Interesting post. Waxed paper (or wax paper) and parchment paper are both coated papers. While lining your pan with aluminum foil and then lightly spraying it with oil does create an easy-clean-up, it is not environmentally friendly! Thanks for the post. These go-to cooking staples have very different uses. Use aluminum foil when you’re roasting anything in the oven at a temperature higher than 420 degrees, or line the grill with foil to catch debris that falls through the cracks. Wax paper can also be used to wrap food for cold storage or even line a pan for making something like fudge. It also makes great wrapping for sticky candies. The wax also has a fairly low smoke point, which means that any exposed wax paper will smoke while it is in the oven and there is a possibility that, if you are cooking something that requires a very long baking time or very high temperature, the paper could actually catch fire. It can also prevent proper air circulation, which can alter how your food cooks. is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. But as a liner in baking cakes, quick breads, muffins, or any baked food in which the batter completely covers the wax paper lining, whatever temperature will do and safe. A lot of people are unsure whether or not it can even go in the oven. But as useful as it is, it is not a good choice for baking. Use wax paper to wrap and store foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, butter sticks or other moist and dry foods. Wax paper should never directly exposed to the heat of an oven. I never thought about that before, but waxed paper does kind of skeeve me out. By the way have you noticed packages of chocolate chips and kisses have gone from 16oz years ago to this year 11 oz and the price is still the same? Because they are very similar, freezer paper and wax paper are both used to wrap and freeze foods. They’re the perfect size. That said, I do us it to line cake pans when the paper will be covered completely by batter and not directly exposed to the oven's heat. DO NOT USE waxpaper as parchment paper. Wax paper is perfect for lining the counters before you roll dough or decorate cookies. Sure screws up family heirloom cookie recipes causing buying to bags to get adequate amounts and then a handful left over. Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and wax paper are all pantry staples that can improve your cooking life tremendously—when they’re used appropriately. Wax paper, alternately, is a paper that has been coated in a … For instance, it can be used as a pan liner for cookies, biscuits and roasting vegetables; goods in which the food does not completely cover the paper lining. Wax papers are non-heat resistant hence they tend to melt when exposed to heat. It also doesn't need freezer tape to secure it in place since it holds its shape. For guidelines on wrapping meat for the freezer, read Individually wrap portions of meat to prevent freezer burn. Use wax paper to line dishes that aren't going in the oven. The crumbles I had saved back home wound […], Your email address will not be published. While it is not nonstick in the same way that silicone-treated parchment paper is nonstick, the wax makes it nonstick, so it is a good choice for rolling out pie or cookie dough. I would not suggest using wax paper, the real alternative for baking is “Parchment Paper” i currently use genuine vegetable parchment from palisades paper, they are the best and most proven parchment paper Like wax paper, parchment paper is also moisture-resistant and non-stick. Thank you for the information. The difference is in their coatings. Wax paper should not be directly exposed to the heat of an oven. I’ve used wax paper to prevent certain cookies from sticking on my cookie pans for 50+ years and never had a problem of smoking or wax transfer. Use parchment paper or true alternatives ‒ but never wax paper ‒ when baking in the oven. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.