we use spare ribs for the pork. Cheers to u ! I generally freeze 2-cup portions so that I can call up these beauties at will instead of using the standard 24-ounce prepared red sauce (even the jarred Sunday gravy Henry Hill of Goodfellas’ fame makes can’t compete with my recipe, just sayin’). That way, when I need sauce, I can quickly defrost it for a meal. Learn how your comment data is processed. This does not mean they need to be the most expensive, but selecting the right type of ingredients is key. Thanks for the recipe! Hi, this sounds great. I prefer the bags since I can spread them out on a baking dish and let them freeze flat for easy stacking once they’re solid. Mangia!” (Eat! style. Eat!). Your email address will not be published. Thanks. EXCELLENT and will be putting it in regular rotation. Simmer uncovered for 3-4 hours, while stirring occasionally so the meats don’t stick. Your email address will not be published. Do you think this might be the type of sauce he’s looking for, and, if not, do you have any recipes for the type of sauce he’s explaining? Continue to simmer the gravy without stirring for another 30-40 minutes. These meats simmer in the sauce and really give it a great flavor. Hi Erin, I was just wondering if your nana ever used fresh plum tomatoes? I didn’t read your suggestion about buying whole pork necks until after everything was already in and simmering! I love hearing this Jamie! Set cooked meats aside. I never Asked Rosie for her recipe, but have been chasing that flavor of sauce for years… I am making Your sauce right now and am happy to tell you It’s so close to Rosie’s sauce from 19th st circa 1987.. Saporito Kitchen was designed for my readers to get the chance to peek into my kitchen and see how I became so passionate about food. I’d get new pork neck. Also make sure your lid is cracked just a little to allow the excess moisture to leave the gravy. As far as crushing, honestly, generally I do squeeze them through my hands before adding them What meats do you add to your family recipe? I can’t find them with the bone! of Goodfellas’ fame makes can’t compete with my recipe, just sayin’). It’s a family recipe that has as much history as it has flavor. Thank you so much. It really depends on how much rosemary you want in the recipe. I could not find a recipe that had a boned pork cut listed – yet I knew that’s how I saw it done. Building the flavors, ingredient by ingredient, will help to develop an amazing end result and of course a tasty dish. “Stay Tuned”—Braciole Recipe coming on GWS soon! My husband talks often of his Italian grandmother’s pasta sauce but doesn’t know how to explain much more than “it was thin… barely there… and the best I’ve ever had.” Not helpful. Lol. Brush the foil with olive oil. So do we eat all the meat with the meal or serve it seperat? At the heart of Italian cooking is a combination of simple flavors, time tested techniques and most importantly heart and soul. You can use it in just about any recipe. Why so much water and can I use beef broth?? Remove ground meats to plate and set aside. Why for the same reason you use other types of bones in a good stock. Thank you! Hi there! Sunday Sauce and Sunday Gravy are used interchangeably for the same dish, and the preference varies among Italian families. Our local grocery store usually keeps some at the meat counter, but you can also ask your butcher directly if they do not have them on display. “A well-built sauce is essential to any dish. Hey Linda that’s a great question!