Would you recommend painting the roof a dark grey color? We chose Richmond American (not a blog sponsor) as our builder because they have a great reputation in our area, and their quality is fantastic. The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes (and what not to do), Mid-Mod Exterior Paint Colors Reveal Hidden Treasure, Great post Michelle! Or, you can use a different color only for the front door while the other elements are still in black or white. The right roof and house combinations can create an excellent home exterior view. The picture of a transitional house that you can see above contains an attractive idea that we want to discuss more. Learn more about: Cookie Policy, 11 Most Popular Roof and House Color Combinations You Must Know, 1. Michelle. The combination between a brown roof and greige like this is particularly excellent to pair with white trim as done in the house shown in the pic. The Color Concierge is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and other affiliate marketing companies. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! Those include the doors, windows, trim, gutters, beams, etc. I have found that usually homeowners have a pretty good sense for what looks well in their homes, and when they have a strong feeling they should go with it. Thanks for your understanding, I see more estate grey than black roofs. Besides that, you must know that they can offer some other benefits, including energy saving. The sure thing is that you must make sure that your choice is not merely about the look but also some other essential things. My kitchen cabinets will be painted shade of Lighter green for bases and cream for uppers. For a Queen Anne or Victorian style house, one of the best exterior house color combinations is plum and beige. Use two to three shades of green and try to stick to a monochromatic color palette. I’d like to suggest our “Color Your House” package. ... Best Exterior Paints from CR's Tests ... and trying them out on your house to see if you like the combination. Check out “How to Test Paint Colors Like a Pro“. I think that a black garage door might be a little bit heavy. With many elements, you could pick a combo that clashes. Quick question: For the colors you suggested to use on red brick homes, would shutters be considered trim? Thank you! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You can just use siding, or add textural interest with stucco. You can even use it for a small cabin if you have one. Choosing exterior paint colors for your house can be tricky. If, by any chance, you have a red brick house and you are planning to update the exterior design, leave the red brick alone. In the meantime, we would be happy to help you with one of our Online color consults. Many people even think both of them as the same color. It is a simple but great idea to follow when you also consider adding some decorations as parts of the home exterior. It’s hard for us to make detailed recommendations without seeing photos of your home and more information. Thanks, Greige House with Brown Roof for a Cozy Look, 7. –Pick a fun door color! –Limit paint colors to one trim, a door color, a primary body color, and occasionally a second body color. The one you see in the pic is a farmhouse. The last factor might not seem important to you, but you need to make sure that the house exterior paint that you choose for your home, blends with the neighboring houses and do not stick out like a sore thumb. Thoughts on this? Hi Linda, Just because it’s included doesn’t mean you need to use it. michelle@thecolorconcierge.com. Another plus point is that white color can make the house look bigger from the outside. Some good shades of green are celery green, moss green, and olive green. It is a popular color combination for a beach or tropical-style house. An onyx black roof has the same undertones as a dark gray roof. Hi, great insight! It’s a lot bluer than I expected. A muted green gray is SW Grizzle Gray. Instead, white is another perfect color for a classic home exterior style. “A home’s exterior paint color can sure make a difference. Still, about something excellent for a hot climate, let us talk about something even more specific. However, you might worry about other colors of elements you want to include in the exterior design. A dark fascia color can make the roofline look heavy. If you live in a cold climate, then choose an exterior paint color to that would make your house appear bright. We are trying to say here that it produces a coordinating appearance in the design besides the fact that it also creates the bolder look we talked about earlier. When we said wood color here, what we meant was the real wooden material that still has its natural look for the home exterior. . I wouldn’t necessarily consider shutters a trim color. The two greys here are in different shades, but you can see how they excellently match each other. It is between the red brick and the black roof. Pick Colors Like a Pro with our FREE Guide! It is the use of highly similar colors for the two exterior elements. We also have a reddish driveway, which we could paint as well. Hi Kay, The white color helps saving energy concerning the fact that it can make the home interior cooler. Here, the roofing used is a popular choice in many places. If that is so, you may think about some warm tones, especially for the walls. In the picture of a transitional home above, the designer chose black exterior elements to match the IKO black roof. Hi Sharon, Light Grey House with Light Grey Roof for a Beautiful Traditional Feel, 4. The difference is that for new builds you need to pick hard finishes such as the roof and stone or brick. For instance, you must know that a specific roof and house color can affect the temperature in your home interior. It is between a light grey house and a light grey roof. People pay alot to install in their homes. To make the design more attractive, the designer also uses white accents. The siding is gray/olive color, white trim and the roof is brown. The way to create the look is by pairing a light blue house and chrome metal roofing. –Fascia should be the same color as the trim. so I have white trim! This combo is not only the most popular but is also the one that will give you a timeless classic look. Using the combination in a hot-weathered area is not recommended because of this reason, unless you design the house to have a cooler interior, such as by adding a proper ventilation and insulation system. A dark window trim with a white vinyl window accentuates the white vinyl and can look cheap. I am looking at a home that recently had a new brown roof put on. Painting the house in white color also makes the house cooler. Keep it simple. The combination of a white house and a charcoal grey roof has all the benefits that you can find in the white house and black roof combo because of the high similarity. Can you do up combos with a blue shingle roof?