Now everything I have ever learnt about skating a box jump didn’t work on this scale. 12:34. It is such a beast! These videos have inspired many generations, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The new location is unknown but is gonna be in the same city. It was a single 6.3m (21') tall vert quarter pipe ramp, with no roll-in ramp, from which Mat would launch and air after being towed into at speed by a motorcycle. It makes the surface very smooth and forgiving when you crash and slide out. Once I worked it out it was so much fun and the best feeling ever! (added Sept 30, 2019 by Adam Varney) KONA skatepark in Jacksonville, Since the late 70s they have their original concrete vert Elliot Sloan / Rockstar vert ramp near San Diego, Evando Mancha's vert ramp near San Diego: [, Richmond (San Francisco Bay Area) indoor vert ramp, The Glow Ramp/Vert Jungle: Pismo Beach outdoor vert ramp owend by In 2005, Way used a MegaRamp again to jump the Great Wall of China and became the first person to jump the wall without the help of a motor vehicle and land successfully. The most common ramp setup, used as well by MegaRamp, is a sequence of three mega ramp sections; a roll-in, a gap jump, and a vert quarter pipe. “And for 3rd place Gerard” I couldn’t believe it! Located at Rainbow Roller Rink in North Mat later went on to build a full vert half-pipe ramp with similar dimensions, including a 12m high roll-in ramp from the top of the roof of his warehouse.[3]. I believe the specs are 8 1/2’ transition with 18” vert because has published a photo gallery with pix of the new monster ramp in Copenhagen. You don’t want to over rotate your spin. and vert ramp. 6 years ago. Nigel wanted to skate the Mega Ramp, but when he saw it in person, decided to just try the vert ramp and will train for the Mega. The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984) 2. I got the camera out to film the prize presentation, and they announced the best trick comp first. The name distinguishes a second generation of ramps which became increasingly popular during the 1990s-2000s transition years. In honor of their legacy and to inspire future generations. It was built In 2006, professional Bob Burnquist built a skateboard ramp in his backyard. 18' wide. Oak, Michigan has a 13' Indoor vert ramp, Midrand, South Africa, The first such giant ramp structure was conceived and built by BMX freestyler Mathew "Mat" Hoffman in his Oklahoma home backyard between 1991 and 1992. And I didn’t have to fly to America to tick it off my bucket list ☺. A 60-foot tall megaramp is located at the home of professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist.[1][2]. Thanks for reading my work! I was so excited when I finally got to tick it off! Ramps » The biggest and gnarliest vert ramp in Europe Countdown to Xmas, Martin Willners style Some people never grow old – El Gato 50th birthday bash : The biggest and gnarliest vert ramp in Europe Ramps, Skateboard, Skatepark, Skatepark in Denmark Add comments. The old ramp: Rye Airfield: nearly exact replica of what you would find on the Dew Now the mega ramp has been number one on my bucket list for so long now. The worlds largest skatepark happens to be the SMP skatepark in Shanghai, China. But I had to push through it to be able to session this ramp. dimensions. CJ's Skatepark and School, Toronto, ON. They have the world's oldest indoor skatepark and vert ramp. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The current Guinness world record holder for the most 360-degree spins is Richy Carrasco, who completed 142 consecutive spins. If you know of one (public or private) that is not listed, email, Jeff Grosso writes about vert ramps in Thrasher The finals were done and we were all sweaty and a bit sun burnt. 5' Channel Surfaced with Gator Skins, 5' x 12' sheets, 1/16th I didn’t get to see what the other guys sent over the gap. (added July 14, 2019 by Paul Keeffe) Mount Trashmore skatepark in Houston Vert Ramp: 13' x 60' G-Ramp, 2' of Vert, 18' Roll-ins and a There is six roll in points to hit the three kickers. There's a 20' wide 11' vert getting up in age and im not sure how this place can be revamped and Tour - 60′ wide, 12′ tranny, 2′ of vert, 22′ tall x 5′ wide roll-ins on Enjoy! I guess slow and steady won the race. There is a Vert Ramp It boosts you straight up and not out. If you ever want to have a go at the Mega Ramp in Australia, get in contact with the Mega Ranch HERE! It was introduced again and was officially called the MegaRamp in the 2003 DC Shoes video release "The DC Video", where Way set two world records in the same run - Longest jump (75 ft) and highest air (23.5 ft). Colin Ruloff writes about skating vert ramps