Anna Hudson complains in her Big Boss Oil-less Fryer review that it does not cook. A: Just spray a fine mist of oil using the included mister bottle. Used it once and after eating some chicken wings and fries, I notice that there was a chemical taste and thought it was just from overcooking. on feb 25 turned it on and the heat lights went poof and wont heat up. The thaw setting is 375. I had the same issues with mine and have not been able to get in contact with anyone to return it and they don’t return calls even if you leave a message. The chicken stays moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Then settle for using your oven and stove to cook. I asked it I could pay to get it fixed, and was told No, I would just have to buy a new one. The next day the light went out and it wouldn’t work. I like that it cooks very well, after a learning curve and is so easy to clean. I recently made seasoned chicken breast and they were incredibly juicy not dry like I expected them to be. The Fryer contains combination of halogen which makes the outer layer cook brown and crisp, convection and infrared heating which cooks the inner layer evenly keeping the food moist and delicious. I got my Big Boss Oil Less Fryer at Walmart and I haven’t had a problem with it at all. Have you contacted the phone number at the bottom of the big boss website – 877-772-8523 ?? I put in one more batch, when the timer went off I noticed a black gook that dripped from the top. Then the person came who gave me the gift and so I took it out so that I could use it in front of them. You think if your selling an item the company would be more accessible to take care of these problem but apparently not. After some use am getting it figured out and have had some darn good food. Thanks. The bowl cracked and they sent me a whole new unit ! Sounds like I missed out on a baaaaad deal . And there isn’t any way to open the unit check the issue/ nor to install the switch if you actually had one to install. It is the same with the chicken. Reviews on the Flavourwave are quite a bit better compared to what I read above about Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. A: It says it’s 16 quarts. Nothing cooks faster in this machine and it does not self clean either. No problem with using misto or Pam spray. Its probably easier to bake it all in my over or toaster oven and it might cook faster than it did in the Big Boss. I need a new top piece please. Well now there is a way by using the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. I cook pork Chops in it and they came out nice and juicy the french fries cooked fine everything I’ve cooked in it so far came out good don’t understand why all the bad reviews. If you are oven-frying the chicken you want it on top rack, I watch it pretty carefully and if it shows signs of burning I turn it. Works Great for me!!! Be nice if the appliance didn’t bottom out after only four months. Hamburger 1/4 lb. If you used a Visa card and I think MC also does this, you need to call them and protest the charge! I tried making french fries with the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. The advertizement says cook from frozen, but after reading the instructions they do not recommend because it changes the integrity of the food…..My biggest mistake was not checking the reviews or asking about their return policy. For customer service, please call 1-866-772-8523 between the hours of 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST. When you press the handle down it is supposed to turn the unit on but the little square hole where the switch is supposed to stick out to be depressed by lowering the handle is empty. the light seems to be rather delicate sometimes, but they stand behind their warranty and they sent me a mailing label and after they received my unit they sent me another…even though after I sent it I had forgotten to send a couple small items…oops. Every product has some problem, none are perfect but you usually can make them work satisfactorily. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pork Butt Roast in it and it was wonderful ! Madeline Simmons – a Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer user complains that if you look at the recipe book and the box you will see they show chicken on the bottom and French fries on the top rack; however, you cannot cook these together because the chicken is cooked at 375 degrees and the French fries at 450 degrees. This is the only site where I could find some reviews of Big Boss Oil-less Fryer and they were helpful. The cooking times by the book are a little less than they should be especially for fries. Can’t tell you about the steak as I am doing it tonight! Started it up.. and the fan made a horrible clanking noise.. Going to keep on experimenting. Chicken,pork chops,ribs steaks I’ve cooked everything with it. If you find your food burning then you may have it too high on the rack. I was lucky I only paid $15 for mine. Glad I called. Got it today I made pork chops they turned out great. and if I marinated steak and cooked it which rack? When I removed this substance, it hardened up like a rock. I didnt like the way the freshly made french fries tasted. I use it a LOT!! The customer service number also has an operator option that went to voicemail. Thanks to all of your reviews i wont have to go through what you have had to contend with so thanks and good luck. I called and was unable to talk with someone. I do my chicken first on the bottom rack and when it is just about done I put the fries in the mesh basket with a little spritz of oil and salt and they cook quite quickly. The customer service number is 866-772-8523 and they are open 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri Eastern Standard Time. A: No, just glass and metal racks. LOVE IT. The customer service number is a recording that gives customer service numbers to a variety of other products but, not The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. My wife was cooking chicken in the oil less fryer. But I use a meat thermometer to check it – can see juice flowing from that as well. Save your money, the product doesn’t work!!!! I was given a BIG BOSS Oil-Less Fryer for a gift. Order today and you will receive the Big Boss™ Oil-Less Fryer for 4 easy payments of $19.95, plus FREE Shipping. Awful. Good luck, good eating! I find that the temp and cooking times in the book are more of a guide line. I love my Big Boss. Mine came without the instructions and a oil spritzer bottle, I called the company left a message a week ago but have not heard anything back. Especially excellent with chicken recipes. Demand a refund, and don’t let them walk all over you. Obviously I am returning this but I am very concerned with what happened and what could be in our bodies since we were eating foods prior to me noticing the black substance. Tried making french fries – didn’t cook and potatoes turned brown/black. In case you need to repair the air fryer, you should better send it to the customer service center. Thanks for the reviews we were thinking of getting one but after reading these reviews we sure aren’t going to buy one. Thanks, but no thanks! I bought the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer to bake french fries and other foods and not use as much salt. And their CS Rep cannot even find the product “Big Boss Oiless Fryer” in her product catalogue!! They just take my money, and do nothing!! I purchased the Big Boss Oil Less Fryer just last week. The fan never did come on. Just got mine yesterday and used it to make a pork roast.