & 20x Pelt, 9: 24x Hard Leather & 33x Cedarwood & 20x Pelt & 3x Carbon Crystal, 10: 33x Hard Leather & 52x Cedarwood & 26x Pelt & 5x Carbon Crystal, 6: 20x Soft Leather & 16x Hard Leather & 12x Pelt, 7: 23x Soft Leather & 18x Hard Leather & 12x Pelt, 8: 27x Soft Leather & 21x Hard Leather & 15x Pelt, 9: 32x Soft Leather & 25x Hard Leather & 19x Pelt & 3x Carbon Crystal, 10: 39x Soft Leather & 31x Hard Leather & 22x Pelt & 5x Carbon Crystal, each upgrade increases the total number of Darts and Bombs you can carry, 5: 18x Hard Leather & 26x Pelt & 3x Carbon Crystal.