A productive lesson is not one in which everything goes exactly as planned, but one in which both students and instructor learn from each other. Nowadays, the use of video conferencing solution that offers seamless interactive learning sessions is on the rise, and this explains why many learning institutions are adopting e-learning options. Below are eight benefits of using lesson plans: For many of us, we might approach a class with a standard format that we know works because we’ve adapted it over a number of attempts. Don’t be afraid to update and modify it. As Alison Cutler from Deakin College reflected: “Lesson plans assist me to stay focused on the objectives of that session and to steer clear of relying too heavily on ‘teacher talk’. Lesson plans also help in goal setting. Working Paper No. In the words of one teacher at Lockhart Junior High, "It was very overwhelming my first year. American Psychologist, 49(8), 725–747. After disposing of the creature, I discovered something else in the drawer: a treasure trove of well-crafted lesson plans left behind by the previous teacher. Pages 75-76. It, therefore means that learners with hearing challenges benefit from the visual presentation while those who cannot see can learn about a given topic using audio performance. While it’s impossible for one to tell with 100% accuracy the activities of the semester, it is indispensable that one make a reservation for extra curriculum activities. Despite the seeming benefits of giving teachers access to high-quality lesson plans, doing so seems to be far from standard practice for schools or districts. The whole idea about lesson plan was originally created by Benjamin Bloom when he chaired a committee of educational pshologists based in the America education to develop a system of categories of learning behaviour to assist in the design and assessment of education learning. Expert performance: Its structure and acquisition. The efforts you put in while trying to create a specific education plans go beyond just making your class organized. Access to the lessons and online support community were doubly beneficial for teachers whose quality was judged to be in the bottom quartile than for teachers of average quality. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economics Research. Mathews, J. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714, October 2016 | Volume 74 | Number 2 Thinking about an interdisciplinary unit can be just as fun. Model lesson plans can be a new teacher's lifeline. Lesson plans are essential for having a preference list of tasks for accomplishment and having an organized class irrespective of subjects being taught. It is so quick and easy to share a lesson plan document with someone instead of trying to list and justify all the things we do in a 4 hour teaching block.”. This may be the best way to think of packaged or borrowed lesson plans—as a support for teachers, not a mandatory "teacher-proof" curriculum. Lesson planning: -       provides a coherent framework for smooth efficient teaching. If you are interested in learning more about lesson plans and designing for blended learning, register for the course – Learning Design Essentials (open to Navitas staff only). Shortly into my first year of teaching high school, a foul odor permeating the tropical air of my classroom sent me poking around a previously unexplored filing cabinet, where I discovered that a mouse had found its way into the bottom drawer and died. One of the interactive teaching benefits is that it gathers the teaching needs for all. If you are teaching junior students or those in primary schools, you will appreciate the benefits of interactive learning coming in handy by the fact that programs allow learners to understand how to handle naming tasks quite easily since images and other graphics are well displayed on the whiteboard. A few years ago, Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews (2011) reported that when Teach for America surveyed its teachers in 31 states, only 15 percent of them said they had access to high-quality instructional tools like lesson plans. As well, I find lesson plans useful in encouraging/reminding me to build in opportunities for feedback which I can sometimes overlook.” Moreover, Felicity Prentice from La Trobe College, Melbourne expressed that “it enables [teaching staff] to contextualise the lesson within the whole subject, the online materials and activities and contemporaneous subjects.”, In addition, documenting your lesson can save time on administration. This lesson was devised to celebrate International Mother Language Day on 21 February. This is because, with interactive learning, you just need to have an interactive whiteboard, internet connection, and of course, a dedicated software. In this light, interactive learning technology gives learners the freedom and choice to decide on how they are going to present their work, leading to fun, enjoyable, and engaging learning process. That is all! That implies learners can attend teaching session anytime from anywhere around the globe. stream They make sure everything is completed and well thought out. Your email address will not be published.