Instead seek out the yellow departure posters that list on all the subsequent trains in chronological order. Rail Europe uses JavaScript to bring you the best experience. (4) It’s also a good idea to keep the departure time of your train front of mind. Getting to Bern station early, so that you can take your time when leaving the city from it's main station by train is highly recommended. Private Bern City Walking Tour (From US$538.02) Best of Bern in 60 minutes - Discover the city with a Local! Bern stands on the railway line that ends in Briga and stops in Frutigen, Lausanne, Kandergrund, Blausee, Kandersteg, Spiez and Hondirch. Situated right in Switzerland’s capital, Bern station allows you to take advantage of long opening hours 365 days a year. Youth passengers may not be older than 25. There are escalators in this atrium up to street level, plus an easy to miss elevator. To exit the station from the end of the pasage way, you need to go up a level, which is where the entrances to the street are located. Hotels within 10 mins walk of Bern station: Luxury: The station first opened in 1861. (1) If you’re not sure which gleis (platform/track) your subsequent train will be departing from, when you step off of the train, don’t follow the crowds heading to the exits. From there you can take an ICE direct to Frankfurt-am-Main or Berlin, a EuroCity to Hamburg or Milan and a TGV Lyria direct to Dijon or Paris. They depart from gleis (platforms/tracks) 21-24 which are located on the opposite end tothe central atrium, in the passage way that runs under gleis (platforms/tracks) 1-13. From rösti to raclette, chocolate to cherries, Swiss food is as enticing and diverse as its natural landscapes. Read more about child and youth passenger ages. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child. However, if you have luggage etc AND are heading to the city centre, there is no need to use the stairs. The old town center is the main tourist attraction. The town has a rather provincial, homely feel. (1) If you will be taking a long distance train from Bern, aim to be on the gleis (platform/track) around 10 minutes before the train is due to depart. The electronic departure indicators on the platform will show in which zone the 2nd class, 1st class (and restaurant) coaches will be located, when the train arrives Interlaken, Basel, Lucerne and Zurich are all just an hour away, while Lausanne and Geneva are under 2 hrs away by train. The platforms under the concrete roof at Bern station, The Länggassstrasse exit at the far (west) end of the platforms, This bridge at the Länggassstrasse exit houses lifts plus escalators and access to a taxi rank, Bern station has multiple access points, this is the somewhat anonymous main entrance, The view from the main entrance down to the main concourse - the access to the trains is to the left. Bern thus makes an excellent base for rail-based excursions through Switzerland. Working out where your specific coach will be located, when the train pulls in, can be a conundrum at Bern station. (From US$54.92) Bern Old Town- Private Tour (From US$419.18) Private Trip From Geneva to the Swiss Capital See all Exiting The Station: The resulting lack of sight lines across the station can also be disorientating, particularly when two double deck trains are simultaneously occupying both sides of a platform. Despite its city centre location there are surprisingly few hotels near Bern station that have exceptional guest ratings. From there you can take an ICE direct to Frankfurt-am-Main or Berlin, a EuroCity to … Our guide to using the main station in Bern will guide you through what to look out for, when arriving or departing from the city by train - or if you will be changing trains in Bern. Bern can be reached by train and by car.There is a small airport as well. They call at Bern on route to other cities, so tend to arrive in the station only 5-10 mins before they are due to depart. Home to more than 70 shops, the station’s shopping It can be a good idea to hang back and let the crowds disperse, particularly if you will be manoeuvring suitcases. Baren Hotel Am Bundesplatz This passage connects the platforms with the main entrance hall – the quickest route from/to the city centre. Station / Airport guide The Bern train station is managed by the Swiss Federal Railways. Our guide to using the main station in Bern will guide you through what to look out for, when arriving or departing from the city by train - or if you will be changing trains in Bern. But don’t spend too long looking for the coach when the train does arrive - if need be board and then work out where your seat(s) is located once you’re on the train. Look for the curving roofs that cover this part of the station. Bern station is also linked to the fast transport system (known as S Bahn Bern), which is dedicated to the city's local public transport. Four Things Worth Knowing About Taking Trains from Bern Station: The hotels we have selected for you are mostly located at walking distance from the rail station and the old town center. Help with Planning a Train Journey from or to Bern. The alternative exit from the station: If you have luggage and want to take a taxi to your final destination, the best option is to walk along the platform to the escalators and lifts, which are at the far end of the platform - where the sloping roofs are located. Here the passage way is ABOVE the platforms, under the curved roof, and has escalators and lifts to platforms/gleis 1-13. Want to take an exciting European rail journey, but not sure how? With over 207 train and coach companies in and across 44 countries including. Booking fees put on hold at Rail Europe until end of year. When stepping on to the gleis (platform/track) from a train, the only evident exit may be the steps down to the passage, that leads to the main entrance. Mid Range: The city’s main station (simply called Berne or Bern) lies at the western end of the Old Town. In a country which mainstreams on landscape and scenery, it’s easy to overlook the cities, but Bern is one of two Swiss cities which are absolutely not to be missed (the other is Geneva). The best prices from hundreds of train and coach companies, Join millions of people who use us every day, Travel to thousands of destinations in 45 countries. Bern is big on bears, though the live ones on the bank of the river don’t give the impression that they are especially happy with their urban lifestyle. Also keep your departure time in mind if you have reserved a seat. (3) Most of the mainline platforms at Bern Station are comparatively long, they are divided into zones, but most trains will only occupy some of the zones. These esclators and elevators connect to a bridge which spans the station. It is the city’s main meeting point and public transport hub. As a result the trains spend comparatively little time at the gleis (platforms/tracks), so there is a sense of pace around the station. Instead make use of the escalators and lifts at the far end of the platform. Take your time and work out your best option for exiting the station, or making connections between trains.