The bath can hold eleven pounds of wax making it one of the largest baths in the market. It takes about one and a half hours for the wax in this machine to melt. Now it is time to take a look at some of the top-rated paraffin wax baths on the market today. The heat from the bath wax penetrates deep into the aching muscles and joints, giving relief in fifteen minutes. Are you looking for a perfect paraffin wax machine to use at home? KARITE Fast Wax Meltdown Paraffin Bath With 2lbs Paraffin Wax; 4. The set comes complete with a pack of 12 absolutely safe and hypoallergenic paraffin wax refills, both scented and scent-free. However, it also has thermistor as well as the fuse for avoiding any chances of accidents. It certainly has 10-inches opening for comfortably placing your hands, feet and so on and the depth is of 7-inches. It’s used both cosmetically and therapeutically with great results, for hands, elbows, feet, and even - if you’re very careful - your face. The Therabath design is made of a high quality anodized aluminum shell that is both lightweight and energy efficient. In addition to improving the skin, this bath promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue, and provides required heat therapy for hands. As a matter of fact, you also get a heat insulting grid that will help in proper maintenance. The bath can soothe arthritis, joint pains, and muscle spasms, and cracked and dry skin fast. The bath provides a large capacity with fast wax heating abilities and a built-in thermistor and fuse that prevent short-circuiting and overheating. This electric paraffin wax bath is of professional-level and has all the professional qualities. Each package contains 1000 grams paraffin wax, four hand and foot mitts, and an insulation grid. You can count on an original one to fade wrinkles, fine lines, and aging spots naturally. A new pack will serve you for long. This portable device has a sizeable inner basin made of plastic. The Levany paraffin wax bath takes only twenty minutes to melt upwards of two pounds of wax, and keeps warm at a range between 131 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit while in use. The benefit of this is that you get both auto heating mode plus manual mode for setting the temperatures right. The Waxwel Paraffin Wax Bath Unit comes either by itself, or you can pay a little extra to add on one of six scented kits, that comes with six pounds worth of wax blocks, 100 plastic liners (for both hands and feet), one thermal mitt, and one thermal bootie. The user gets rain-scented wax of 3lbs for the fresh feeling. Thus, the hydrating experience will give a new life to your skin. It will take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours to successfully complete the operation. You also get a brush, 200 liners and thermal mitts for easy execution of the process. The device has adjustable temperature control, which you can monitor via a digital display. It is safe (short-circuit and overheat protected), easy to use, and has free, fast-melting wax. The bath can hold up to three pounds of melted wax, and comes with a starter three pounds of rain scented wax, two thermal mitts, and thirty glove liners. The bright LCD of this paraffin wax warmer enables you to monitor the temperature in real-time. With the peeling of the hard and cold wax, you will also hydrate and leave behind beautiful skin. If you're looking for a paraffin wax bath that offers big capacity at a bargain price, this is definitely one worth considering. It also works seamlessly in wellness centers such as spas, due to its longevity and premium design. It also has a durable and spacious design with add-ons such as mitts and liners. You get 2 thermal mitts that will cover the concerned area and 30 glove liners of plastic included in it. Paraffin wax spas vary in price based on capacity and special features. The whole process is even simpler. Add to that its temperature adjust dial and you have a paraffin wax bath that is safe and effective to give your dry and beleaguered hands a much needed soak. You just have to pour the wax in the machine, wait until it melts and simply apply. The food-grade wax moisturizes, softens, smooths, and hydrates the skin naturally. Other standout features of the GiGi paraffin bath are its tight locking lid and portable design (light and compact). GiGi is a digital paraffin wax bath for homes and spas. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Baths, 9. It also helps boosts blood circulation and relieves fatigue and pain. So, if you want to have lovely skin and get the best treatment, the paraffin wax bath therapy is the ideal solution. As an Amazon Associate, TheBeastReviews earns from qualifying purchases. Pros: Relatively inexpensive Comes with three pounds of wax, two thermal mitts, and thirty glove liners Temperature adjustment. Finally, you get a grill that keeps the hands and feet at a safe distance. The unscented paraffin wax is also affordable and readily available. Presenting the users with soft as well as smooth skin, it is ideal for your beauty routine. Lavany Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmer; 2. 10. The wax bath’s internal temperature regulator keeps melted wax at a comfortable 126 to 134 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a six pound wax capacity. A genius creation, it is something that will facilitate in uniform melting of the wax. The BTArtbox paraffin bath soothes the hand and feet. Do you have stiff hands? The Therabath Pro Paraffin Wax Bath For Hands, Feet, Face and Body since 1962. Moreover, the smart control enables to set the right temperature after analysing the amount of wax in the device. COIDEAL Paraffin Wax Machine for Hand and Feet, 9. It’s designed to quick-heat paraffin wax and allow it to release warmth needed to smoothen and soften chapped or rough skin on the feet, hands, and elbows. Often we find ourselves complaining about dry and chapped skin. Pros 7. Most importantly, it is done at the comfort of your home. Jerrybox Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmers – Fast Wax Meltdown Paraffin Bath, 2. If easy cleaning is an important function to you, then keep your eyes open for those paraffin wax baths that come with either detailed cleaning instructions or specially engineered cleaning solutions. Also, the exclusivity of the product is that it has got a wide heating range. So, paraffin wax baths are just what your skin needs. The device offers optimal paraffin wax immersion and can hold between six and nine pounds of wax with a large basin that can accommodate up to feet size twelve. Taking a wax bath from the comfort of your home instead of going to a salon not only saves you money, but it also saves you time. Another notable feature that makes the paraffin bath stand out is its Bluetooth function that allows you to listen to your favorite music during the paraffin wax treatment at home. Fully touch-controlled so that one can operate it flawlessly. Paraffin wax baths are a terrific way to deal with skin that is dry on your feet and hands, but they also supply a curative cure for aches and pains. It is made in such a way that you can just use it in hand or on any rotating stand as well as the wall. Therefore, it will fully melt in a matter of 60 minutes and you can start with the routine. Therefore, we picked out the best products and sorted them down here. It can melt two pounds of wax in 20 minutes. It’s a paraffin wax bath ideal for the hands and feet. Waxkiss is a large paraffin wax bath that boosts blood circulation, soothes dry skin, and alleviates joint pain. The wax bath comes in a cool-to-touch tub with a locking lid to prevent the spilling of hot wax. This distilled wax substance can be used in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and cosmetic applications. The Best Ceramic and Titanium Flat Irons of 2020, 10 Best Ear Drops for Ear Infections of 2020 (Review & Guide), 10 Best Teeth Whitening Toothpastes of 2020, 10 Best Phone Watches for Kids of 2020 – Gift Ideas for Children, 10 Best Bluetooth Transmitters for TV in 2020. Each bath comes with a starter kit of one pound of aloe vera wax that is perfect for soothing dry, cracked skin. The bath measures 5.6 inches deep, 9 inches long, and 3 inches wide, weighs a light 3.2 pounds, and comes in either a pastel pink or purple. The presence of fuse and thermistor make it safe due to double protection. Pros: Higher wax capacity Shorter heating time Relatively inexpensive Comes with a full starter kit. It is available four colors – white, violet, pink and blue. There are certain qualities of paraffin wax baths that you should be aware of before you make your purchase.