For extra cleaning use reverse screening, with a smaller mesh that retains the seed but lets small pieces or chaff and plume through. This variety is known for its production of large, well-formed heads that are dense and make solid weight. The seedlings you thin out can be washed and eaten too. Rockwool is the most commonly used germination media in hydroponics. GROWING NOTES. Heads are consistently uniform with velvety-smooth leaves that have a glossy, eye-catching appearance. Even so, they are best planted early or late in the season in spring, away from the intense summer sun. Each NFT system is customizable according to the plant requirements. Direct seed or transplant in early spring, as soon as you can work the soil. The dust produced during cleaning causes irritation to the lungs and eyes. Avoid chemical sprays, as you will be eating these leaves eventually. We're sorry for any inconvenience. While we do not intend to “go big” on tiny types, we add excellence as we find it. It is normally planted in the spring, and sometimes again in the early fall for harvest in late fall or early winter. We recommend injecting 20-20-2o through the seedling watering system at least once a week to ensure plants are sufficiently fed. Using shade cloth can keep lettuce tender and sweet longer into summer. FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 – US 48 | INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING VIA, FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 – US 48 | INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE. It’s important to harvest butterhead lettuce before the plants bolt (produce flower stalks). Optimal germination temperature range 40–80° though many varieties won’t germinate in soil temps above 75° and most shut down above 80°. Lime to at least 6.0. Cover seeds with about 1/4 inch of soil. You can also grow a row of attractive butterhead lettuce plants at the front of the spring border, in front of your flowering bulbs and pansies. To encourage tender and tasty growth, make sure location is rich in organic compost matter. Skyphos Butterhead Lettuce performs best when transplanted. Thin leaf lettuce seedlings to 4 inches apart. Thin seedlings to 8 inches apart in the garden. Pest: SlugCultural controls: avoid mulch or nearby grassy areas.Material: Sluggo. If cleaning large amounts use a mask and goggles or clean outdoors. Home > Guides > Vegetables > Lettuce > Butterhead Lettuce, Binomial Name: Lactuca sativa Flowers will become white tufted seeds. Boston lettuce has a small, round, looser head, while Bibb lettuce has as a tighter, smaller, fist-sized head. Early starting this cool weather vegetable is advised in … work. The germination tray should be covered with a transparent lid to ensure that they won't lose water. Pest: Aster Leafhopper (vector for Aster Yellows disease)Cultural controls: control perennial broadleaf weeds near lettuce plantings, plow lettuce fields immediately after harvest. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Orders take 2–5 business days to process. For summer harvest, select varieties carefully: bolting, bottom rot and tipburn are problems if a variety can’t take the heat! Mini lettuce heads are increasingly popular for wholesale accounts and winter harvests. Harmony Butterhead transplants grow great in our heavy-duty seed starting trays, where they develop a solid root ball with roots that are trained to grow downward. The leaves are delicious and grow abundantly. Winnowing is difficult because seeds and chaff are about the same size and weight. OPEN POLLINATED HEIRLOOM Estimated Maturity: 60 days Pleasant buttery taste and velvety texture, and small loosely formed heads. To get an early start, prepare beds the previous fall by working in manure or compost and raking smooth to leave a fine seedbed. Many varieties of looseleaf lettuce can be harvested numerous times during a single growing season after being cut approximately 1" above the ground. Keep soil moist to keep plants growing continuously. For an early start, seeds can be started in flats 4 weeks prior to the last frost and transplanted outdoors in mid to late spring. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. Butterhead lettuce takes about 45 days to mature from seed. The butterhead lettuce seeds require a temperature between 18 °C to 20 °C. Lettuce is tolerant of a wide range of soils, but prefers well-drained, cool, loose soil with plentiful moisture and pH 6.2 to 6.8. Sow in 1-inch cells 3 to 4 weeks before transplanting outside. When it is dry place it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or wrap in paper towels and place in a bowl in the refrigerator. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Lettuce has a shallow root system. Unlike other hydroponic crops like tomato and cucumber, lettuce has good potential to grow under low light levels and in cold climatic conditions. Use it to make exquisite salads or as a lettuce wrap with your favorite chicken or seafood preparation. Before choosing the type of hydroponic system, keep in mind that it should represent the most effective use of nutrients and growing space in your. The germination tray should be covered with a transparent lid to ensure that they won't lose water. Ideally, greens should be collected early in the day, before the onset of midday sun, to prevent wilting. NOTE: All of the descriptions on this website, including the days to maturity, are based on data from varietal trials conducted in specific locations. Like all lettuces, butterhead lettuce does well in an average to rich, somewhat sandy soil. Butterhead lettuce grows best in full sun. Growing Guide Temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit signal plants to form flowers (bolt), which decreases eating quality. The ideal moisture will have your soil feeling like a wrung-out sponge. The compact (12 wide by 9 tall) tight uniform heads form gorgeous rosettes held upright for a clean market and salad harvest. This variety of lettuce has a distinct sweetness in the taste with the unique buttery texture. Rubbing separates the plumes and chaff from the seeds. Or, you can remove the entire plant if you desire a head of lettuce. The optimum temperature for Butterhead lettuce is between 20 °C to 23 °C when the temperature goes higher bolting starts, and bolting changes the lettuce taste from sweet to bitter. Butterhead lettuce grows best in cool to moderate temperatures between 45 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. See all of our brand-new seed pack offerings in our store. The seedlings get watered every day for seven days, and after that, they watered every 2-3 days with 100 ppm N. After four weeks of watering the seeds, they have reached about 10 cm in height and have 5-6 leaves. Heirloom seeds are the gardeners choice for seed-saving from year-to-year. Lettuce can succumb to rot in heavy clay soils, so if this describes your soil, consider container culture. Entire plants can be harvested in mid-development while the leaves are still plump and tender, but before a stem has started to form. By cutting the plant at the base and leaving the roots to grow, new leaves will sprout, giving butterhead lettuce a cut-and-come-again quality. Lettuce is a rapidly growing crop. In particular, online ordering will not Lettuce prefers the night temperature between 15 °C to 18 °C for proper growth. That is why lettuce is preferably grown during the winter months. The Buttercrunch Butterhead Lettuce did well in my southern exposure garden, elevation 7400 feet, last snow this year in early June. Products (Total Items: 3 ) Bibb Lettuce. Here’s what we have so far: Ordering will resume for Fedco Seeds when we release our 2021 catalog, in early December 2020. You can find this variety in the following Seed Packs: Click the packs below to see some of our other wonderful products. Although the names "butterhead" and "buttercrunch" are sometimes used interchangeably, 'buttercrunch' is actually one variety that fits in the larger category known as butterhead lettuces.