Call 1-800-262-BLUE (2583) to see if video doctor visits are included in your plan. Sam, pay less upfront for certain services and has a lower deductible, but pays more per paycheck (compared to the PPO plan). Here's a hypothetical example using an HMO plan in an everyday situation. These expenses were applied toward the deductible. and Estimate Costs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association New and improved! Sam still pays the $20 copay to see the doctor but no longer pays for lab work. h�b```c``u``e`(�ef@ a��%�6���V��`� ���p��NOb����jqY �L�P�;�t���V���k�̼"���&5n�me�l�&�|�e�`��Ac0K�� ��8 fs@����kh���@�A��[ �*�EB��v�`oc\�xP�u����x������"{�68Ld� |hx�La�������hN��M�A�L(�f��dž"��@��7 BnD� endstream endobj 358 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[50 274]/Length 31/Size 324/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. BAA !KOHWIINDZIN DOO&G&: Din4 k’ehj7 y1n7[t’i’go saad bee y1t’i’ 47 t’11j77k’e bee n7k1’a’doowo[go 47 n1’ahoot’i’. Should this information change or should unforeseen services arise out of the proposed admission, procedure, or service, the actual amount you will be responsible for may vary. Please note that in some cases these additional costs can be quite high, and you may be financially responsible for them depending on your health plan benefits. : Nếu quý vị n.i Tiếng Việt, c.c dịch vụ hỗ trợ ng.n ngữ được cung cấp cho quý vị miễn ph.. Gọi cho Dịch vụ Hội vi.n theo số tr.n thẻ ID của quý vị Cuộc gọi 1-800-472-2689 (TTY: 711 ). Here's a hypothetical example using a PPO plan in an everyday situation. Use the tools below to see your costs for certain hospitals, plans, or treatments: Coverage Advisor SM' Provided by WebMD. 0000002205 00000 n 0000043046 00000 n You're on the go. 0000014391 00000 n /*-->*/. ® Registered Marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Estimates are based on the information provided to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and medical information available at the time the estimate is requested. ® Registered Marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Call 1-888-247-BLUE . For example, the amount applied toward a member's deductible or out of pocket maximum may change. Visit the Coronavirus Resource Center. Rele nimewo Sèvis Manm nan ki sou kat Idantitifkasyon w lan (Sèvis pou Malantandan Rele 1-800-472-2689 TTY: 711 ). 0000002967 00000 n The quality of health care services you receive can be different depending on the hospital or doctor's office you choose. At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we use approximately 90 cents of every premium dollar we receive to pay for health care services for our members. In addition, cost estimates may not include costs associated with additional services beyond the specific service identified in the estimate (for example, lab tests and x-rays performed before or after a specific medical procedure may not be included in the estimate). */. In these cases, it is important that you understand what medical care actually costs before you get care. BCBS of Massachusetts does not guarantee that services will be available or will be of any particular quality or cost. 0000015808 00000 n In some cases you can be responsible for a percentage of the actual cost of care—either a deductible or co-insurance. Tawagan ang Mga Serbisyo sa Miyembro sa numerong nasa iyong ID Card tumawag 1-800-472-2689 (TTY: 711 ). With just about every health plan, you have a share of costs to pay when you get care. These terms of use are an agreement between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, their members and all users of the site. Cost estimates reflect average amounts paid to providers for services; they are not intended to reflect your out of pocket cost. 0000036831 00000 n For HMO Blue New England members, no cost data is available for health care providers outside of Massachusetts. 0000006717 00000 n Call 1-800-472-2689 (TTY: 711). trailer <<3C249C8D78B44888913B79AF256C9962>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 64 0 obj <>stream 0000043450 00000 n Although we make every effort to keep this information current, estimates are subject to change. Health & Wellness. After Sam reaches the. After some tests and blood work, the provider diagnoses Sam with strep throat, and prescribes an antibiotic. お知らせ:日本語をお話しになる方は無料の言語アシスタンスサービスをご利用いただけます。ID カードに記載の電話番号を使用してメンバーサービスまでお電話ください 呼び出す 1-800-472-2689(TTY: 711 )。.