The Ofieri Set is truly one of the most beautiful Witcher 3 suits of armor. They follow the same basic idea as the armor, with each gear set having four different variations. Again this list is specifically based on appearance and is, of course, my personal opinion.

In brief, it helps turn Geralt into a master of the blade. Players can upgrade this armor through crafting but it is not recommended to sell or dismantle it. Naturally, Geralt will need to suit up properly to protect himself from the many dangers of this violent land; and this game offers up the most diverse selection of armor in the series so far. See our terms & conditions. Red Dead Online Will Launch as a Separate Game Next Month, Fortnite's New Crew Subscription Aims to Turn Regular Players Into Regular Customers. With all 6 pieces of the set, including the Ursine swords, the damage you deal with Quen abilities goes up by 200%; great for causing backlash damage with Explosive Shield and Quen Discharge! But if you want to know more, why not check out our guide to the max level cap here?

The Griffin School Witcher 3 school armor sets and weapons would have ranked higher on this list if its Steel Sword didn’t have that stupid wavy blade thing going on. Wolven armor is medium, like most of the Witcher school armor sets that don’t focus on boosting a combat style. This sword is a sidegrade of the Ofieri Kilij below. The Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Armor is the basic, starting armor. The diagrams for the Wolven armor can be found, fittingly, near the old home of the School of the Wolf, in various ruins scattered throughout the KaerMorhen valley. Stay safe out there everyone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each piece of the set is in a different container, each spread throughout the cave. If your approach to fighting is heavily dependent on throwing bombs and utilizing ability-enhancing potions, the Manticore set is ideal for you. While it, obviously, does not have any set bonuses associated with it, it outperforms the Silver Swords from the Witcher Schools. When it came out in 2015, there were few who could deny it was a truly breathtaking game. Ursine School Armor Set. Griffin Armor. The effectiveness of the Assassin’s Armour set is very much dependent on it being used right. While it might be slightly outclassed by the suave Manticore Set or the iconic Viper Set, the rough, rugged battle tested armor of the Wolven is still one of the most impressive suits of armor in the game. While I absolutely love the look of the Viper School Armor, I simply do not like the Viper School Weapons, especially the Silver Sword. It also offers a chance to poison and improves your Aard sign. If you depend heavily on your signs, perhaps the Griffin School Gear is best for you. Amar is the Chief Nerd at Near Bear and can be mostly found binge watching Netflix, researching tech, shooting things on PS4, and arguing over who is the strongest Avenger.

This vicious sword is a pretty impressive tool of murder. Manticore Armour; 3. Feline school armor is light armor, so it doesn’t provide as much raw protection as the other school sets. The Vitality you heal back is 1% per armor piece, up to a maximum of 6%. The armor comes from Kaer Morhen, Geralt of Rivia’s home. I personally find the “Master” level of this set the coolest looking. The comically oversized angle guards really detract from the otherwise brutal simplicity of the weapon. It also has some serious armor piercing potential. Some people suggest that you steer clear of the Feline Gear Set unless you’re a seasoned Witcher 3 veteran, but I say the benefits are just too good to ignore for any player, even those just starting out. There is not much to describe about this set, and I think that is the point. One of the 16 free DLCs that were released for the game, the Nilfgaardian Armour, which can be purchased from the quartermaster at Crow’s Perch, offers some perks to defense, but won’t do much for your offense.

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