Weber Q2200 Review: What to Know About This Portable Grill. They groom the roads for over-snow transportation of vehicles with snow trends which include snow coaches and snowmobiles. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); One thing you should always consider doing when visiting in the winter, is a snowmobile tour. Another great time for photographers, since animals are easier to spot against the snow. ), Gardiner | North Entrance: If you'd like to avoid snow completely, then don't visit before May/June. If you focus on wildlife viewing as well as other main sights, Yellowstone experts recommend the following three locations: West Yellowstone | West Entrance: Hike a couple of miles from the busy tourist areas/roads, your chances of spotting other wildlife increases a lot. Safety always comes first, so before we get into the best time to visit Yellowstone for wildlife watching, we have some rules and tips for you to follow. //-->. Copyright © 2020 brainmelt. Curious to watch for long spans of time as they continue their daily life without noticing our presence. It’s also when bears are coming down from the mountains. Quote from a reader's review: 'I felt like I was back in Yellowstone. - Mt. Full Day Snowmobile Tour from Jackson Hole, Inn on The Creek (via with price guarantee), Yellowstone National Park Map with Mileage, Best Hotels - Lodging Yellowstone Gardiner, Best Hotels - Lodging Yellowstone Cooke City. There are 67 species of mammals including 7 species of native ungulates and 2 species of bears, nearly 300 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 5 species of amphibians, and 5 species of reptiles. That’s it for our guide, but you can also get more information by checking out the National Park Service’s website. But still, visitors often report bear sightings throughout June. Season and weather affect which animals will be out and about. First, we wanted to choose times when you’d see the most diverse types of wildlife. We also recommend bug spray. Everyone has heard of Yellowstone National Park – it’s one of the most famous nature reserves in the United States. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top […] ), Cooke City | Northeast Entrance: If you love wildlife then you have to visit Yellowstone National Park but you might ask ‘when should I visit’ and here are my thoughts on this subject. North Entrance: Bighorn sheep, bison, elk, pronghorn. Rental Car Deals & Hotel Deals: For a rental car the best choice nowadays is They offer the lowest rates for Alamo, Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis etc. Whether it’s because of school breaks or just that’s what seems normal let me tell you that July and August are the worst times to visit Yellowstone. Elk rut throughout September. We're here to help. - Moose can be hard to find, but best bets are near the south entrance/Bechler area, northeast area and north of west thumb area. By this time of summer, the wildlife has moved more into the deeps of the park far away from the roads and those roads have filled up with people … way too many people. In the fall, it is possible to view the elk rut in Yellowstone. However, Lamar has it all. })(document, 'script', '//'); It's also less crowded. October earns 4.5 out of 5 stars as the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park. All rights reserved. Also a good time to spot wolves and grizzly bears. The sheer size of the park makes driving times longer to get from one point to another. From West Yellowstone, you drive to Gardiner and cover the Northwest Side, including major sights in the area like Mammoth Hot Springs. The best ways to view wildlife in May are fishing and hiking. Your email address will not be published. While driving through a valley, stop whenever you see a bunch of people looking through their binoculars or scopes. Don't just look for wildlife, close your eyes and listen to all natural ambient noises around you. But if you visit in summer plan on not seeing all these as the parking lots simply can’t handle the number of cars circling for a spot. It's extremely valuable to stop by ranger stations to find out the recent animal sightings and whenever you spot a ranger, get perspective from each of them. It's hard to find a bad month. And that's why we chose it as the third area: You'll see some fascinating thermal activity as well as wildlife. Thanks for the Mt. Visitor wise it gets slightly less busy in September after Labor Day weekend. However, it's still busy, even more so on weekends. That's important to know if you go hiking. Also, another universal tip to keep in mind is that - due to Yellowstone crowds in certain hot spots - if you just hike a couple of miles from the tourist areas/roads, your chances of spotting wildlife greatly increases. However, unlike in Lamar Valley no pronghorn or bighorn sheep can be seen. For those curious to see what Yellowstone has to offer all year round, check out the Seasonal Highlights page from the National Park Service website. This section is not in chronological order, as the season doesn’t necessarily indicate how much wildlife you’ll get to see. During the summer of 2005 our entire family took a trip out west to see our great national parks.