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Go well with: Calvi Corsican wine (white), Pouilly-Fuissé, Bourgogne (white) or Crozes-Hermitage (white). Beyond It is aged between nine to twelve months, and with such perfectly balanced flavor and caramel richness, it’s easy to understand why this one is a crowd-pleaser. It is my top French cheese! The Epoisses gains popularity, it is eaten in the Louis XIV court, at Napoleon’s table and gets its famous reputation under the end of the Former Regime.

During the Middle Ages, farmers were not landowners and they had to pay a “right of use” on the quantity of milk produced and to make their animals graze, which made its production illegal. You can stay in touch with Jennifer by following her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Drooling. Reply, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, Bonnie. It is also nicknamed “boëte cheese” or “strapped cheese” because of the spruce bark belt, which keeps “its shape” and gives it a woody perfume. They also make a smaller version called la Taupinette.

When is it not safe to eat the rind of a cheese? This little creamy square is one of the oldest cheeses of Normandy. In France, meals are sacred – even if we don’t go to a restaurant, people will always save some time to enjoy a nice dinner together. Go well with: Cotes-de-provence (white and red) or Coteaux-Varois-en-Provence Reply, Can I come with? Nicknamed “the cheese from Gabales and Gevaudan country” by Pliny the Elder, the Cantal is one of the oldest cheeses in history. Encyclopedic It’s certainly one of the most popular cheeses in France, with over 60.000 tons being produced every year! You guessed right: those cheeses tend to be less complex, factory-made, and tragically disappointing. I wish I had read prior to my trips to France, however always found great cheese at local markets. The rind of that particular cheese is perfectly edible and super delicious. The first known mention about the cheese production is notified in the Marquard treaty (1339). The Pelardon from Languedoc is a soft, bloomy rind goat cheese, and its name originated from the cevenol language (“pebre” which means pepper). We sometimes read this list just to find out what new travel products people are buying. on things to do before starting your trip to France. Chalky and tender when young, the cheese becomes runny and oh-so-buttery as it ages. Soumaintrain is a cow’s milk, washed rind cheese produced on the Champagne/Bourgogne border, and you might be familiar with its cousin, Époisses. I know many are disappointed they can’t make it back to France at this time, but when things return to normal, you might want to bookmark this post for your next visit! A young, It is produced from both pasteurized and unpasteurized cow’s milk (the unpasteurized is better in terms of texture and flavor) in the Rhône-Alps region and my all-time favorite producer is. Once you’ve come to France and tasted the real deal, you’ll never look at a pasteurized, industrial camembert the same way. I have a technical question: where do they get such a variety of cultures? The Papillon Roquefort basements offer you a free guided visit and a tasting. It is produced by Dominique Bouchait, who is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (an official designation, and honor, that denotes someone who is considered a “best craftsperson” in France) in cheese. Reply, Great post, Jennifer!

It’s in the middle of the XVIIIth century that we heard about the Langres cheese for the first time, in a composed sing by the city Dominican Prior. However if I had to narrow it down, the following would make up the cheese board of my dreams…. And while goat cheese is available and made all year long (sometimes producers will freeze cheese curds or farmers will use “tricks” such as lights that mimic the summer sun so they breed off-season), the spring, summer and early autumn months are the best time to enjoy fresh, young, In the early 2000s, the son of a cheesemaker, Pierre Pradier, established his own farm in the Haute-Provence with a small herd of Rove goats, a breed that is native to the region and known for its distinctive twisted, lyre-shaped horns and for producing very rich, concentrated milk.

You find these things at fancier restaurants of course.

Among my favorites are Rocamadour and Chabichou du Poitou, from the west of France, or Crottin de Chavignol, from the Loire river valley. Lucy is a student in social and political sciences at Sciences Po, a school situated in the Saint Germain des Prés district. Just keep track of where it saves the file. I’m French and I know less than half of these cheeses! Full disclosure: I work at Fairway market in NYC, where these gorgeous cheeses were shot. It has a fluffy, mold-covered rind with heady aromas of butter, cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms, whose interior is creamy and pale yellow. coming from cows grazing according to the "appellation Reply, I agree with David and Liz C. At home the cheese is the focus. During WW1, every single French soldier even had his share of Camembert in his daily ration! Make This soft, bloomy rind goat cheese comes from Maconnais and Haut-Beaujolais. We can eat fresh Brocciu and passu Brocciu, and this includes 21 days of cheese-ageing. For example, for a cheese to be awarded the AOC-protected name "Cantal," it must come from the Cantal mountains in Auvergne from the winter milk of Salers cows, made according to specific methodology, and aged a minimum of one month. As the French would say. , an aromatic mix of native herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano and marjoram, that grow wild on the island. milk not

Goat cheese is one of my favourite types of cheese and France has so many amazing ones to offer. . Go well with: soft Vouvray, vendange tardive Gewurztraminer or grey Pinot. It is a smaller goat cheese and even the smallest cheese of all! How about a whole cake's worth. These are my favorite nine, although I have real love for other greats that didn't make this list: Epoisses! What does the % mg stand for? Is it possible to get a PDF version of this article, to keep for better times, when travel begins again? 10. The Brie de Meaux is moulded with a shovel and the Brie de Melun is moulded with a ladle. Thank you David (and Jennifer!)! The award of the best French cheese in the Hard Cheese category goes to: Cantal! Is it any similar? Thanks for sharing the cheese love! The red colour of the rind would come from Bordeaux barrels, in which they were conveyed. Must try dishes, the ultimate bucket list for cheese dish lovers. The rind is … This cast iron pizza recipe is the easiest method for making a crisp-crusted, airy, chewy pan pizza at home.

The people of Normandy have a wonderful nickname for their beloved cheese; they refer to it as les pieds de dieu or “the feet of god.” It stands to reason. Great bucket-list of cheeses! It is understood that the Brie is a royal cheese.

is delicious in its own right, and made in cooperative dairies between November and May from the milk of cows that graze in mountain valleys. In the early 2000s, the son of a cheesemaker, Pierre Pradier, established his own farm in the Haute-Provence with a small herd of Rove goats, a breed that is native to the region and known for its distinctive twisted, lyre-shaped horns and for producing very rich, concentrated milk. All lovers of this cheese will agree with the Maroilles’ brotherhood device “Honni soit qui, without Maroilles, pretends holding loyal table”.

The French enjoy a lot of cheese. This means "controlled designation of origin," and serves to protect the authenticity of cheese. The small Cantal weighs between 15 and 20 kg, about the Cantalet, which is between 8 and 10 kg. Also, a few of these are made by a small farm or a single producer, so they don’t produce enough to export.