Use items from C to rewrite the underlined parts of the sentences in a more formal academic style. [complaining in an annoying way; informal, negative] He’s been chatting away on the phone all morning. 1 All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. B: Me too. [make general statements about something; noun = generalisation] C Speech and articulation problems example meaning She speaks with a lisp. 5 I didn’t get my assignment back because the teacher hadn’t had time to it. 17.01000 811.97000 Td 2 I’ll just s a note for Preeti to tell her where we’ve gone. /ProcSet [ /Text /PDF /ImageI /ImageC /ImageB ] 4 Sam did not offer any explanation for his strange behaviour. >> ] 95.3 2 Charlie was quick to take advantage of a chance for promotion that arose at his workplace. An action or person that deserves praise is praiseworthy and people are praised for their actions. (subsume) 4 The poems in this book have been divided up into different sections by topic. Actually, it’s all coming back to me now8. >> 12 More farmers are now choosing to use fertilisers that don’t harm the environment or wildlife. You probably need a different word to translate fair, flat, capital and mean in each sentence. we got our wires crossed yesterday. Common mistakes Regardless is not an adjective but an adverb. 94.2 1 The system is now working as planned, so we should be able to get some useful data soon. and others (used in bibliographical references to refer to a book or article with several authors, usually three or more). 5 Who didn’t know how to respond to something? 4 I found some lovely old photos when I was sorting some boxes yesterday. [secretly and possibly dishonestly] up- can suggest a change of some kind, often positive. BT q [stay away from] The escaped prisoner evaded capture for three months. 8 It is up to the of the school how the budget is spent. capital Fill in the form in capital letters. >> Try to find words from these topic areas, which are particularly rich in loanwords in English. Underline the metaphor and say which concept it exemplifies and what it suggests. (flutter) 8 Her mother disliked the film because it contained so much bad language. /S /URI Any idea what the school is like these days? I can’t find it. An introduction2 Types of brackets: ( ) round brackets Contents < > diamond/angle brackets [ ] square brackets { } curly brackets CAPITALS or UPPER CASE (more technical) is the opposite of Chapter 1 What is psychology?3 small letters or lower case. /URI (www\056cambridge\056org) ; rather formal] It’ll take a week or so to get the computer repaired. (swears) 3 John’s been rather lazy with his homework, but he has promised to try harder next year. Q a b c 8 Phil always gets an underling to do the tasks he doesn’t enjoy. 5 I’ll email you a d of the letter, so you can suggest any changes before we send it. 1 I think you should stay overnight in a hotel near the airport. [brought together, united] The book embraces a number of issues, from economic to religious ones. suffix new example in phrase meaning -able an issue that can be debated -conscious a debatable issue employers who are very aware of money -free a city centre without any cars -rich a drink which provides a lot of energy -led fashion that is dictated by the French -minded friends who are very focused on sports -proof a car with protection against bullets -related crime that is connected in some way with drugs -ridden a society where there is a lot of poverty -worthy a person who deserves others’ trust 87.2 Match each adjective with the two nouns it best collocates with in the box. /ˈprefɪs/ mapping out the text I shall return to this point later in my essay. No offence intended, but I think you’ve misunderstood the basic problem. For another thing, I can’t afford it. 8 0 obj /Subtype /Link The phrase without a murmur means without any protest, complaint or comment: They accepted it all without a murmur. [saying nice things because she wanted something from me; negative] Rick tends to exaggerate his problems, so don’t take him too literally. [slightly wet; from a recipe] The climate in the north is damp and rather cold. /A << Give two answers for some of the words. 5 Who’s on the for the cleaning this week? real football, with 11 players in each team] These trainers are the genuine article. 1 infomercial 2 podcast 3 camcorder 4 veggieburger 5 swimathon 6 freeware English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 183, 89 English: a global language A The origins of English vocabulary LANGUAGE ONLINE Some languages do not easily accept words from other languages into their lexicon1, but English has always welcomed them. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 157, 76 Promises and bets A Promises If you promise someone the earth/moon, you promise them a great deal. With the help of those lists, you will be able to understand words that you do not know from their context, and thus enrich your vocabulary even more as you go along. To join the Fitness Club, you pay a flat fee of £500. A affairs B objects C effects D extras 2 He made a rather attempt at an apology, but it didn’t convince anyone. 1 I’m sorry that I didn’t buy her a birthday present. 6 A word for something that happens as a result of something else is . Can you translate them? 5 Where’s the thingy for draining potatoes? 8 There were six of us working, so we’d more or less by 5 pm. [took positive action or organised herself] Jill will get things sorted (out) today. 2 If you round up 68.7, does it become (a) 69 or (b) 68? This is (simply) unacceptable. /Type /Page But I must say that what stands out in my mind9 is the amazing freedom we used to have. A B C D 4 It worked like a charm. Discussion of the roots of the problem is beyond the scope of this essay. Complete this word formation table. Gosh, it’s ten years since we were at school together! 7 This standard of work just won’t ! function in the text example beginning I should like to preface my argument with a true story. It presents a rather different view of the genetic factors which cause disease.