Jesus in His prison on the cross, one was lost; one was saved. Pretty is as pretty does. That's right. Said, "I set a queen, have need of nothing and don't know that you're naked, and miserable, blind, poor, and don't know it." And then after that this little fellow, a Baptist brother, and I think he's some relative to a movie star. Your email address will not be published. Brothers, we are here. Look, coming down through even to the reformation, like the--the Roman Catholic church burnt Joan of Arc to a stake for being a witch. He picked up on the heart of God—that it was time for the rain to be released. 19-1 That's how He knowed what was in their hearts. I run an international business from home, am a best-selling author, am passionate about my faith, I adore my family, have fun entertaining my friends and absolutely love all things fashion and for the home! I just thought, "Of all my labor and all that I've done and everything that we ministers have worked together..." And, brethren, I don't know how much you believe about these visions, but it's Truth to me; it's always proved to be true. It's water: justification by faith, believing on God, receiving Him as your personal Saviour, and being baptized; second is sanctification of the Spirit, that God cleanses the spirit from all elements of the world and the desire of the world; and then the Holy Spirit comes in and gives new birth and fills up that sanctified vessel. is hewn down and cast into the fire"--made firewood out of it. I could quote it for you. She had birth pains at his Message. God bless Brother Shakarian. I might've got marked down here on my text something wrong. Now, we find that rain which brings forth fruit upon the earth, "It's borned," as the poet said, "in the fields of thunder, in a ragged, jagged sky." That just makes the real one shine. Amen. This in itself is that which will give and make come to pass their tremendous victory in love Divine. They received a messenger, and that messenger... What was the great, outstanding thing He done to show that they was at the end time? "If you just won't preach against this and that, well you can join in our group," not John. "�? He said, "Isn't it written in your laws that you call those who the Word of God came to gods (the prophets), and they were, then how can you condemn Me when I say I am the Son of God?" But we just--we're not fixed here for that: to bring a prayer line. He times the pains, how close they are together and how much more terrific each one gets. G-r-a-h-a-m, look what he's doing--preaching the Word, blinding the outsiders, calling, "Come out," a messenger from God. Elijah immediately went into a "birthing position" and began to call on Heaven and decree rain in the land. Jeremiah 29:11 says… After the birth pains come, instead of going on with the Word, they got a bunch of men together just like the first one did. You--you just simply have to get away from the old shell. She's in the worst stage; she's the rottenness she ever was. And he said, Here am I. I feel good this a-way. There have been many times of despair where you have longed even for just a glimmer of God’s hope. Danny's just left the Holy Land. But the One that was with the group that was pulled out done a miracle before Abraham to show that Who He was, and was with Abraham. Here comes Joseph and them coming in with this little Baby. Said, "I'm going to visit you according to the time of life, that I made you a promise." 32-4 And when they passed by, they had to hold it like this and put the paper behind them when they passed by. Now is the time of birthing! You may have looked around and felt like there were no signs of destiny forming anywhere around you, but massive Kingdom growth has been happening in your life. Additionally, the ten men who had given the bad report were struck down and died of a plague before the Lord (Numbers 14:37). I said, "I preached the same Word he did. However, immediately God thrust Joseph into a turbulent season where he would be tested and transformed into the person he needed to be in order to fulfill this great destiny. All right. Your leg is healed. Where would I get my meal? After that it got in trouble again, so it brought forth a Wesley. KEEP PRESSING ON–It’s your choice to allow the struggle to strengthen you, and to allow your tough times to become a testimony of how things “turned around”! However it comes, God's glory comes upon you and implants a seed of destiny and promise within you. Just be real reverent. That goes to show that there is a tree somewhere that doesn't die, because it's a--it's crying out for something. 15-3 The First World War showed great pain--birth pains. But in order to get life in the baby, you've got to give him a spanking and make him yell out. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us." The only Interpreter we have is the Spirit. He's full-blooded Frenchman. Just closing now, I want to say this one thing, just before closing.