In VB 6, for example, the statementCreateObject(objectname) will create an instance of a class (a type of object). The main benefits of encapsulation are that you avoid bugs because you're completely certain about how an object is being used in your program and the object can be replaced with a different one if necessary as long as the new one implements the exact same interface. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, try to find object names that are duplicated betweenSystem.Data and System.XML. Basic Computer Terms and Definitions Perlis an acronym that actually expands to 'Practical Extraction and Report Language' but this doesn't do much to help you understand what it is. Use these tips and advice to help prevent getting basketball injuries. OCX controls replaced VBX controls written in Visual Basic. Content goes between two tags and the closing one is prefixed with a slash (Note: there are some self-closing HTML tags, like image tags). Access LevelIn VB code, the ability of other code to access it (that is, read it or write to it). Another kind of API is created by 'software as a service' companies to offer advanced functionality to your site. For example, VBScript can be 'hosted' by the web browser program, Internet Explorer. For example, a form in a "shopping cart" application might contain information about a request to purchase a particular item. Reference to all ITU Publications (Recommendations, Regulatory, etc.). It would be coded:Form1.Hide. 1. Yes, Virginia, they had computers that long ago.) For example, the integer variable Result is given the value of an expression in the following code snippet: In this example, Result is assigned the value -1 which is the integer value of True in Visual Basic. And VB 6 never implemented inheritance. storing computer data, Occurs when a user presses a button In VB.NET, modules usually have a .vb extension but others are possible, such as .xsd for a dataset module, .xml for an XML module, .htm for a web page, .txt for a text file, .xslt for an XSLT file, .css for a Style Sheet, .rptfor a Crystal Report, and others. Event ProcedureA block of code that is called when an object is manipulated in a Visual Basic program. Note: Dan Appleman, in his book on VB.NET, has this to say about ActiveX, "(Some) products come out of the marketing department. Most code editors also give you a button to you run your code in your choice of browser, allow you to add plug-ins to customize your editor, and use a range of advanced search features and more. Object LibraryA file with the .olb extension that provides information to Automation controllers (like Visual Basic) about available objects. Outlook Express (distributed by Microsoft as part of IE) supports newsgroup viewing. These are simply agreed upon (standardized) methods to transfer bits and bytes across networks such as the Internet but also possibly from one computer to another in the same room. Although included in previous versions of Visual Basic, the class has become a key technology in VB.NET and its object-oriented programming. Often SDKs are free, but some companies will charge new developers for the download. Filename extensions follow a period (dot) and indicate the type of file. The term 'documentation' refers to the instruction manual which will be provided for any language you learn, as well as for third part resources and for SDK's and API's (see below). World’s Top 5 Electricity-Producing Countries, Using Promo Codes and Coupons to Save Money, Tips to Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill, The Origin and History of the Dollar Sign. When your computer consults the originating web server again, the cookie is sent back to the server, allowing it to respond to you using information from the previous interaction. (Which was released in April 1992. In Visual Basic, a string is the variable type (VarType) 8. For example, when developing ASP applications, programmers often use PWS, a server that runs on the same computer with a browser client such as IE.