Carbon steel will heat up and cool down faster than cast iron. It just doesn't spread heat out fast enough. Scanpan CTX Covered Sauté pan - $250 - Stainless steel, aluminium core, non-stick surface. After a year, look at what you actually use, then research heirloom units based on use case to replace. 6) enameled cast iron skillet, Lodge (for working with tomato sauces or other acidic skillet dishes that won't work in the deeper dutch oven). I've been doing this for 8 years now. Enameled Le creuset is the stuff you hand down, enameled Lodge is the stuff that usually dies with you. The pan sizes I recommend, based on utility, are an 8", 10", and maybe a 12" fry pan as well as a 10" sauté pan with a lid. I had to return/replace one for defect in the tri-ply base, but they sent it promptly and paid all shipping. All Clad - Thomas Keller (TK) line specifically. Lastly, if you make a lot of stews or braise meat often, look into enameled cast iron by le creuset or lodge. Nonstick Ceramic Sauté Pan – The best sauté pan for frying; 1.5 #5. Develops good fond. I know cast iron is a good go to and we have a few already. That said, a $10 joint at Smart and Final would also work just fine. I am likely going to be giving my all clad 10 inch stainless and cuisinart 3.5 quart saute pan to a family member. Saucepans. Many testers found the Brandless pan's … This is $5 over but I really like it. And also vote/submit ideas for the next item to do. Couple of scratches. T-Fal E93897 Sauté Pan – The best sauté pan with glass cover; 1.8 #8. For non-non-stick pans, I've got a couple of all clads, but I find myself using my cast iron instead of the All … If you can find these specific pieces in a set, please send me a link because I'd love to know! Otherwise the coating is very practical). The searing is very even on low flame. I also like that tri-ply base on the first one you linked, looks like it'll heat up nicely. The material and design of each piece of cookware should meet the specific purpose of that piece. Mauviel Stainless- just as perfect as all-clad, but more comfortable. Great brands are All Clad and Calfalon, but you'll need to research more on the latter because they make cheap stuff too. I have the cooks standard. Zero people will fault you for having an orange Le Creuset dutch oven and a red Tfal non stick skillet. The All-Clad D7 12" skillet is one of the best performing stainless pans money can buy. A nice cast iron skillet would be a good choice too, you just have to let that bad boy heat up. Anything fried or seared I tend to use this for, unless I need more room or it has a lot of liquid, then I use the larger saute pan. Non-stick frypans- buy aluminum DuPont teflon coated. All Clad Thomas Keller 5qt Saute(use) 11.25" D x 3.75" H, 5qts - $300 standard price, $150 factory seconds sale, $130 TJ Maxx - Stainless multi-ply, copper core. I can braise with it, fry, sear, saute, or make a large dish with a lot of sauce and reduce it better than in the taller dutch ovens. This is why you see restaurants using riveted cookwear. For non-non-stick pans, I've got a couple of all clads, but I find myself using my cast iron instead of the All-Clads. Rivetless means if that join gives out, the pan is trash. I suggest a 3 qt Windsor as your sauce pan. Also do not use any spray oils unless they do not have a chemical propellant. Cuisinart 733-24H Sauté Pan … Best Overall Pan: T-fal E76597 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid ($39.99, originally $55.95; T-fal E76597 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 10 Inch Fry Pan with … Pd a total of $90 for both. This is my vote. A 2 qt All-Clad saucier, which I prefer to a sauce pan because I think it's more versatile. Dimensions and Capacity: 3 qt. If you use a lot of tomatoes because you make a lot of Italian food you need an enameled cast iron skillet or dutch oven (or the acidity in the sauce will keep stripping your pan without the enamel). Ugh! hasnt been mentioned above but if you want to spend less than the all-clad the other options would be cuisinart multi clad pro and french classic. Just be prepared to murder anyone who approaches it with a metal utensil. I asked my parents for a set of Calphalon pots and pans for Christmas sometime around 1996. Then take note of when you wished you had a different pot -- maybe for melting chocolate or making delicate sauces. Whatever brand it is a three ply construction distributes heat more evenly. I disagree. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This nine-piece set consists of 8- and 10-inch fry pans, a 2.5-quart saucepan with cover, a 3-quart saute pan with cover, a 4-quart chef's pan and a 5-quart Dutch oven with cover. There’s so many different sets on there any opinion on which is best? This depends on piece. I've had most of my pans for many, many years, and they still look and work as new. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Other than this set I concur with the Le Creuset recommendations as well as a few good stainless pots for steaming/boiling. Best Saute Pan. The TK line of All Clad is really nice stuff. top tier USA steel and the copper core stuff is so amazing, I love my set. Are you me? I heard that the best stainless cookware is thicker at the bottom so as to make it better to evenly distribute heat. 9" is pretty small. My first two suggestions will get you better results and clean up easier. Next step up in stainless would be all clad d7 or demeyere Atlantis 7 ply. : 10.3" (18.3" with handle) x 4.75" 5 qt. I also got an 8 qt Dutch oven. About the only use case I regularly use my saute pan for is actually for poaching eggs. plenty hard, but I don't abuse them. (On the flip side, I've never had a calphalon last more than a year without it turning into a wok.). The right pans are what work well for you, on your stove type and your style of cooking. She clangs them on the gas burners like they did something to offend her. A key feature is that the copper cladding / base of the pan is very well constructed--I've never warped these pans. While I'm at it I might as well see what people on here like to use in the same price range and try to get some recommendations for other good brands or deals. I have obviously put this together over time, and I only have items I know I can use.