Why It Worked: With one of the biggest pools of consumers under their belt, Apple leveraged user-generated content to celebrate their technology in creative and visual ways. But it’s far from fluff; the campaign accomplishes a variety of practical goals in a totally original and memorable way. Singing #BeOurGuest with the one and only @joshgad! This quickly made the hashtag go viral as people shared their creative and personal posts with the website soon reaping over 10.8 million visits. Are you just going to sit and watch this happen Queso Diablo fans? . Wix froze a football in a block of ice and then melted it. Fans were asked to make a 30-second ad for Pepsi. KFC rewarded the man behind the tweet with a custom painting and 52 gift cards. Each day we'll be unveiling a new "Daily Deal" that will only be available for 24... Posted by State Bicycle Co. on Thursday, November 30, 2017. Luckily, there are very few brands that put themselves through that hardship. Blizzard warning tomorrow? Always review every post and make sure it stays on point with messaging. The creator of the wining flavor received $5,000. Showing your friends your listening habits is a unique way to show your personality and Spotify recognized that. These are designed to be shareable to encourage high levels of engagement and amplification. Players took to the streets dressed as the Joker, the movie's villain, and campaigned for a new mayor of Gotham City. Before you posted, you could generate a Challenge Code URL to track your challenge post’s influence. You don’t need to invent a tweeting bra to create a great social media campaign. The 12 Days of State Sale has begun! }. What was this campaign about? Noticing their audience was most engaged when voicing their own experiences, the brand really tapped into this idea and ran with it. What does your audience want to achieve or accomplish on Pinterest (make sure this relates to your product). Hence, the key to success is social marketing campaigns. Do you need to improve the return on your marketing investment? The heart of their campaign was about solving an everyday problem that their users were experiencing. “Sometimes you just have to put stuff out into the universe and cross your fingers that the internet will work its magic.”. and was spread far and wide across the internet thanks to the huge followings of the celebrities that rolled up their sleeves and got involved. could be one of our models, head to the blog. That kind of authenticity is hard to beat. This is considered the best-ever social media campaign and one of the first viral marketing efforts. This annual holiday delight has no signs of disappearing anytime soon. } The beverage made the risky move of having its Facebook fan page double as the brand's official website. Food, no matter the differences, people have one thing in common, they love food. The bright red uniforms of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are just one point away on Pantone’s color scale. The strongest predictors of success with goals, strategy, & more. } var cookie = document.cookie.split(';'); This one can be considered one of the best social media marketing campaigns in India because it involved active participation from enthusiasts as well as Mahindra loyalists. This is one of the best social media campaigns ever and not just in recent times. Applebees used their Instagram account to share fan generated content with the hashtag #fantographer. Engaged followers use a variety of platforms — from Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, Twitter and TikTok — to qualify brands’ trustworthiness and find community. This helped boost the meme’s popularity even further. People saw the weird billboards, took a picture, and posted it on social media. By making it easy to find and shop on Pinterest, TOK&STOK was able to help close the sale, and Pinterest could show off its shoppable pins. This is a great example of how to advertise effectively on social media, even if it’s not through paid ads through a popular platform. Develop a hashtag or series of hashtags that identifies your brand or organization. The Getty’s initial posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram came shortly after the challenge started taking off. Awareness spread rapidly from participants to their Facebook friends. How can I do this? After McDonalds Tweeted placeholder copy, Wendy’s were ready with their axes sharpened: This sparring between two fast food mega-giants only serves to humanize the brands. Okay, let’s be honest here for a second. You see, late last year, the brand started following just eleven people on Twitter: the five original Spice Girls and six guys named herb. #tweetingbra, — TweetingBra (@tweetingbra) December 1, 2013. The campaign won a 2010 Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes. After this Easter egg joke about their famous recipe was discovered, the tweet went viral and was shared hundreds of thousands of times. if(!gclsrc || gclsrc.indexOf('aw') !== -1){ A post shared by World Health Organization (@who) on Aug 2, 2020 at 3:16am PDT. What was this campaign about: Kotex chose 50 inspiring women to receive personalized gifts from Kotex. We’ve seen a dramatic rise in video content on Facebook for the past couple of years. var n = name + "="; Choose a charity or event to send a portion of your proceeds to. In fact, 78% of businesses have teams that work solely on branding and marketing through social media. It came in the form of the #GoGustoRides. Creativity, each campaign is having some of their own creative part which has attracted a lot of audience. Especially live video. Why did this campaign work? CMO Lucas Watson said the aim was to humanize the brand’s story by using the tale of a flower shop owner – something that its self-employed audience could relate to. And for Kellogg’s, the opportunity to promote their waffles was a no-brainer. In 2017, Spotify unveiled a quirky-looking site that gave personalized statistics garnered from your listening data. 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