Keep reading to learn more about the reproductive choices available to people who have gotten their tubes tied. Some people believe that gene therapy is going to one day transform the way we treat illness and disease. If you’re pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, genetic testing can give you a closer look into your health and your baby’s health.. "url" : "", Though it’s very likely your baby will be born healthy and normal, modern technology can help you to make the choices that are best for you and your family. The result of this screening gives the parents proper time to prepare themselves mentally. "Genetic disorders", How good are your chances for a successful pregnancy with a frozen embryo, and how do they compare with a fresh conception? A very thin needle under ultrasound guidance withdraws a small quantity of amniotic fluid. A lot of women I talk to about genetic screening and diagnostic testing ask what I would do if I were them. It may take about one week for the results to come back. There are other decisions too that you will have time to think about. Make bolded pointlists to make it easier to find out the pros and cons of genetic testing. These tests often eliminate the requirement for invasive prenatal diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis and CVS, thereby reducing the psychological and medical risks associated with them. After knowing that the baby is having a genetic disorder, many parents abort their child. It is always better to consult a genetic professional before you decide to go for the screening. There are some great advancements in genetic testing that offer you a wide range of options for determining genetic markers. Tests can be tailored to a parent’s preference, which has also stirred up controversy. Taking care of a genetically defective baby is difficult. Diagnostic tests are also able to detect other types of chromosomal disorders beyond … Diagnostic tests are also able to detect other types of chromosomal disorders beyond the two disorders (Trisomy 21 and Trisomy 18) that genetic screening focuses on. Listed below are few pros and cons of genetic testing pregnancy. Prenatal screening tests are usually offered during the first or second trimester. The analysis of the cells during prenatal diagnostic testing is done as follows: Prenatal screening isn’t flawless. Some experts recommend questioning the value of believing you have knowledge. Yet at the same time there is no way to determine the future course of severity or the future course of medicine. Thus, many couples cannot afford the testing or treatment. "What is an early sex blood test? One of the major cons of genetic testing during pregnancy is that there is a tremendous psychological pressure on the parents. If you're dealing with complications conceiving, you’ll want to understand every step of your fertility journey. Since multiple marker screening is not diagnostic, it is not 100 percent accurate. It is important to understand the benefits and risks before making a decision. "description" : "A blood test to determine the gender of your baby can also indicate the possibility of genetic disorders. With the prior knowledge of a possible risk, the doctors can prepare for the birthing of a healthy child . When you’re trying to conceive, you want to do everything you can to maximize your chances. Screening tests. These tests are: Blood tests Prenatal screening for cell-free DNA A specific type of ultrasoundHealth care providers usually perform a prenatal screening test during the first or second trimester.