– you can help your clients serve their customers with flexible, on-the-go refillable options. Profitability starts with finding affordable prices, but you also have to make sure that consumers receive the quality and value they expect, and our careful vetting process ensures the very best products for retailers and their customers. Our products guarantee an enjoyable experience without having to mix products to a lower viscosity or risk compromising performance and taste. Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent customer service, extremely fast shipping, and pricing that compares with overseas. Not only do they allow instant refills, users have the ability to carry around and use a variety of oils. ), Flat Gold Mouthpiece for CCELL Glass Cartridges (200 qty. Call (708) 557-4357 - Chicago, IL (Mon-Sun 8am-8pm) Open 7 Days A Week! Contact our sales team today! This is where wholesalers come in. We have our own manufacturing facility that delivers quality products that are backed by our guarantee! These days, the choice to use vape pens over smoking seems to be growing in popularity. NEW glo empty vape cartridges bulk with big box empty carts with packaging 510 thread empty vape pen Vaping is a personal experience, and as such, it should be customizable. To view this site, you must enable … These sizes are convenient in that they allow for extensive use before a refill is required, although it will depend on the frequency of use and the size of puffs, which differ by user. ), Round Metal Mouthpiece for CCELL Glass Cartridges (200 qty. We want to be as close to overseas pricing as possible while removing all the headaches of dealing with overseas companies. Powered byWordPress website Mobile Friendly, Among the many products within the fast-growing cannabis industry are, Mouthpiece – the tip of the cartridge that allows the user to inhale the vapor through the device, Chamber – the area of the cartridge which is pre-filled with cannabis oil in a specified quantity, Battery – some cartridges are paired with a rechargeable battery; others include a disposable battery, Atomizer – known as the heat source; attached to the battery, the atomizer section produces heat when activated, vaporizing the cannabis oil for inhalation. Ceramic atomizers have revolutionized the vaping industry, delivering a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to traditional wick systems.

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As you may have guessed from the name, wholesale vaporizer cartridges are designed to transform botanical oils into a vapor, or mist, that can be inhaled. Cartridges may or may not come pre-filled with oil, and some are refillable, providing cost savings, while others are disposable for user convenience. Some cartridges have pure quartz coil technology that operates at low temperatures to ensure that consumers enjoy every flavorful terpene, with no lead or other contaminants. Retailers are focused on finding the best products for the best pricing so they can deliver the incredible value consumers prefer, providing affordable wholesale cartridges that are designed to deliver consistent performance and lasting appeal. We are the largest wholesale supplier of vape cartridges and vape pens in the USA! Click Enter only if you are at least 21 years of age. Not only do we offer cartridges with different casing and coil materials, designed for use with different oil products, but we provide a variety of mouthpieces to ensure that every customer has the opportunity to find the options that deliver the ideal mouthfeel and performance. You need a partner that goes the extra mile to ensure you’ll enjoy the greatest value, with exceptional products at competitive rates. Vape cartridges are small (often refillable) pre-filled units or attachments containing extracted cannabis oil designed for vaporization.