Focus : Education | Focus : Education | Have in mind that you will need a least 32 GB available RAM and a quardcore processor (i5, i7, or Xeon), because proper installation for 50 users will drain all of your resources. A further concern is that innovation takes its toll on quality, and I'm not that sure if newcomings are tested throughly. The platform is available on Apple, Microsoft, or Linux operating systems. Experience using the software : More than 1 year as User, Administrator, Member of the deployment/customization team, Industry : Education - Higher | Learning is done differently today and, at many times, in different settings and devices. The MasteryPaths feature helps differentiate students’ learning pathways more efficiently. In this way, educators can gather formative data to guide individual instruction. Level : Director | Show the community that you're an actual user. Never did get assistance and again--THIS IS AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! so much contextual controls. Used right, this can give teachers a conducive path to lead and assess their students’ development. According to them, it is very difficult to keep grades unaffected by column modifications, and absence is calculated automatically. Forgot Password? This connectivity is also very reliable. Programing is solid and has most all the features that are needed or wanted. This gives both teachers and students a chance to succeed in their roles. Icons are randomly scattered around the UI. Experience using the software : Less than 6 months as Member of the deployment/customization team, Industry : Elearning | Canvas LMS is perfect for blended learning programs. This guide will help you navigate the LMS software market so you're armed with everything you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision for your organization. Experience using the software : More than 1 year as User, Administrator, Industry : Education - Higher | I mean, if you didn't know the program, you wouldn't guess what it could do for you! The interface is cumbersome and confusing. A learning management system (LMS) automates the administration, testing, tracking and reporting of learner progress through online courses. Experience using the software : More than 1 year as Administrator, Industry : Education - Higher | Level : Consultant | They may take e-courses or even volunteer for some charity. I am a Specialist in Instructional Technology, and I am currently supporting a faculty that uses Canvas. Experience using the software : 6-12 months as Member of the deployment/customization team, Member of the procurement team, Industry : Education - Higher | Finding the appropriate Learning Management System - LMS product is as easy as assessing the good and weaker functions and terms offered by Canvas LMS and Google Classroom. Solution: Many educational institutions do not lack the right data. Together with the Blueprints feature, institutions such as districts, schools, and universities can lock aspects of their curriculums or published courses. Level : Manager | The platform is flawlessly integrated with every teaching app, Digital Badges, for instance. Students and teachers alike are empowered by making an engaging learning environment available to them. There has been a significant time lapse between LMS reviews… I honestly can say I have been the administrator and trainer for almost a full year and I am finding it difficult to think of something I don’t like about it. Curate learning pathways. The flexibility reminds me of Moodle, but the feature suite is significantly richer, and the way how their simple homepage transforms into an advanced LMS is just incredible. Reliable, customizable, mobile, time-saving, designed to get out of your way, to let you do your thing. We are very pleased with the quality and cost of interconnectivity and enhancements, and our users approve it too. Focus : Education | Experience using the software : More than 1 year as Administrator, Industry : Education - Higher | The discussion board, for instance, was not made alike forums and social networks, and the fact that some discussions are compulsory makes the problem even worse. Problem #2: Can’t Access Timely Data Gathering. Canvas LMS has a cloud-based architecture that supports reliable connectivity and real-time data updates. They would like to see modules filled with different colors, instead of the small clouds that students don't even notice (they believe it is the main reason why stundents miss on some of their announcements). EU Office: Grojecka 70/13 Warsaw, 02-359 Poland, US Office: 120 St James Ave Floor 6, Boston, MA 02116. Overall, the system is lightyears ahead of all other LMSs that I know. Company size : 11-50 | Experience using the software : More than 1 year as User, Industry : Education - Higher | Group calendars not visible for course director levels. Level : Manager | The change will simply apply to everybody. There's not much to like in Canvas, but I suppose it at least keeps all your information in one place. Learning institutions enjoy Canvas’ comprehensive features and how they are contained in just a single platform. PROS: You can search as much as you want, I assure you this is the best LMS software market has ever seen! The new learning management system will replace Blackboard Learn, Purdue’s current system, beginning in the fall of 2020. Boasting a modern interface, native web hosting, and extensive third-party integrations, Canvas is the best educational learning management system on the market today. Company size : 10,000+ | I also like the possibility to upload large files, the HTML modifications enabled on every page, the analytical suite of quizzes and surveys, and obviously-easiness. Level : Senior | PROS: The program looks like a real blessing in disguise, so many features, yet so easy and simple to use! CONS: Canvas is just perfect, I don't have anything to complain about. Please note, that FinancesOnline lists all vendors, we’re not limited only to the ones that pay us, and all software providers have an equal opportunity to get featured in our rankings and comparisons, win awards, gather user reviews, all in our effort to give you reliable advice that will enable you to make well-informed purchase decisions. Areas of growth needed include quiz engine and accessibility (which they are actively working on), need for an instructor dashboard since tools instructors use to measure student success can be difficult to find, need for better authoring tools and more ability to add interest to pages without a lot of coding (e.g., accordions, image handling, interactives, etc.) Relatively easy to find support resources. The grading features are not as flexible as our current student management system's grade book. Company size : 51-200 | Company size : 10,000+ | CONS: There is nothing I dislike-dislike, but I would like to see some functions improved. This open-source LMS by Instructure Inc. helps you scale your best curricula and instruction with easy-to-use and customizable teaching & learning experience.