Flytanium makes replacement scales and other accessories to help enhance your everyday carry. If your between the two then here is my two cents. Thanks for the tip! experience. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. $265.00. Using only the best materials and most advanced machining processes, Flytanium has set out to design and manufacture the absolute best products. -Weight of knife with installed titanium scales - 4.53 oz. -Precision Milled in the USA, Flytanium Design Benchmade 51 requires 7 body screws. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by NJMevec, Aug 2, 2014. It flips on autopilot for me, honestly. I'd rather have to learn to deal with the nicks and cuts to gain the confidence to flip better. But as Flytanium are the only ones making a product like this, they can ask whatever the market will bear I suppose. The only issue is the cost, which seems quite high for what you get. Lose or strip a screw in your balisong? Description FLY062: Zenith Trainer Blade for Benchmade 51 Flytanium Flytanium is know for bringing you the best aftermarket parts for your Benchmade 51. Unlike folding knives, the fixed blade is designed with zero moving parts, making the blade extremely strong and durable. I love this knife so far! *Please Note: Benchmade's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade’s Warranty department. The pivots are pressure set and require some force to remove and install. I'm working on buying a second one for safe keeping, just because its so beautiful and amazing. You will need a T8 torx bit to remove the pivots. In terms of flipping, the knife is on the lighter side but is still very good! Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user The Benchmade Morpho Balisong 51BK Knife is a larger version of the Benchmade Balisong 32. By using this site, you accept our. -Includes Flytanium polishing cloth and sticker. This knife is a perfect starter knife, it’s very light weight which makes the cuts with learning not punishing. The stock 51 blade weighs about .98 oz while the Zenith Live Blade weighs 1.03 oz. This versatile tool can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, survival, or everyday carry. The handles and blade do rub and after it a bit it does wear on the edges of the DLC 2.) Stonewashed 440C stainless steel, single-edge blade. They add a nice weight and make the knife feel solid in the hand. 4.5/5. The Zenith Trainer Blade has a kinder, gentler dull edge to forego the painful learning curve associated with new tricks. The g10 is amazing, and the look of the whole knife is godly. The pivots require FORCE to install flush in the scales, this is on purpose so they do not spin freely. SOLD OUT. Combined with FlyTi scales, I now have an amazing trainer. If you are interested in edcing a bailsong look no farther. *Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. The Benchmade 51 Morpho is a lightweight balisong knife that features a premium D2 steel blade and G-10 handles. Does not include knife. Love that the latch catches better no more stabbing my fingertips in my pocket. Unfortunately this knife dosent come with factory loctite so u have to do it yourself. Like all our products, the Zenith Live Blade works seamlessly with your 51. There are some good informational videos on YouTube if you need more instructions or email us. The blade is very fine which I greatly appreciate. Flytanium Zenith Replacement Blade for Benchmade 51Flytanium-made replacement blade for the Benchmade 51 Excellent condition - barely used. I'm not going to go off on the specs and the pro's and cons. If you want to learn to flip get the tachyon, if you want a great EDC that still flips we'll go with this.