Item Category Code: BEETRONICS: Vendor Item No. Fantastic musical pedal. There's not much talk of this pedal on TGP and not much discussion on Beetronics products either. The Royal Jelly drips tone and it’s a pedal that can change your approach to overdrive and fuzz. This … Hand made in California by a swarm of bees. Silver Supporting Member. Messages 1,823. Beetronics Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender PedalA ton of sweet spotsroyal jelly - a substance secreted by honeybee workers and fed by them to larvae that are being raised as potential queen bees.The Royal Jelly is an overdrive/fuzz blender like no other pedal. This is a 2 channel OD + Fuzz pedal with identical channels. This year they were drawn to the eye candy of the Beetronics Royal Jelly. Steve Luthaker can´t be wrong. Very rare these days to find a pedal that is musically inspiring. Limited Edition Beetronics Royal Jelly Overdrive, Fuzz, Boost and/blend both for wider response. Not on the Beetronics site yet. Last NAMM show he had National Worldwide stage players grabbing one of these pedals. Jan 26, 2019 #5 The Royal Jelly is one seriously killer fuzz! ROYAL JELLY: Product Group: BEETRROYAL: Net Weight: 0.5: Gross Weight: 0.75: Country/Region of Origin Code: US: Tariff No. fitzo Greybeard. Reactions: Flouncingfleasbag. Each channel has it's own blend control to allow you to dial in your preferred blend level of OD vs Fuzz. Reactions: Spirithunter. Messages 1,294. 85437090: Reviews (0) There are no reviews yet. Specifications. Filip knows his craft. kor Member. This pedal is brand new, comes with box and literature.