Cotyledon tomentosa which is commonly known as Bear’s Paw is one of the types of succulents and hails from Africa. Audio. An interesting fact about the Bear Paw is that when the plant is doing well, the leaf tips change color into a deep red. Variegated Bear Paw Succulent Variegated Bear Paw is a succulent shrublet up to 12 inches tall. Master Gardener Gardening Guides. Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent (Cotyledon Tomentosa) pata de Oso. Apr 26, 2020 - Variegated Bear Paw is a succulent shrublet up to 12 inches tall. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Sizes. Sermpervivum arachnoideum. Sep 11, 2019 - Variegated Bear Paw is a succulent shrublet up to 12 inches tall. Video. It is densely branched and covered with fine tiny white hairs, giving it a velvety look. Quantity. Potted plants require a container with at least one bottom drainage hole. Fijiplants. ‘Bear paw’ succulents are officially known as Cotyledon Tomentosa. Link. He’s all stretched out and not at all like what a bear paw should look like since the spot he grow up in at the plant store was a cramped pot on a low level shelf that had a single source of northern light. Inspect your succulents regularly. bear's-paw-succulent < > Most recent. The bear paw succulent is no different in this regard. From shop savageplants. All posts. Native to Africa, Cotyledon tomentosa is a succulent in the Cotyledon genus of plants. Find more on our Instagram Page: @springergarden. Dimension: The plant is about 5-6 cm or 2-2/5 inch in diameter. You’ll see the plum leaves of this succulent in no time after a successful propagation. This item is out of stock. Re-pot the Plant. Photo via Keep plant in a bright location when rooting, but away from direct sun if growing outdoors. Many succulents have this ability but unfortunately The Bear’s Paw will not grow a whole new plant out of a leaf. The margins are bluntly serrated with brown tips, resembling the bear paw … So, when you notice the water seeping from the bottom, it’s time to stop watering the plant. $5.95. Discover (and save!) Succulents have been all the rage for the past couple of years as people adapted them to their living spaces, from modern minimalistic interiors to full-blown green rooms that resemble giant terrariums. 16 other products in the same category: Quick view. Though bear paw succulents are quite peculiar, you can find a wide range of the popular greenery on Etsy. The bear’s paw, like every other succulent, requires well-drained soil that is mixed well, otherwise, there are high chances of the plant rotting. Add to cart Share Store Pickup or Free Delivery to Rocanville and Area. Bear paw propagation. Winter Care. While it gets the “bear paw” name because of the little teeth on the edges of the leaves, the plants also sprout orange, bell-shaped flowers every spring. It is always advisable to use thick gritty soil. So while you’re deciding which animal-like succulent to purchase for your home, here’s introducing, the bear paw succulent. Product Details; Reference . This species of evergreen flowering plant is native to South Africa. The flowers come out on a tall stalk and are orange- red in colour. When I first got it, it shed a couple, which I attributed to the relocation. Data sheet Pot Size 4 inch pot Specific References. Red Cobweb. Photo. The leaves – as in the name – are shaped like chunky cute little fuzzy baby bear paws. Variegated Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Ladismithiensis (2 inch) 2.9 out of 5 stars 37. your own Pins on Pinterest Most popular Most recent. The most notable features of this succulent are the beautifully thick, but fuzzy leaves each has around 3 to 10 (claw-shaped) ends that come out of the leaves. Olivia Harvey. Apply fertilizer during the growth periods and stop when dormancy sets in. Propagation. Expect to see little to no growth during winter and dormancy during summer. Care Instructions:-Water your succulents or cactus for 7-10 days once;-Give them as much sunlight as possible. i.e. Family: Crassulaceae Subfamily: Sedoideae Genus: Cotyledon . Cotyledon Tomentosa "Bear Paw" Succulent. Cotyledon tomentosa subsp. Cotyledon Tomentosa cannot be propagated from leaves. A rule of thumb to water this plant is that all the excess water drains from the bottom. Like all other succulents, Bear’s Paw likes less water too. Bear Paw succulents are slow-growing and have small root systems so they do not need a big pot. Due to the silver hair of its leaves, it is easy to miss the first signs of these pests. Succulent - Bear Paw. Contributor. Well, if you’re looking to add more succulents … This is the same case with watering. Cactus Shop, online cactus and succulent shop.Tour the nursery and purchase top value cacti and succulents.Devon,UK based. A section of a stem is needed to successfully propagate this plant. Discover (and save!) *I forgot to mention that in the spring-fall I fertilize with the Schultz cactus/succulent liquid fertilizer!!! Scientific Classification. Water sparingly when roots are formed. It is densely branched and covered with fine tiny white hairs, giving it a velvety look. ladismithiensis, native to South Africa, is also known as Cotyledon Bear Paw or Bear’s Paw. 2. A post shared by Succulents Box (@thesucculentsbox) These plants look like paws from a baby bear and they are adorable for any mountain house home. To look after Bear’s Paw you should give it plenty of light, not too much water, and the occasional bit of plant food. Cotyledon tomentosa - Bears Paw (熊童子) Please Note: The first photo is a display photo only and not the size of the plants for sale. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROOTING CUTTING Pot up cutting in dry soil and don't water for the next 2 to 3 weeks until roots have emerged. $5.45. The leaves are up to 2 inches (5 cm) long, fleshy, lime-green, with creamy yellow variegation and sometimes reddish tips. View this post on Instagram. 4.5 out of 5 stars (77) 77 reviews $ 13.97. View this post on Instagram. Bear Paw Succulent 2" Pot Small RARE SUCCULENTS - Cotyledon Tomentosa Bear's Paw Plant - Fuzzy Succulent savageplants. Hens and Chicks - Red Cobweb . It is densely branched and covered with fine tiny white hairs, giving it a velvety look. ladismithiensis, native to South Africa, is also known as Cotyledon Bear Paw or Bear’s Paw. Succulents hate to be over watered! Description Light/Soil/Water Hardiness Cotyledon tomentosa subsp. Orders from within EU countries only Succulents Plants, Bear Paw in 4 inch Nursery Pot 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. Bear's Paw is similar to most succulents with watering - they like their roots to be soaked but must be allowed to dry out. Bear paw succulents are available to buy online from Amazon and Etsy sellers, or you may be able to find a bear paw at your local plant shop. Fertilizer: Fertilize your Bear Paw once a year in the spring with a cactus and succulent slow-release fertilizer. Feb 10, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by -ºM a g g i e S a u c e º-. Filter by post type. Rare and unusual living succulents and cactus; Exclusive handmade pottery pot from Asia.