Where did you get that from? It's one of Superman's most underrated abilities and it usually allows him to have a good look at the state of things before going berserk. Be it in the sky or on the ground, Superman is incredibly fast and while Vegeta is quite fast himself, he is not at the level of the Man of Steel. RELATED: 5 Powerful Anime Characters Vegeta Super Saiyan God Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn't). If Sentry's power sources are sun based, should be able to drain some from Superman I'd think. @reaverlation: Tanking being punched with the force of a planet. Dusk_Pikachu 5 mo 27 d . So when did you start your middle name posts in the battle forums? " One gram of anti-matter contains the same energy as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Clark being able to casually blitz fast characters like Wonder Woman, Amazo and Eobard Thawne. 0. Fight takes place on a moon of Jupiter that's uninhabited. It turns out, he isn't and while it is a surprise, Superman has always relied on his dangerous superpowers and freakish strength to get the job done. @killerwasp: By feats those three >>> Hyperion, and Supes >> WW. Superman stomps. Superman's source of power is the Sun. Fight takes place on a moon of Jupiter that's uninhabited. Superman and Vegeta are two of them and while they are completely different personalities, both of them share a similar passion; the need to get stronger. It is the Man of Steel's ability to produce lasers out of his eyes and these can easily rip through many mortal bodies. NEXT: 10 Marvel Supervillains Stronger Than Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. If Superman is able to absorb enough solar energy, he can release every ounce of it in one go. Hence why he claims, he's essentially punching him with the planet... Not that the claw is an actual planetary weapon. ". Scans please. I don't know why the Blue Marvel side keeps saying he wrecked Sentry or is above Sentry, when Sentry was wrecking him in the begging until he knocked him into space but when Sentry bull rushed him to the ground from space he couldn't even continue. @thebestofthebest: I'm aware of that I was just posting scans from the instance. @reaverlation: tanking punches and fighting Hyperion and sentry are threats to supes considering 1 this isn't bloodlusted no morals supes this is just regular supes and it could be bfr or to the K O. How do you guys think Blue Marvel would do in a knock down dragout against DC's golden boy Superman. But as a character I like him way better than SM already. " i'm gonna post in this old just to put it out there that Blue Marvel is a human ANTI-MATTER generator. Nuclear fission releases energy with 1.5% efficiency; anti-matter releases energy with 100% efficiency. So even if Superman is on top of the fight, he would be wise to end it quickly because if Vegeta is given enough time, he will definitely become stronger than Super Saiyan Blue. And on top of that, it renders Superman powerless for quite a while. Unfortunately for the Saiyan Prince, the Super Saiyan Blue form wouldn't be enough. For what possible reason? There's always an additional factor that opponents should consider when they are battling Saiyans. Superman would wrecks he displays a superior striking force, speed, stamina, durability... etc. Superman is always in an advantageous position against an opponent he hasn't faced before. Forum Posts. The creator of the Blue Marvel, Kevin Grievoux, indicated the Blue Marvel to be above Superman in strength, but less than Thor. We need to see more from BM to be for or against him in this battle. BM is.Facing someone on that level won't make you exactly the same tier. Anti-matter is is the same as normal matter except that the sub-atomic particles are the opposite charge. The_Mother_Focker 5 mo 1 d . 0. ThorMathews 4 mo 21 d . The Blue Marvel's source of power is the energy released from anti-matter. One droplet could power New York City for a full day. It's one of his biggest weaknesses and one of his strengths as the Sun is always there to give him limitless stamina. So much so that some of his moves are almost invisible to the naked eye. Superman prime and dealing with his own powers is only really the at the very top of high top tier,just like king hyperion,anti-matter man and blue marvel. Wonder Woman is in the same league as supes because she fought supes and it was made clear just like other fights that they can hang with each other period lol. Hyperion fighting Gladiator does not make him on the same tier. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He needs solar energy to keep himself up and about.