However they are all captured again and Magneto is forced to watch as the Red Skull plans to use the Scarlert Witch in his plans to eradicate mutants. RELATED: 5 DC Heroes Who Would Make Good Phoenix Hosts (& 5 Who Would Go Dark Phoenix). Cyclops finally manages to give up the Phoenix to Hope however, who disperses it and uses it to remove Wanda's curse. Magneto and 16 million mutants who were gathered at Genosha are reported deceased. When the Inhumans come looking for their Mists, Magneto tells them what has happened. However, the use of his power at such intensity and duration severely injured him, leaving him comatose. Max Eisenhardt and Magda manage to escape the horror and live on to fulfill their destinies. Magneto replies "Death" and Exodus proceeds to choke him with his telekinesis before Xavier challenges Exodus on the astral plane. It is alleged that Xorn never existed and is simply an identity conceived wholly by Magneto. Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) One of the oldest and deadliest mutants around, Apocalypse is the ultimate expression of survival of the fittest. Quicksilver reveals that Magneto would have let Wanda die, but Magneto replies that Quicksilver was only using Wanda and himself, and he would never have allowed this to happen. The words ring true to Magnus, who accepts the alliance, and in less than six months, the mutant camp turns the tide against the mutant-killing Sentinels. Magneto has been at war with humanity and the X-Men for decades, and he's notched several decisive victories during that time. He puts this offer in action as he assisted the X-Men in defending Utopia Island from an attack of Predator X monsters. In a final bid to gain their trust, Magneto enters into a catatonic state and focused his powers to divert the interstellar path of Breakworld's "Earth-destroyer" Metal Bullet that Kitty Pride was trapped in and bring her home to Earth. However, at the end of the issue when Skids found him at a local cemetery sometime later, and gave him a mysterious book that Masque had in his possession that claimed to chronicle the future of mutantkind, she stated that the book said Magneto was still a mutant, thereby possibly refuting his previous claim of being depowered again. He participates in the "Acts of Vengeance" alongside such established villains as Doctor Doom, the Wizard, the Mandarin, and the Red Skull. Fans didn't get to see it (one of many sins this Bendis written event committed), but it happened. The political parallels painted by Chris Claremont are stark and unforgiving in this examination of what happens when the oppressors become the oppressed. Xavier's unrelenting assault causes Scott to lose control and kill him before taking the final piece of the Phoenix from Emma and completely losing control, becoming Dark Phoenix. After almost having destroyed them the first time he met this new team of X-heroes, the villain had searched for an opportunity to finish the job. In the past, Magneto has used a number of exotic aerial vehicles of his own design. This attempted retcon was corrected a few years later when it was revealed that the name "Erik Lehnsherr" and the Sinte ethnicity were part of a cover identity, as mentioned above. She is discovered months later, pregnant again, giving birth to the mutant twins Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. His answer comes moments later, as Magnus uses his focused powers of magnetism to literally tear Apocalypse to pieces. Despite Xavier being apologetic and appreciative for what he's done, Magneto leaves Utopia for nearby Mount Tamalpais in Marin County and begins meditating on a cliff overlooking the ocean, promising himself that he will finally do something good with his life. Classified as an Omega Level Mutant, he's considered a potential threat to the entirety of the planet. Magneto later discovers how Moira had altered his genetic structure when he had been de-aged. Magneto is one of the many mutants to lose their powers, and is left a broken man; although Wolverine contemplates killing him, he concludes that their old foe deserves every second of his 'sapien' life. Magnus’ power has impressed Apocalypse, and prompted him to offer the Master of Magnetism a place at his side for the mutant rebellion against the humans’ aggression. He engages in a pair of brief diversions, first posing as "Erik the Red" and revealing Gambit's past crimes to the X-Men, resulting in Gambit's expulsion from the group. The Master of Magnetism brushes them all aside with barely a thought, and moves relentlessly forward, stalking the Red Skull despite his increasingly desperate efforts. A one-stop shop for all things video games. However, Chrome and the other Acolytes died. The United Nations, manipulated by its mutant affairs officer Alda Huxley, cedes to Magneto the island nation of Genosha, which has no recognized government. Magneto fears that mutantkind is doomed until Cyclops tells him that Hope Summers, the Mutant Messiah is alive and well. Their lengthy-debates are held by the two regarding the consequences humanity faces with the rise of mutants, though neither reveals to the other that they both in fact possessed mutant powers. Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Although Magneto's primary power is Magnetism, he has an extensive ability to project or manipulate any form of energy that is related to the electromagnetic spectrum. In response, Magneto generates an electromagnetic pulse not only destroying the satellites, but deactivating every electric device on Earth within minutes. It takes Kitty Pryde being seriously injured by his actions that Magnus realizes the monster he has become, and he calls off his attack on the powers of the world. Emma revealed that she was also going through problems with her powers and told them that it was because of the Phoenix, and that Magneto was also affected because Cyclops had hit him with a blast of Phoenix energy during the final battle. After several unsuccessful attempts at rallying more mutants to his cause, Magneto tries to force the allegiance of the Stranger. The pod is intercepted by Astra, a former ally who now desires his death. His relationship with the New Mutants deteriorates even further when they see him and the Club work with the demons of the Inferno incident. Since the world believes Joseph to be the real Magneto, Magneto takes his time to plan. He has designed magnetically-powered aircraft and spacecraft, complex robots and computers, and magnetically-powered generators and created artificial living beings, space stations said to possess technology even Reed Richards would envy, and machines capable of nullifying mutant powers within a radius of several miles. Magneto has beaten not only the X-Men but also the Avengers all by himself on several occasions. He then contacted the incarcerated Cyclops and asks if he should break him out. After years of being abused at every level imaginable, Max joins the resistance at the Auschwitz concentration camp and prepares to stage a revolt. En Sabah Nur offers Magnus the chance to leave his faction, but Magneto insists that Apocalypse cease his mass murdering ways, or Magneto will make him. Xavier and Magnus join forces and travel in a remote part of Kenya, where Baron Strucker has tortured the location of the gold from Haller. The trio then succeed in bringing Gabrielle fully back to the world. Magneto later ousts longtime Hellfire Club co-chair Sebastian Shaw in order to establish himself as the head of the Hellfire Club as the Grey King. After the events of Avengers vs X-Men, Magneto remained wanted by the Avengers and authorities.