My recommendation is that you should drop down to the Gold league and do some Barch. Press J to jump to the feed. Let’s move to the defensive part of the guide. Loonian attack (Balloons + Minions).4. You have to have the barbarian king and archer queen, both at least level 5, in order for this strategy to work. Although this strategy is expensive, yet using it may boost your chances of winning the game. At TH9 you get new walls. About The Author. Mate, I have 10/5 heroes and I can get really high percentage 2 stars or complete 3 stars on practically any townhall 9/10 I get paired with. In order to progress faster, you need to know the right TH9 upgrade order. If you have not upgraded your laboratory yet, make sure you do that. You don’t need to wait for her. Tricks to find massive loot in CoC. You definitely want to unlock the baby dragon and upgrade your barracks. What’s the best TH9 war attack? Air raids increase the pleasure of the game and attract many players to have fun with this game. Take those new gold mine and elixir collector to the level of older mines and collectors. In the past, I recommended delaying these new defenses because of what’s called “War Weight”. These troops are known for their highest hit points and damage per seconds. it is also recommended to upgrade dark elixir storage and drill as you will need a huge amount of dark elixir for hero upgrades. Top class three star attacks on max TH11 | Lavaloon strategy simplified.\u0026feature=share6. Loonian attack (Balloons + Minions). TH9 unlocks a lot of new exciting upgrades, troop levels, and a new hero. And don't say it's cause your skilled. GOWIBO TH11 attack strategy Best th10 war attack strategy 2019 favorite song Rowdy Baby from Maari2 edited by KineMaster appThumbnail created by PicsArt app____________________________________________© CoC mania 2018____________________________________________Key wordsTop class attacks on max th9Top 5 best attacks on max th9Top 5 three star attacks max th9Max th9 three star attacksMax th9 attacking strategyBest attack strategy on max th9Max th9 three star attackTh9 war attack strategybest war attack th9War attack strategy guide App Crashes or Won't Load Troubleshooting, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function,, This is a GoWiPe for TH9s with good troop levels but don't know where to start with an attack strategy. Put them on your base and get them to max TH8 level so they would match the other defenses. The laboratory will always be a day one upgrade because all the new troop upgrades and spell upgrades are incredibly important. Mortars are also important in protecting your loot from raiders. A lot of TH9 players use air attacks as they are easy to execute. They do a huge amount of death damage when destroyed. Welcome to episode one of Chucky’s TH9 clan war strategy guide where we will, over the coming weeks, collect together a large and vibrant library of 3 star clan war attacks by TH9s against other TH9s. Valkyrie attack + Queen Walk1. Best attack strategy th10 attacking a fully max th9. and if the attack requires luring the cc. But, most of the top players agree to the fact that at least 4 Lava hounds and 12-15 balloons are mandatory for an attack on Town Hall 9. Witch attack strategy guide It is recommended to use TH9 upgrade order to upgrade air defenses to the max TH9 level. Can usually push to … Clash on! Walls are extremely important to defend against any type of ground attacks. You can put all of them to upgrade at the same time but it will make your base more vulnerable. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you want to get 3 Stars on a Maxed out TH9 Base, Lavaloonion is the best strategy you can use.Here, the number of minions and balloons vary to a great extent. TH9 closing in on Max but not there yet. Same for dragons, they aren't useless especially when maxed. Try to upgrade your lava hound to level two as early as possible. Most of the experts recommend using 3 lava hounds only if you are exposed or have a weak defense. Top 5 Max TH9 war attack Strategies Three star war attacks on Max TH9 by using five different strategies. All rights reserved. Air raids are said to be the most effective Clash of Clans tactic. Strategy: The “Witch Slap” Attack. Air attacks are a great threat to new TH9 bases. A TH9 gets extra gold storage, elixir storage, gold mine, and elixir collector. If you have 5 builders, use one on laboratory, one on resource buildings, one of clan castle and one on your army camps. drop rage on as many troops as possible if your golems haven't broken through the first layer of walls yet and drop your WBs to destroy the walls. Pro Tip: If your base is regularly raided using these strategies by your opponents then use our base design guidelines to improve your defense and save your precious resources and hard-earned trophies. Skeleton spell doesn’t hold that much value but it is very useful on certain bases with rage spell for taking out an enemy queen. What would be the best attack strategy (in. The composition of this strategy shows that there are 5 wall breakers, 14 wizards, 1 healer, 2 dragons, 2 PEKKAs, 2 golems, 2 healing spells, and 1 rage spell. The freeze spell would be only level one so it is not really a highlight but that jump spell and extra capacity is incredibly important for new TH9. 1. LavaLoon attack (Lava Hound + Balloons)______________________________________________Background musics* Allan Walker Fade (NCS Release)* Allan Walker Spectre (NCS Release)* Tobu Seven (NCS Release)______________________________________________My channel:CoC Mania 2018Channel Link: My Playlist Link: Subscribe this channel for more CoC strategy videos.Like and Share these videos.Email: other videos:1. Lavaloonion attack strategy is composed of 16 balloons, 25 minions, 3 lava hounds, 1 healing spell, and 3 rage spells. Awesome war attacks must watch. This is mainly because air raids are more prominent when your opponent’s air defenses are not properly upgraded. Upgraded walls make your base look pretty. Here, it is important to keep in mind that there is little difference in Go-Wipe attacks at th8, th9, and th10 levels. At TH9 you get extra 20 troops that can make a great difference in the battle. I recommend to put them on your base and keep using your extra gold on them. 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