(176) In fact, Brabantio does not put the pertinent question to her. ROD. Act 1 Scene 1 Brabantio. They bang and shout until Brabantio comes out onto the balcony. Roderigo fears he has lost both his lady and his money. Rejection and revenge, then, are doubly potent ingredients in this tragedy. He hates Othello for promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant, a position that Iago wanted for himself. Brabantio repeatedly insists that Othello must have "enchanted" Desdemona with "foul charms" and magic spells. Brabantio, father of Desdemona, unwilling father-in-law of Othello, appears in all three scenes of Act I of the play. As Brabantio moves into action, calling for more lights and arousing members of his household, Iago steals away, but not before explaining his reasons for doing so: It must not be public knowledge that Iago himself is an enemy of Othello; if Iago's machinations are to be successful, he must outwardly "show out a flag and sign of love, / Which is indeed but sign" (157-158). Act 1… 'sblood (4) [Obsolete] euphemism for by God's blood; used as an swearword. And finally, in this scene, after having told Roderigo that he is not a welcome suitor for Desdemona, Brabantio learns that his daughter has eloped with Othello and says to Roderigo, "O, that you had had her!" The play begins with a quarrel of sorts between Iago and Roderigo, and, as such, it serves several functions. Graziano is shocked, and says that it is a good thing that, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Othello begins on a street in Venice, in the midst of an argument between Roderigo and Iago. Act 1… Othello is a man of high position, as well as one of high honor and one who is, therefore, worthy of being considered a tragic hero. affined (39) [Obsolete] under obligation; bound. Even a spinster, Iago says, knows more of the "division of a battle" (23) than this "bookish theoric" (24). Why is Roderigo angry and frustrated? What knowledge Cassio has of the battlefield, according to Iago, he gained from textbooks; in other words, he is a student, not a practitioner of battle. Othello: Act 1, Scene 1 ... Not wishing to be recognized, Iago leaves, while Brabantio rouses his servants and forms a search party to hunt down Othello. Cassio is a Florentine, Iago reminds Roderigo, which is a damning epithet condemning the city's reputation as being a collection of financiers and bookkeepers. The rich Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him in his suit to Desdemona, but he has seen no progress, and he has just learned that Desdemona has married Othello, a general whom Iago serves as ensign. ...defense. Brabantio comes to the window, but at first doesn't believe them because he recognizes Roderigo, whom he has recently told to stop hanging around his house and pursuing Desdemona. The extent and depth of his hate for Othello and his desire and willingness to totally destroy him require a motivation more compelling than having been passed over for this promotion. But before he can say who Othello has wed, Roderigo along with, Othello is unfazed, tells everyone on both sides to put up their arms, and informs, ...story. Roderigo is not just a rich, lovesick suitor who is paying Iago good wages to further his case with the senator's daughter. As they wait for Desdemona to arrive, Othello says that. They shout from the street that Brabantio has been robbed.... (full context) Brabantio goes to search his house for his daughter, worried because he has had a "dream"... (full context) Its tone easily catches our interest, and it reveals Iago's wily nature; he must make amends to Roderigo for failing to arouse Desdemona's interest in him. Chief among Iagos reasons for this hatred is Othellos recent promotion of Michael Cassio to the post of lieutenant. Iago further points out to Roderigo that Cassio, the newly appointed lieutenant, is not a true soldier. I take it much unkindly. Thus he will manage to stay in Othello's good graces. Our. Summary and Analysis. It seems that Iago has played Brabantio perfectly. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. 5. They send for her. Othello is a superior public figure, one who will soon be summoned to end the Cyprian wars and a man upon whom the Venetian state depends for its safety. (189 lines) Enter Roderigo and Iago. Removing #book# He is woken in the first scene by panicked shouts of ‘thieves!’ in the dead of night. Character List. "Damned as thou art, thou hast enchanted her! He realizes that "preferment goes by letter and affection" (36) and not by "old gradation" (37) (the traditional order of society). Roderigo, in love with the noble lady Desdemona, has paid large sums of money to Iago, on the understanding that Iago would give her gifts from him and praise him to her. Brabantio's sudden preference for Roderigo, who has already been proven somewhat a fool over Othello, has no obvious or logical base now or at anytime in the play other than the continually implied racism. Because Brabantio seems dense and uncomprehending, Iago can continue to curse Othello's so-called villainous nature and, thereby, reveal to the audience the depths of his (Iago's) own corruptness. Instead, Othello chose Cassio, a man, Iago tells Roderigo, whose military ineptitude is an insult to Iago's proven superiority on the battlefield. Iago warns Othello about Brabantio’s anger, but Othello is confident in his own strength and in his love for Desdemona…. Brabantio is stunned by the Duke's revelation and attempts to buttress his position when he remarks, "If she confess that she was half the wooer, / Destruction on my head, if my bad blame / Light on the man!"