And if you're frustrated and you want to unleash some pent up aggression during your workout, there's nothing better than grabbing some boxing gloves and whaling on a heavy bag. 30 Min Kickboxing Combos Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed! Exercise 8: 'Circle of death' Same as above but instead of running backwards they move to their right and do a push up at their new partner. Pick up a pair here. Pick Up The Best Pair Of Boxing Gloves Here! Strike for 3 to 5 rounds, resting for a minute between each one. Bend right knee to bring foot toward butt. Jab-Cross-Hook-Upper cut - Practice this quick hands combo until it can be done with equal parts speed to equal parts power. But it takes more than just effort and grit to make the most of a fighter's fitness routine. 13. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, These Bartender Boxers Sling Booze by Day and Throw Punches at Night, Floyd Mayweather Talks New Boxing VR Workout, Launching Gym Chain and #MeToo Movement, Join MH Editors For a Boxing Workout with George Foreman III, Check Out a Super Fit Jonah Hill Crushing It at the Boxing Gym, A Boxer Almost Got His Ear Ripped Off and the Video Is More Horrific Than You Can Imagine, How This 35-Year-Old Went From Dad Bod to Boxing Champion in 5 Months, This Boxer Got Ripped As Hell For His First Big Comeback Fight, The Workout That Helped This Guy Lose 96 Pounds In 11 Months, Kevin Hart Shows Off His Boxing Skills In a New Instagram Video, The Full-Body Boxing Move That Will Make You Stronger. To add some variety to your boxing sessions, try to include a co-ordinated drill that involves some sort of combo. Double jab, cross, 2 right knees and 1 left knee 2. Kickboxing is one of the most taxing workouts you can do -- both mentally and physically. Jab, Cross, left hook, cross 5. Only if You Break This Rule. Want More Punching Combinations? The most basic boxing combinations are also … (That's just the beginning. Loose hips = better rotation. Repeat for the desired number of rounds – for fat loss and conditioning I recommend working on a timed interval basis as opposed to a number of punches. Just make sure you throw on some wraps or gloves like these from Sanabul before you attack the bag to keep your hands in good health. Heel tap. Add a rope, slam ball, speed ladder, and box to push your conditioning up to the next level. Six Specific Boxing & Kickboxing for Fitness Combinations 1. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Kickboxing Combos. In the right hands, focus mitts are the best non-sparring learning and conditioning tools that the boxing world has to offer. Hit 4 alternating uppercuts (front uppercut, rear uppercut, front uppercut, rear uppercut). We may earn a commission through links on our site. But continuous two minute rounds of the same punches makes even the most ardent boxing-lover (me!) Shadow Boxing is also an excellent exercise for a cardio workout and we can build up to getting on the heavy bag with shadow boxing. With each round, you'll add one punch to your sequence. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You'll be working your upper body, lower body, and core, and the intense, fat-burning workouts can help to drop weight, too — plus you'll be able to handle yourself better if someone starts swinging at you. . 4. Perform 3 to 5 rounds, resting 2 minutes in between rounds, Your coach: Frank Mir, Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight. Modern full-contact Kickboxing, Dutch Style Kickboxing especially, share some similarities with Muay Thai and they both meet halfway in a K1 formula. This Intense Boxing Class Doesn't Pull Any Punches, Crush Fat and Knock Out Stress with This ‘Combat Cardio’ Workout, Train Like Heavyweight Boxing Champ Anthony Joshua, 1. Alternate between striking and feeding for 45 seconds at a time. Whether you're facing Wanderlei Silva in a cage match or a 75-pound bag in your basement, the same rules apply: "Once you're warmed up, you should be throwing each punch at full blast," Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champ, told Men's Health. Duration: 0:33:56 Difficulty: 4 Body Focus: total Types: Boxing, Low impact Equipment: Mat. Boxing is one of my favourite ways to exercise. As soon as your jab connects with the focus mitt or heavy bag bring it back in front of your face and return to your elbows tucked in position. As soon as your right hand connects with the focus mitt or heavy bag bring it back in front of your face and return to your elbows tucked in position. The cross or right hand as it’s often called is your power punch. Refer back to these tips and drills to make sure you’re getting the most out of this limitless training modality. Is Flirting Cheating? This is a very basic boxing bootcamp workout for all levels. 6-3p. Complete each motion 12 to 15 times for enhanced mobility before you hit the bags. Begin by throwing 3 jabs, bring your hand half way back to your face before extending for the following jab. The combinations in this workout are a little more challenging, so be prepared to practise before you take part. 6-5-2-1p. Ensure your weight stays on your rear foot (to prevent overextending). 1. Use light dumbbells and a stretch band with a handle to balance out your strikes and build punching power with this drill. Run through six cycles of the exercises described above to simulate three rounds of heavy boxing work. Jab, Straight Right Hand, Right Crescent, Right Spinning Crescent Kick Your Jab, Right Hand sets up your Crescent Kick. Perform 15 combos before alternating with your pad holder. Three-time welterweight champ Antonio "the Tijuana Tornado" Margarito suggests implementing a series of stretches to prime the muscles before hitting the ring. Throw 4 quick straight before hitting 4 alternating ... 2. Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut. You'll need more than just punches to get in fighting shape.