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The AR1335 is a Bayer RGB image sensor with an active pixel resolution of 4208 x 3120 pixels and has a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface. Our CMOS camera modules will be effective in any application or environment because of their versatility and wide range of options.Embedded camera module can be interfaced to processors like NXP IMX8, IMX7, IMX6 & NVIDIA's Jetson Nano, Xavier and TX2, Google Coral Dev Board, Rockchip RK960 Board, TI' DM3730 … Zhongxinhongye (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sincere Information Technology Ltd. Shenzhen Huiber Vision Technology Co., Limited. Interfacing with any Application Processor : Freescale i.MX6, NVIDIA TK1, NVIDIA TX1, NVIDIA TX2 and any other processor. If you are going to do a visual project with your Raspberry Pi kit, then you will need a best camera module for it.

Expecting to bring up more values to customers,Your satisfaction is our Pride. Shenzhen Geniuspy Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hongjia Precision Image Co., Ltd. Shenzhen City Haozhou Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sunxiangbao Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Daretang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Mega Faith First Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Good Price Camera module Samsung S5K3P3 CMOS Sensor HD 16MP 4K Camera Module, 2.75mm 1 /2.3" sensor M12 13MP camera lenses for 4k camera module 4k sports camera, View Sheen 4K 8MP Optical 50x 6~300mm Long Range Zoom Module Block Camera Fire Detection Camera Module, HD 4K/1080P Security Cameras Mini DVR Wifi P2P 4k Recorder IP Video Module Camera. It supports the below resolution & frame rate: 3840x2160@30FPS; 2592x1944@30FPS; 2688x1512@30FPS; 2048x1536@30FPS; 1920x1080@30FPS; 1600x1200@30FPS; 1280x720@30FPS; 800x600@30FPS; 640x480@30FPS; 640x360@30FPS; 3840x2160@1FPS; 2592x1944@1FPS; 2688x1512@1FPS; 2048x1536@1FPS; 1920x1080@5FPS; 1600x1200@30FPS; 1280x720@10FPS; 800x600@15FPS; 640x480@20FPS; 640x360@25FPS; This camera module is widely used for high-tech and high-demanding applications like robotics, artificial intelligence(AI), IoT, surveillance, educational equipment, medical imaging, industrial automation, agritech, machine vision, computer vison, video meeting, etc. Apply with 2D and 3D noise deduction algorithm, which can greatly reduce image noise, and keep image SNR up to 55dB, Configure with large distortionless lens, the wide angle can be up to 100°.

Apply with 2D and 3D noise deduction algorithm, which can greatly reduce image noise, and keep image SNR up to 55dB. 【MJPEG/YUY2 Compression Format:】4K USB camera module with MJPEG/YUY2 compression format help to save more storage space,streaming with less demand on your computer provides faster and smoother video uploading.2160P HD high resolution 4K usb Camera,wide application for most project. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This 4K autofocus camera module is based on AR1335 CMOS image sensor with advanced 1.1µm pixel BSI technology from ON Semiconductor®. | This is our second version of 4K camera module, it is 8MP (3840x2160) resolution with SONY IMX317 CMOS sensor, image quality is quite excellent and stable. Selecteer aub niet op prijs, maar selecteer aub op camerasysteem. 13.0 MP (4K) Multi Frame Buffer - FSCAM_CU135, 3.4 MP Low Light with Mic - See3CAM_CU38 (Conversa, TaraXL - USB Stereo Camera for NVIDIA GPU, 3.4 MP GMSL Camera for USB - NileCAM30_USB, Full HD Global Shutter (Color) - See3CAM_24CUG, 2.0 MP Global Shutter (Monochrome) - See3CAM_20CUG, 1.3 MP Global Shutter (Full Color) - See3CAM_11CUG, 1.3 MP Global Shutter (Monochrome) - See3CAM_10CUG, Full HD SONY IMX290 Ultra-lowlight - e-CAM22_USB (Hyperyon, 16.0 MP (4K) Sony IMX298 MIPI - e-CAM160_MI298_MOD, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - e-CAM131_CUMI1335_MOD, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1820HS MIPI - e-CAM130_CUMI1820_MOD, 5.0 MP AR0521 MIPI - e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD, 3.4 MP AR0330 Low Light - e-CAM30A_CUMI0330_MOD, Full HD Sony IMX290 MIPI - e-CAM21_CUMI290_MOD, 2.0 MP OV2311 MIPI - e-CAM222_CUMI2311_MOD, Full HD IMX327 MIPI - e-CAM220_CUMI327_MOD, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - e-CAM130_MI1335_MOD, 3.4 MP AR0330 Low Light - e-CAM31_MI0330_MOD, 5.0 MP MT9P031 Monochrome - e-CAM50_CU9P031_MOD, Full HD AR0230AT HDR - e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD, 5.0 MP OV5640 Parallel - e-CAM52A_5640_MOD, IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR Camera Module - STURDeCAM20, 3.4 MP AR0330 MIPI - e-CAM30A_HEXCUTX2 (HexCamera), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - e-CAM130A_TRICUTX2 (TRICamera), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - e-CAM131_CUTX2, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1820 MIPI - e-CAM130_CUTX1, 2MP OV2311 Monochrome MIPI (e-CAM24_CUXVR), Six IP67 Full HD HDR GMSL2 (STURDeCAM20_CUXVR), Four 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI (QuadCamera), Eight 3.4 MP AR0330 MIPI (Connect Tech Rogue), Six Full HD AR0230 MIPI (Connect Tech Rogue), Four Full HD AR0230 MIPI (Connect Tech Rudi-NX), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI Autofocus - i.MX8QM, 13.0 MP (4K) AR1820HS MIPI - i.MX6 (Ankaa), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 Autofocus MIPI - i.MX6 (Ankaa/AnkaaPLUS), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 MIPI - i.MX6 (AnkaaPLUS), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1335 Autofocus MIPI - i.MX6 (Meissa-I), 13.0 MP (4K) AR1820HS MIPI - i.MX6 (Meissa-I), See3CAM_130 - 13 MP Autofocus USB 3.0 Camera, e-CAM131_iMX8 - 13.0 MP MIPI Camera Board, e-CAM130_iMX8 - 13MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires Variscite's DART-MX8M), ACC-iMX6-MI1335CAM - 13MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires AnkaaPLUS kit), ACC-iMX6-MI1335CAM - 13MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires Ankaa kit), ACC-iMX6-m-MI1335CAM - 13MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires Meissa-I kit), Demo: AR1335 Based 13.0 MP MIPI Autofocus camera for Jetson TX2, 13.0 MP MIPI Autofocus camera for NXP iMX6, 13.0 MP Colour camera with 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface, Size in mm (L x W x H) : 24.18mm x 11.6mm x 6.525mm, 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface for video and I2C interface for camera configuration, Linux V4L2 Capture driver with demo application.

Intellectual Property Protection 4K Cinema, Full HD (1080p), HD Ready (720p) ... Sony PlayStation 5 HD camera.

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