If you are looking for a great bang for your buck thrower, this could definitely be the one you are looking for. Manufacturers' claims are not always accurate. It's about 42 centimeters / 16.5 inches long from top to bottom with a weight of 3.4 kilos.... without batteries. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a8p8Z. If you are new to Lithium-Ion powered flashlights you need to know how to properly charge & care for these batteries. ‘Throwers’ & ‘high powered’ lights aren't supposed to be used by children anyway. Massager, Speakers user manuals, operating guides & specifications These are the farthest throwing LED flashlights currently in production and for sale. Lumintop had been beaten by Acebeam and Astrolux, but is taking back the lead. 100,000 divided by 0.25 = 400,000 Got mine at black Friday it's only been 1WEEK now my blanket is blinking and will not heat I am really mad. My Sunbeam blanket is doing the same thing and now my daughter comes home from college this weekend and tells me her Sunbeam blanket did the same and quit heating. just kidding. The Acebeam T27 is the farthest-reaching single 21700 battery type flashlight. (Mine is a Beautyrest electric throw, just standard microfiber. That stupid freaking This may take some force. Don't forget to check out our LEP-Flashlight overview for other crazy throwers. Your choice depends on your personal tint preference. This one is on the top when it comes to farthest throwing searchlights on the market. (Only use this calculation at 5 meters and the same setting on the light meter). (This is meant to fight the amount of spam we receive every day. The 5 yr waranty is good but the postage and lack of Sunbeam use is very irritating and hard to forget for the future. being the electronics technologist that I am, I cut open the blanket to see what could have failed. Do you know how to charge lithium Ion batteries? (‘cd’ stands for Candela). As with many of you I also cannot find my warranty info, but I am going searching here on the internet and if I can find anything I will be sure to pass it on!! Your choice depends on your personal tint preference. Everyone says the same thing I myself have experienced - you're lucky you make it through a single heating season with these damned blankets. I have arthritis and Fibromyalgia. If you want to test lights yourself, you can buy a. I started having the same issue after 2 years and think I know what might be a fix.. and I curl up in mine a lot outside while smoking.. and it's not well treated. Batteries are not included when purchasing the light only. I put the flashlight on something that is exactly 5 meters (16 feet  4.8504 inches) away from a wall, plus 2 or 3 cm (0.79 - 1.18 inches). On a calculater do: 100000/0.25 and press the √ symbol. If novisual damage is found, unplug the system from wall outlet. One thing that this makes it even more special is the 2-way USB charging. It also has the largest head. Best cheap single cell thrower around $20, The brightest C8 style flashlight available. I want it repair or taken back. Only at 2 shops worldwide. Although not considered a real "thrower", the K18 is still the best throwing flashlight of its size. Wouldn't recommend this product to others...and will be searching for a competitor!! With 8 batteries we are talking about 3.7 kilos. It is like all the others blinking and not heating up. I am having to join the ranks of the blinking Sunbeam electric blanket controller. ... the red light never stop blinking, and doest'n turn on. Protected batteries may not fit because of length.. Flat-top cells won’t fit (but watch the battery carrier hack in my review). 2/4/2009, Yes, I have the same "Light Blinking" problem on my K/S dual control electric blanket. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, libel by an internet troll, hooligan, well known alcoholic and shoplifter, Money taken from my credit card monthly without authorisation, Racist skinhead bullies exemplifies corporate culture at optum. So the proper step now is to trash the blanket and get a new one. There are many chargers who would not be able to charge this size batteries. Uses a powerful CREE XHP35 HD LED for best throw, Max throw of 43kcd and 410 meters on AA batteries. Signed, shivering and cold in 'Bama. View & download of more than 493 Brookstone PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. I purchased my sunbeam electric blanket about about a month ago and I am having the same problem. Please check out our full Noctigon K1 review for all details. It is available in CW (cold white) and NW (neutral white). It's all cheaply made trash. My controllers actually sparked and started a mini fire. It is available in multiple colors, and also includes a brass and stainless steel version. Will never buy another Sunbeam product again. Used one time, now it's blinking on second use. I purchased my queen size dual control blanket in 2010 (No Receipt of course) I live in Wisconsin were the weather is up & down all year. Long story short, it caught on fire and he had to drag the flaming mattress out of the house. is already a few years old, but still in the top 5 of the ‘Kings of the Throwers’. I tried everything. If only it were possible to give a MINUS rating! Wu Transfer - is carding legit? Here is a link to another great resource for learning about batteries & battery safety. The hotspot is small, and is the typical pencil-beam for a thrower. The FL-1 standard does just this by providing a light intensity reading in candela and converting this to throw in meters by calculated the distance at which the light will generate 0.25 lux. I have 2 blankets and the problem is in the control, one of them blinks no matter which blanket it is connected to. The flashlight wiki gives a simple example on how to calculate Throw in meters from candela (candela). V2 (the second version) came to being in late 2016 or early 2017, and has not yet been surpassed by any other flashlight maker. We reviewed the Astrolux MF05 and can say it overperforms. Farthest throw searchlight currently for sale in the world. I must have run through a dozen in as many years . Set the lux meter to Record (which remembers the highest reading automatically). I cannot find the paperwork for the warranty and it appears Sunbeam must know most people do not h0ld onto those. The differences between V1 & the newer V2 are few.The V2 has the addition of a lanyard hole in the tailcap and stainless steel bezel. Get free expert DIY tips, handy support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Brookstone products. There are some ‘individuals’ who make a brighter searchlight, including the Mega Blaster, Maxa Blaster, Swan Blaster and the Moon Blaster... to name a few. Problem was caused by excessive time for Auto Shutoff mode. I feel so scammed and ripped off! The Manker MK41 uses 4 AA batteries. I don't have huge expectations for products in this day and age but more than one season for that price is an absolute must. A single cell flashlight with 120kcd of throw. It will not heat up. This searchlight needs special attention and is not meant to be used by children. But these are all produced by flashlight enthusiasts, and not by a large manufacturer. Once other flashlights are brought to market that throw farther, they will be listed here.