After hearing from the two, Ramsay eliminated Vinnie, since Bonnie had at least taken responsibility for her errors, while Vinnie showed no signs of learning from his many mistakes.[10]. Watch now. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Making ice cream is 10% flavor development and 90% managing water and ice. If Ramsay never went to the back to see if Josh really left or not, Josh would have gone back into the kitchen and the confrontation would have escalated. Rock pledged that he would work every station to make the food perfect and even started cooking dishes himself when the others couldn't handle. The winning dishes were judged by Ramsay. Challenge: After they have selected their restaurant's decor, the two chefs travel to Las Vegas with Ramsay on a private plane and are given a tour of the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Rock stated that he would have won the challenge to get Jen with the first pick, complimenting her cooking skills (which made Jen feel honored), while saying that Josh "really screwed up" and would have been left off his team (which slightly angered Josh). Also, both teams must start with fresh lobsters from a tank, which worries Bonnie. Ramsay crumpled up the orders and ended the service. - Official Hell’s Kitchen PopSocket we missing your favourite quotes? I was annoyed that it didn't turn out "burned," but it's good that way, too. I wish I had thought to make a half batch, but wasn't sure it would work in the ice cream maker. Ramsay then toured their halves of the restaurant asking for their redesign explanations and had no complaints. Upon seeing the result, Ramsay and the couple didn't even bother tasting the red team's dish and immediately declared the blue team as the clear winners, their first challenge win of the season. I ended up getting the Midnight Cookies & Cream, but the Pretzel flavor was pretty good too! Ramsay immediately saw through this, however, and instead called out Vinnie and Bonnie for being the worst performers on the night. After a customer complained of cold chicken, Ramsay smashed the returned dish on the floor, stuck to his promise, and shut the kitchen down. When Josh overcooked a chicken, Ramsay smashed the chicken from the plate. Service: Each team had to create a menu of 3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 3 desserts. This is a stress-induced headache ...). The errors meant that the red team had to arrange re-delivery of the missing items, working longer than they had expected. Team challenge: The two teams were required to make three lobster dishes in one hour. After a warning from Ramsay that Josh was ruining everything, Rock made a decisive move to switch Josh and Vinnie's stations, and from then on there were no more major problems. Joanna served salty risotto and failed to notice that she was using rancid crab, to which Ramsay shouted "You'll kill someone" and fired her from the station. In a deleted scene, Gordon acknowledged Melissa's rudeness towards Bonnie and told Bonnie that she should have argued with Melissa and stood up for herself. Bonnie was declared the best of the service, and had to choose two for elimination. Bonnie's grilled lobster salad with baked apples beat Melissa's citrus herb salad with poached lobster, but Rock's buttermilk fried lobster tail beat Julia's lobster risotto, which left the bisque to break the tie. Josh initially screwed up on the risotto, which held up Brad's crab salad and the women, as the wedding couple had to be served first before the rest of the guests. Click here. Before service starts, Ramsay presents Bonnie and Rock with their own head chef's jackets. Remodeling: As with the previous seasons, Hell's Kitchen is separated into two sides, red side for Bonnie and blue side for Rock. The two finalists presented their appetizers and entrees to Ramsay; Bonnie's goat cheese salad and her signature prawn fettuccine, Rock's surf and turf (fried chicken and crabcakes) and ribeye steak. Pack the ice cream into a container and freeze it for at least 2 hours, until it is firm enough to scoop. Bonnie noted how satisfying it was to have the rare opportunity to curse at Ramsay for a change. Winner: During the debrief, Ramsay asked each chef what they would have changed. Ramsay had no substantial criticism for either chef, only saying that "You both came out with leadership qualities", noting that Bonnie has improved her assertiveness while Rock was considered "rock-solid". After the women completed their service, Ramsay requested Julia to help the struggling men's team, commenting on her skills in getting the men together (or in his words, "finally a leader"). To see what the other TWD members thought of this recipe, visit the. Home made ice cream is always the best. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Brad took over the station, only to exacerbate the problem by bringing up the omelets cold. Bonnie tried to cook without turning the gas on, and burned steak garnish on the last ticket. During a blind taste taste with ice-cream, things get a little confusing. Their mothers were seated with their backs to the chefs so that they did not know who made which dish, in order to keep the judging unbiased. As a result, Jen called Rock an "asshole" and Ramsay had to hit the overhead to break up their argument, to which Rock later admitted privately that he was at fault and apologized to Jen, who forgave him. Rock broke down in tears when his door opened and was declared the winner of Hell's Kitchen Season 3, and Bonnie immediately went to congratulate him. Bonnie sent a raw scallop to the pass which Ramsay caught, though even then Bonnie questioned him on it. Ramsay was also initially impressed with Rock's scallop and gnocchi dish but refused to eat it when he learned that the gnocchi was frozen as Rock did not have enough time to prepare it from scratch - even then, he stated it could've been a great dish. Once the women finished, Ramsay threw the men out of the kitchen and had the women complete the service for them. In a surprise challenge, Ramsay tells the final two they have thirty minutes to create their specialty dish (listed above) and present it to the top chefs of Las Vegas. Bonnie won the challenge four votes to three. This article contains contestant information and episode summaries from Season 3 of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen. They're guaranteed to be just as (if not more so) delicious. Elimination: Eddie was selected for not being able to handle his station during dinner service and for being the "little man" on the team. Vinnie also met Ramsay's wrath when Ramsay said that Vinnie's dover sole that he was going to bring to the pass was burnt, but Vinnie said it wasn't. Gorgeous colour - shame about the taste. - Official Hell's Kitchen t-shirt Out! Automatic elimination: Josh became the first contestant in Hell's Kitchen history to be eliminated mid-service, due to his constant inability to serve a successful appetizer. Elimination: Melissa nominated Joanna for her bad attitude, and Tiffany for not getting any appetizers out. Ramsay thought that Jen's take on steak and eggs for breakfast lacked originality, while Josh's pea tendril stuffed chicken leg was undercooked, so gave neither of them a point.