The chocolate cake and other fresh-baked goods pair well with Storyville’s signature blend, Prologue, which is smooth with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla. website | 1418 31st Ave S (Mt.Baker) and 124 5th Ave N (Downtown), Q.E.D. It’s smokier and has less fruit or acid notes than others, but is a solid cup of coffee (especially with milk!). It’s super smooth and sweet, leaving an after taste of molasses and caramel on your palate. Victrola is another OG roaster of some of the best Seattle coffee beans. From there he started a roasting company in Singapore before jumping ship to Australia to help a local coffee roaster there. They are owned by the same people as Cafe Hagen in SLU with the same Scandinavian hygge... 3. It’s in the middle of a artsy neighborhood off busy streets and is easy to miss. They focus on Italian-style espresso coffee. They were super quick to make our drinks” more, “Awesome coffee! The name Broadcast is a nod to the owners family history running radio stations in Idaho. My favorite coffee bean hag to take home is Tangletown (~$16). It was that bag that got me to start writing down the best coffee beans in Seattle. Robusta is easier to grow, but results in a darker flavor that some equate to rubber or burnt tires. I had to Google what “arabica” beans meant and learned that its a species of coffee beans. Access the Essex RentCafe portal for resident-only options, like paying rent and maintenance requests. Through the art of roasting, we strive to showcase the best flavors a coffee has to offer, and we are ready to show it off, one cup at a time.”. When you’re at the store, look at the roasting date when you buy beans. If you look closely this light roast coffee has a tint of red, which is fitting given it’s origin. Yes, there is a Starbucks on every corner (and their headquarters is just two miles outside of downtown Seattle), but there are also endless indie shops and roasters sprinkled throughout the greater metro area. Nearby: Lake Union, Volunteer Park, Portage Bay, Capitol Hill. If you love espresso, this small-batch Seattle coffee roaster is for you. The owner and Head Roaster, Ed Leebrick, is something of a legend in the coffee industry. My favorite bag is the Stacyas Blend (~$16), though I’ve seen it as low as $9 in grocery stores). In terms of flavor, expect a smooth palate with some spice. website | 1607 W Dravus St (Interbay) & 1309 NE 43rd St (U-District). Looking for a coffee shop that is actually open! It’s highly acidic and makes you pucker a bit compared to others, but I wouldn’t call it sour. We usually go soon after opening on the weekends, and I have nothing but good things to…” more. I’m not sure what mathematical proofs are, but I know Q.E.D. I have a cheap Kruger electric grinder (labeled coffee, so I don’t accidentally grind spices in it!). Essex is committed to the letter and spirit of all fair housing laws. While I’ve enjoyed every flavor I’ve tasted from them, one of my favorite take-home coffee bean bags is the Seattle Sunrise (~$15). Slightly | Eugene, Oregon. website | 5600 Rainier Ave S (Hillman City) | monthly subscription available. For residents living at Essex community Velo & Ray, the walk-up window is perfect when you’re looking for coffee on the go. Be wary of bags that don’t have any. Anchorhead was started by two ex-audio engineers selling cold-brewed coffee at farmers markets around Seattle. There are about 80 coffee growing countries in the world spanning four continents, each producing unique flavors based on the elevation, climate, and terroir. This Black-owned Rainier Beach coffee shop pronounced “ah-bohl” serves Ethiopian coffee. Just finished the signature blend and moving on to their Brazil single origin.” more, “Love the coffee, been filling up here for years. One of my favorite Fulcrum coffee bags is the single-origin coffee, Thailand Som Poi (~$14). Sign in to manage your tours and view your favorite apartments. Victrola Coffee Roasters. Elm Coffee Roasters. Until guided coffee tours reopen when gatherings are permitted, conduct your own taste-tests at the following local favorites that all roast their beans in-house. The coffee is asome, and the costumer service is great!” more, “ cookie was soooooo good, we had to go return and get another. The Espresso Blend has flavors of dark chocolate, caramel and blueberry, which go well in Fiore’s most popular specialty drink, the Sevilla, a mocha with orange zest. website | 230 9th Ave N (South Lake Union) and 240 2nd Ave S (Pioneer Square) | monthly subscriptions available. Umbria is a good option for people who like darker roasts, but want to try something beyond a French roast. Owner Andrew has a long track record of working in the coffee history. Seattle, WA 98112 Whenever possible, Victrola will visit the farms that … It tastes exceptional both black and with some cream. It’s the speciality at Elm Coffee … This site uses cookies to remember your preferences. We apologize, but your browser is not supported. Whether you’re a local wanting to find your go-to spot or a visitor wanting to sample the best, in the coffee mecca that is Seattle, you don’t have to walk far to find a great cup of coffee. Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Roommate, The Top 10 Places to Take Your Out of Town Guests in Seattle, WA, Explore our apartments in the Pacific Northwest. Thin Man Roasting is honestly one of the most elusive coffee roasters in Seattle. This Black-owned cafe in south Seattle serves super small-batch beans from Ethiopia alongside spices, meals, and my beloved wine. So pin this coffee guide for later! There’s absolutely no smokiness or bitterness, so this Seattle coffee is perfect for those who hate dark roasts. I recently tried their Colombia La Primavera Huila coffee ($17) and immediately understood why they say on their website they focus on balance. He started as a barista in Seattle before working alongside coffee growers in Ethiopia. The flavor profile changes from some acid and fig at the start to cocoa at the end. The Finca El Arrollo beans (~$17.50) I tried recently from Guatemala was incredibly smooth. is a micro roaster that focuses on the craft and geekery around coffee roasting. Black-Owned Businesses in the Greater Seattle area, Vegetarian delivery and takeout in Seattle. They focus on beans best brewed by the pour-over method, but I use a French press and their beans are still phenomenal. The Best Coffee Beans in Seattle Onda Origins. By clicking submit, you agree to Essex’s Terms & Conditions. Hell, most purist say don’t even use milk or cream. I remember buying a bag a long time ago, but can’t remember if I enjoyed it. It’s staff is also a dream: I worked with them to host a public cupping and latte art work event to learn how to taste coffee. Stamp Act is a super small micro roaster in Seattle without a cafe. Fundamental should probably be your go-to coffee roaster if you love dark, French roasts. Hearing them talk about tasting hundreds of cups, like, a week and trying to mimic their difficult technique for properly tasting coffee was humbling. I learned of it from The Corson Building’s newsletter. I'll definitely be back” more, “i don't understand the negative customer service remarks, maybe it's the day or time of day. At Victrola’s Pike Street roastery, roast master Perry Hook holds public cuppings to … My assumption is that a lot of the shitty coffee I tried growing up used these latter beans, which made me think I hated coffee. If you’re a history buff, you’ll recognize the name. Their roastery is located in Ballard near some of the best Seattle breweries, but they don’t have a cafe. Lighthouse Roasters is a specialty coffee roasters and boutique cafe from Seattle. It wasn’t as pronounced as other coffees I’ve had, which is perfect for those times you just want a no-fuss cup of coffee you can rely on. Explore our apartments in the Pacific Northwest and learn more about current leasing or move-in specials. That’s because I’ve always used a French press, and still do daily to this day. If you like something” more, “Love this location. This is another popular Seattle coffee shop for spending hours while you use their wifi and sip coffee. Fascinated, I bought a bag. In the back of their coffee shop, Lighthouse roasts its various blends and origin-specific coffees daily.