Our goal? You can add events to the calendar, and then you can reference them in other places. Save hours of work by finding the perfect template for your project. The monthly page is a separate database, as is the quarter, weekly, and journal. It lets you capture recipes and ideas for meals anytime, schedule them on a weekly basis, and generate a grocery list so you don’t forget anything. You can download the template here. If this list doesn’t capture all of your desired use cases, do not despair. It includes vision, goals, projects, and tasks to organize and plan your life! Not only does it let you customize your goals, it tracks progress while providing you motivational quotes. It’s great and you should give it a shot. Notion’s ability to references other pages makes it a powerful tool to keep your BuJo, or any other documents, automatically synced to all your devices. This is The Complete Bullet Journal I've put together in the last few weeks. Grab my Notion bullet journal template here. A little setup beforehand is the key to your bullet journal success! You’ll start to see patterns emerge, and depending on how much detail you provide, you can start to make positive changes in your life. Here’s a GTD template (and video tutorial) you can start using right away. Notion / 11 Notion templates to Supercharge your Productivity. Originally published at https://nicklafferty.com. I’ve journaled in Notion for a few months and I credit it for helping me build a daily journaling habit. Grab my Notion bullet journal template here. Click the plus sign to add a new block, then scroll down to Callout. I feel like it would be redundant, and I’d rather spend that time writing articles and stories instead. However, if you run into any issues using it, please reach out to me - I will do everything I can to help! This template come with all the weekly pages (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)! Remember, just type @ and start typing to reference other blocks within Notion. I like what I came up with. Each week, I share 3 new Notion templates in my newsletter. To give you the best of Notion. Here is a brief tour of my 2020 bullet journal template →. Here’s the Notion template and check out Thomas’ blog. Every week, 3 new templates, in your inbox. My love for Notion is no secret, I’ve written before how I use Notion to track my life, and more recently why I think it’s the best productivity app of 2020.. Today I’m going to share my journaling templates in Notion, and also how I tag my journal entries to easily look them up later. See how I typed @, then 2⁄ 10, and Notion found my daily entry for February 10th. And with Notion’s thriving community of passionate users, there’s a massive gallery of templates for all types of use cases. ‍2k Notion lovers read it. It organizes your priorities in a 2×2 matrix, across the axes of Importance and Urgency. If you have a good monthly template then please share! Do Last-Minute Projects Cause You Too Much Stress? See how I used Notion to create a digital bullet journal. Then, inside the toggle list for Daily Log, add another block to Embed a page. be … I’m always looking to learn and improve. ©NotionEverything, All Rights Reserved. Best of all it has a generous free trial that is not time-based. Public template available here. Just today I wrote a journal entry about how I’m grateful for the seemingly random life experiences that can be so unexpected and representative of being human. Add it to your calendar, and then reference it in your daily log when it comes up! Click the plus sign, or just type a / and search for toggle lists. I’m not currently writing a monthly summary. I’m experimenting with Weekly journaling to compliment my daily entries. It includes vision, goals, projects, and tasks to organize and plan your life! Journaling & writing This is a robust template to digitize your bullet journal practice. Bullet Journal Template. Notion can make you more buff. 5 Motivation Sources You Can Use to Spark Change, How to Build a Daily Routine That Really Works for You. My entries weren’t meaningful representations of my thoughts, emotions, and feelings that day. Where my daily writings are raw explosions of emotion, the weekly ones are more organized. From the menu that pops up, click Unsplash. Notion can make you more buff. Cookies allow us to improve your experience and offer you a journey adapted to your profile. It’s a free repository of beautiful images. I really love the simplicity and ease of the bullet journal, so I basically just migrated the same concept over to Notion. You can connect each one of them to the respective time frame you want to accomplish then: the year, the quarter or month, the week or day... As you can see: all of it is connected. Here’s one of my CRM templates (and check out the related posts on becoming a Superconnector and how make smart introductions). TERMS-  This is a digital product, no physical item will be shipped-  This planner is for personal use only-  Files cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes or shared with others-  Files cannot be resold or redistributed-  Due to the nature of this digital product, it unfortunately cannot be returned or refunded. This is The Complete Bullet Journal I've put together in the last few weeks.