Also, the tensile This paper describes a numerical study of the effect of vortex induced movement (VIM) on the hull of a paired-column semisubmersible (pc-semi) platform in relation to the column geometric properties. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. They offer advantages that can be harnessed. Four levels of replaced cement by waste brick powder are considered: 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%. Q : 1. Design and Development of a Novel Deepwater Composite Riser. The plastic particles used in this research were recycled from waste plastic. The above-mentioned factor, along with the growing focus of governments across the region to develop non-oil sectors in the next decade, has been instrumental in developing the tourism and transportation sectors at a significant rate in the recent past. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Recycle, reuse or dispose? Characterization of the flexural properties of polyester matrix composites reinforced with continuou... 3D printed fiber reinforced polymer composites - Structural analysis, Sound emission analysis for determination of fibers/polymer blends, Additive manufacturing of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites: Processing and prospects, Effect of Fiber Chemical Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Sisal Fiber/Recycled HDPE Composite, Reactive recycling of multiphase polymer systems through electron beam. Scanning electron microscopy analysis shows that the two recovered carbon fibers and the non-alkali glass fiber have a texture similar to the as-received fibers, except that some residual resin adheres to the surface, while the medium-alkali glass fiber is damaged during recycling. Results show that when no recycled aggregates are used, the cement can be replaced up to a 15% by waste brick powder. Together they make a composite that can be manipulated to take a certain shape. The process takes hours, so it's a massive energy eater. 14, pp. Plastic associates products based have been considered as the world most consumer packaging solution.