at 50. My one goal was to 360 a mega ramp. "The ramp is 13 feet tall, 60 feet wide. I wanted to save myself so I could session the mega ramp with everyone! The "Texas Ramp" in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1989-1991: 24' wide, 1. To start off with there is a competition area, with seating for up to 5,000 people. Related Videos. When you hit the lip of the kicker you have to slow your rotation down so much because you are in the air for around three seconds. Formally known as "keyholders ramp". INDESTRUCTIBLE SKATE SHOES VS POWER SAW! And the biggest roll in’s have some vert extensions you can add to get that extra speed. In 2012, Tom Schaar used a mega ramp to land the first-ever 1080, breaking Tony Hawk ’s record 900 (landed on a vert ramp) set in 1999. Not sure of the in Mexico city; it is the one from X-Games Mexico, Modern Skate Park in Royal I wasnt expecting that at all, as I was just playing around with 360’s. (submitted by Brad Sparks, Sept 2018) There is a Vert Ramp in Mexico city; it is the one from X-Games Mexico (submitted by Diego Soto, Nov 2016). Side view of the ramp. There is a vert ramp half pipe that is over 17 feet long. The people who own the park are The Mega Ranch is home to one of only three Mega Ramps in the world. a face lift and is now sheeted in a skatelite product made in oz One of today’s best vert skaters, Elliot Sloan, credits Hawk’s successful 900 with getting him into vert. That is incredible, that is one of the biggest vert ramps ever made. A vert ramp is a form of half-pipe used in extreme sports such as vert skating, vert skateboarding and vert BMX.. Vert ramps are so named because they transition from a horizontal plane (known as the flat-bottom) to a vertical section on top. This vert quarter pipe is 28ft high, the biggest vert ramp in the Southern Hemisphere. There are plenty of bowls in this park, 4 different sections actually. of flat, and 48' wide. I had already taken my pads and skates off and was talking to the owner of the Mega Ranch when they called my name out. We all faced our fears on this ramp. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to skate a Mega Ramp, better yet that it was in Australia! I said to the guys my only goal was to 360 the gap. There is a 9 foot almost vert ramp as well. You could see his training on this beast had paid off. There are 2 video screens. Bristol, Connecticut. China has been pushing the limits with a lot of things lately. My session just happened to take place at the same time the first Rollerblade competition was being held at a Mega Ramp in Australia! As soon as I landed I had to get back up the top to skate again. either end of one side, Skatelite Pro surface, Philadelphia FDR park: 12' steel vert ramp under a bridge; totally But it's not just any skate ramp ... the $280,000 mega ramp is 8-story tall and longer than a football field! wall, and much more! Private Horse Ramp in Ohio. So it was terrifying to be headed at the beast of a ramp at around 50 km/h. 32 years this place has been around. Robert Beaudoin -- 13' (11' radius, 2' vert) [, Tom Schaar's backyard vert ramp somewhere in the LA area [. There is a vert ramp half pipe that is over 17 feet long. In such way, in 1992 Mat set the Freestyle BMX air record at approximately 7.05m (23.5'). The second section can be a gap jump, or a quarter pipe, though the gap jump option has become the most popular setup. in 1990 and it’s 10’ high by 32’ wide with a 6” extension on one In 2007 Jake Brown fell 45 feet to the bottom of the ramp. 32 years this place has been around. The smallest kicker send you around 10 meters over the gap. Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. Huge thanks to Bob Burnquist and his team for the invite! The speed you get from dropping in on the roll in and the sound of the air whistling past your ears is like nothing else. There was 11 competitors all up in the mega comp and we had two heats with four runs each. tranny 1 1/2' vert. That is incredible, that is one of the biggest vert ramps ever made. Daredevils can take their turns going over-vert, or trying to complete a full loop in this amazing section of the mondo bowl. The first attempt I had, I over rotated and landed side ways on the down ramp on my hip. 9 1/2' This ramp no longer exists; the last time I - 10’ tall, 16’flat, 9’ transitions. The anxiety leading up to comp was very full on. So I padded up, strapped on my skates and headed back up the top to do another three lot’s of 360’s ha ha. [4] After one practice attempt, he landed the jump across the gap over the Wall four times in front of a crowd of Chinese dignitaries and officials, along with his family, friends, and thousands of locals.[5][6].