It comes with one table-mounting clamp and adjustable positioning screw that allows you to easily clip it on the desktop that has around 2.15″ thickness. The body of the RODE PSA1 boom arm is made of metal, so it is very solid and sturdy. The dual-axis swivel mount is quite useful and convenient to position the microphone around the corner of the desk. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

streaming. Microphone Stand for Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro with Mic Windscreen and Double layered screen Pop Filter Heavy Duty Boom Scissor Arm Stands,Broadcasting and Recording. Can hold up to 2.4 lbs and has cable management grooves. It’s a high-quality mic stand that is ascetically pleasing because it provides hidden cable management. This stand comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The microphone can also be folded down for easy portability, or removed completely from its base for mounting directly on a mic stand or Radius II shockmount. All that’s being said, is not to be too hasty. OK, this is a no brainer but a factor easily forgotten while being too eager of buying your mic stand. It’s a quality mic stand that is well made. We are certain that one of the best mic stand for Blue Yeti contenders will fit every need for your project. The overall price range of the best mic stand for Blue Yeti ranges from around $14.00 all the way up to over $120.00. This boom arm can be readily used in a variety of applications such as in broadcasting, game streaming, voice-over productions, and podcasting. Well, there’s a flaw, and that’s lining up the inside spacers… a simple task made tricky. InnoGear make a few microphone stand versions, but this one has built-in springs concealed giving it a far more modern sleek look. The desk mount clamp is much more sturdy than many others.

Blue Yeti is a side address mic, which picks up audio from the sides of the receiver and not the top. Here are some reason for poor audio quality (hint, it’s your stand). InnoGear Microphone Suspension Mic stand is an upgraded desk mount that is built with anti-scratch pad technology and comes with a wider mouth that could easily fit into 2″-thick desktop. Why You Might Consider Replacing The Original Yeti Mic Stand? Depending on the features that are important to you, a higher priced option may be your best bet. This is one of the most popular best mic stand for Blue Yeti candidates. It can be mounted on desks that are up to 70mm thick, which most desks will fall under.

Customers love the ease of installation, using a simple mounting clamp. The Blue Yeti already comes with a solid and stylish mini stand that is designed to rest on your table, and for the most part, this is perfectly sufficient for the average user. Yeti is a side-address condenser microphone, so you can capture the best sound by going face-to-face with it. And it is flexible enough to the point that you can rotate it at 360 degrees range.

Comes with noise isolation technology combined with suspension bands to absorb vibrations, audio distortion and shock pops… save time during production. With a Max Load of 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), it is not the strongest in the list, but is strong enough to support the Yeti’s weight of 2.2 lbs (1 kg). Adjustable scissor arm constructed from steel for strength. The affordability of this mic stand combined with the quality makes it a fantastic selection. $129.99 BUY NOWTemporarily out of stock.

It is very easy to adjust, and you can set it up quickly.

It can really help you improve your recording technique by make the entire process comfortable. The Yeti is a side-address microphone. It’s an adjustable scissor arm stand made out of all steel construction, making it sturdy AND easily foldable for transportation. It provides a remarkable operation because of its state-of-art design. The setup is super easy and the Blue Yeti fits perfectly. From professional podcasting to music recording, Twitch Streaming, and even YouTube videos, Yeti carries your projects to studio-quality heights. And record in comfort with Yeti’s side-address operation—just speak, sing or play into the Yeti on the same side as the Blue logo to capture pro sound. Last Updated: November 19, 2020 2 Comments. Since 2009, millions of musicians, podcasters, YouTubers and game streamers worldwide have used Yeti to It has a pop filter and a 20′ XLR cable. No matter what type of project you plan to use your new mic stand for, every single one mentioned is compatible with Blue Yeti. The PL-2 is receptive of 5/8” threaded mic shock mount or clips. The overall price range of the best mic stand for Blue Yeti ranges from around $14.00 all the way up to over $120.00. Share your #MyYetiStory for a chance to be featured!

We are working tirelessly to provide additional inventory as soon as possible. All of these will send shockwaves into your mic as the the original stand is in contact with your desktop.

This mic stand includes a desk clamp attachment and a desk insert installation, making it easy to set up. Get everything you need to start streaming, gaming and recording fast with Blue’s exclusive software bundles.