Gets a bit polluted during winter, like the rest of the bay area. Baltimore, Maryland. Housing is a bit pricey and apart from Hurricane Harry's and Downtown Bryan, there aren't many places for entertainment if you're under 21, but apart from those minor drawbacks, it's an overall excellent place to live. As a high school student, the student body at my school is incredibly diverse, I have friends from Romania, India, Poland, Spain, and many other countries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the homeownership rate for Americans under 35 grew to roughly 37 percent in 2019. One can enjoy reading a book at Barnes and Nobles, or having hot tea at the local IHOP. While Cleveland and Detroit lack millennials, the metropolitan areas have higher populations than the outlying suburban areas, especially when looking at millennials with at least a bachelor’s degree. Cambridge is rich with restaurants, bars, parks, and residential areas. It's no wonder so many Aggie alumni move back to their college town!Read 679 Reviews. Round Rock is about 23 miles north of Austin proper. To do this, Livability analyzed more than 2,000 cities, looking at factors about the lifestyles millennials are aging into. I moved back to Raleigh after four years in western NC for college, and I had forgotten how much there is to do in the capitol city. The Katy Trail is a great resource for exercise and sightseeing. You can walk, jog or run around the lake, or just sit and enjoy the view. Round Rock has the feel of a small town with easy access to larger cities. The food here is the best! However, as millennials grow more established in their careers and start families, the homeownership rate for this demographic will likely continue to move up. Traffic is the main neighborhood concern due to Apple commuters. Child care options. Expert reviews and guides for construction insurance and software. OP also has great sports facilities including a world class youth soccer complex as well as several top notch sports academies. Data were pulled from American FactFinder (percentage of millennials), Yelp (day cares), and Zillow (housing). Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. With 70 mi. It is a family friendly area with great public schools. Lastly, Davenport also holds many restaurants and breweries on the riverfront, making it easy to enjoy delicious food with a view. Porch is a free home network where homeowners and home professionals can connect to get the job done. Great schools. Seattle is pretty diverse, but even though locals generally pride themselves for being liberal and progressive that isn't to say issues like racism, police brutality, or gentrification are non-existent here. Read on for some of the best cities for millennials. While my commute is only 4 miles, I cannot explain how light the traffic is, even on Monday mornings or Friday evenings!Read 286 Reviews, Works Here: Sunnyvale is the city I've grown up in, and I love it! Overall Plano is the best place to make long-lasting memories with your family and friends, I know I did! Miami offers countless of things to do, from boating, from restaurant/bar hopping or shopping; it’s no surprise why Millennials are migrating here. We commissioned a ranking of cities and towns where millennials can settle down, buy a home and have kids without giving up the things they loved about urban living. Feel exceedingly safe. If you are one of them, we recommend this awesome guide on investing for Millennials. The Great Park also has many fun activities like hopping onto the carousel or (my personal favorite) viewing the whole city and become mesmerized by the landscape from a hot air balloon. Downtown Seattle cloaked in fog and rain. However, traffic is prevalent and real estate prices are through the roof. We just ask that you link back to this page to give the authors proper credit. Santa Clara has a surprisingly provincial compared to neighbor Sunnyvale which feels busier, or Mountain View which is, like Palo Alto, rather more elitist. The people are friendly and there is a strong sense of community. It is very budget-friendly town, while offering a variety of delicious restaurants, breweries and outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Everyone is really nice and there is so much to do! Phoenix and Detroit, on the other hand, had the largest child-to-day care ratio, with 21,584 and 22,989 children under 5 for each day care in operation, respectively. The numbers of millennials buying in urban settings are decreasing as are the millennials buying in multi-unit buildings. It’s no surprise why Millennials are moving here, they can easily find their niche. The Woodlands is great, especially if you have a family. This diversity allows students to have a more open view of the world, which I believe is very beneficial.